Saturday, January 10, 2009

2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 with fears of one million per month! Remember what it took us to get out of the Great Depression, WW2...

All the way back in Decenber we had the Biggest one-month job loss in U.S. since 1974 with 533,000 lost!
This month we find we lost 524,000 in December making this the worst year for employment since 1945 with Total 2008 job loss: 2.6 million

Now we hear there are Fears of a million layoffs a month in corporate America Business ...
* I told you Obama's dire warnings yesterday was a long ago foregone conclusion and The Second Great Depression set up by Greenspan was a given regardless of all these bailouts. at this rate the 10% unemployment Obama warned about is going to happen in about 6 months regardless!

They will do nothing but stave off the inevitable and speed up the bankrupting of America also set in motion by Bush. I have written it numerous times but I just want you to remember the great Depression and a couple parallel facts with this one!

** Remember it was the Republicans at the helm the last time this happened and while FDR's New Deal did a lot to bring us back and Obama wants to replicate it and it is necessary that it took WW2 to get us out of it!

**** It is important to remember as I have written about this too, too many times but Bush has laid the foundation not only for the bankrupting of America but WW3 to get us out of it or so they think!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


betmo said...

yes, jim honey but we already have 2 wars going on 3. the only folks that's helping are the war profiteers thanks to a 'global economy'. our whole way of doing things has changed since then and we only really survived because back then we were largely more self sufficient. we weren't all packed into the cities or suburbia needing to buy everything.

One Fly said...

Once again the expert/predictors missed. Said it would go to 7% but it was 7.2. They don't know. A depression is looming the chances better than ever.

an average patriot said...

Hi Betmo!
I know and I hate to say it to a wonderful person but they are small potatoes compared to what is coming!
military enlistments are up thanks to the economy as I said was the plan a couple years back. The military, Government jobs, and the defense industry are the only ones doing well today except for the Madoff's of America!

an average patriot said...

one fly
With fears of a million lost jobs per month that 10% unemployment Obama warned about if hid plan was not followed is going to be a fact in about 6 months.

Those stupid trillion dollar programs are worthless to us but will help the bankrupting of America and give the excuse for the Government to control us. Thuis is just beginning!