Sunday, January 18, 2009

While Bush is bragging about his Presidency before I discuss his growing Crises a reminder of a poll: Bush the worst President in History!

The complicit MSM has failed to even mention this poll showing Bush is the worst President in the History of the country!

This could be this morning but I wrote this a year ago and it is getting worse daily! I woke up this morning to the radio and the usual array of lies, allegations, and corruption. I was going through comments made during the course of the night and saved a couple for future reference. one in particular seems to have come from our friend Larry on Bush's record setting low approval rating. I went through all the news on CNN and FOX then Google and did not find anything that I felt had to be discussed and the truth spoken. Then in dawned on me. This is the first day in my memory since Bush took office certainly in the last couple years that Bush was not the talk of the MSM. Not a story, nothing!

Then it hit me! The complicit MSM has failed to even mention that Bush is the worst President in the History of the country! What is worse is that the over inflated ass could care less because in his little mind he is the Greatest! So I went to thee article from The American Research Group, Inc. to anyone else in the world this would be shattering but not the chief idiot! I am once again stunned at his friggen ignorance! George W. Bush is now the most unpopular president in recorded American history
Concerns over Economy Push George W. Bush's Overall Job Approval to New Low!

George W. Bush's overall job approval rating has dropped to a new low in American Research Group polling as 78% of Americans say that the national economy is getting worse according to the latest survey from the American Research Group.

Among all Americans, 19% approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president and 77% disapprove. When it comes to Bush's handling of the economy, 14% approve and 79% disapprove.

Among Americans registered to vote, 18% approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president and 78% disapprove. When it comes to the way Bush is handling the economy, 15% of registered voters approve of the way Bush is handling the economy and 79% disapprove.

Among Americans registered to vote, 18% approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president and 78% disapprove. How does Georgie stack up to previous presidents lows?

Clinton low: 36 percent, May 1993 (early missteps like Zoe Baird) George H.W. Bush low: 29 percent, August 1992 (recession)

Reagan low: 35 percent, January 1983 (recession)

Carter low: 28 percent, July 1979 (high gas prices)

Ford low: 37 percent, January 1975 (economy, Nixon pardon)

Nixon low: 23 percent, January 1974 (Watergate) Johnson low: 35 percent, August 1968 (Vietnam)

Prior to GW the Lowest ever? That would be Harry Truman during the Korean War, in February 1952, at 22 percent. While no one was looking, the economy nosedived, gas prices have soared, the war in Iraq is as unpopular as ever and Osama bin Laden is still on the loose. And so while none of us were paying attention, our 43rd president just hit a major milestone.

George W. Bush is now the most unpopular president in recorded American history. Worse than Richard Nixon in the days before he resigned in disgrace during Watergate, worse than Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage crisis, much worse than Bill Clinton when he was impeached. Just as Roger Bannister raced through what once seemed the unreachable 4-minute mile, Bush has burst through a barrier once also thought impossible, below the 20-percent mark.

* This blows me away because main stream media has totally ignored this because they are enablers and are complicit in this nightmare we know as George W. Bush! Worse, the chief idiot is proud of the division and destruction and thinks he will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents in History. I just want to scream! We will be lucky to survive GW and be able to pick up the pieces. my original story

James Joiner
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19% approve of the way Bush is handling his job? Good heavens! How can anyone in his right mind even begin to think he's handling the job right.

And what astounds me is that 14% still approve the way Bush is handling of the economy. How can people be so darn idiotic? All they've got to do is look at the figures.

I am simply gobsmacked. (I guess there will always be morons around, why else would he have been elected 2nd time around?)

an average patriot said...

Stupefied, stunned, blown away, nothing could do it justice. I am sorry but he is proud of his damage. The bastard should be hung along with Cheney and the rest of the enablers!
That 14% must be the ones he made Billionares! What is sick is if you realized what his real agenda was as I do you would understand he was a total success!
Sadly his success is the worlds hell and it is just beginning and will play out for many generations.


I heard Pelosi is saying that the Bush admin officials (and perhaps Bush himself) should be investigated.

Wonder if this will prosper or is that some sort of lip service?

an average patriot said...

You know they should all be investigated but they never will be and the destructive scum will get away scott free!

Pelosi is an ass! She always makes threats and then crawls back into her corner!

You know this is just more standard lip service. I am sure Bush will pardon Cheney and the rest of them then when Cheney pardons Bush it's a done deal.

They could put a halt to all of that by starting Impeachment proceedings before tomorrow non. Once started as long as he is in office it does not matter if he is gone or whatever. However once agains as usual the right thing will not be done. This is so sick!

I do op ed on a civian media site and this morning in light of today and tomorrow I heard a line from MLK that the greatest among you shall be your servant and it finally applies.
I think I am going to say something and try to find that speech from Ebeneezer Baptist Church. Take care!

AdB said...

In a few hours, America will have a new president -- the world is hopeful that this will be a new beginning.

I'm optimistic but at the same time I fear there are many oddballs who desire his failure.

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
I recognize your avatar! You have read my stuff on Obama! You know my concers and I am watching this with apprehension and concern.

One of my sons is there and has been for 4 days now making sure the place is secure particularly of explosives.

I just posted on the Inauguration and the entire world has hope we have our leader to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush led the entire world in!
MLK's words finally came true "The greatest among you shal be your Servant!

Obama is the right man at the right time as FDR and Churchill were. I only hope we can keep hope alive (Obama) our future is dependent on it!