Thursday, January 01, 2009

Prosecute Cheney or Legalize Marijuana? Decide Today.

Prosecute Cheney or Legalize Marijuana? Decide Today. No choice! Prosecute Cheney and keep hiding your Pot!

On December 15, Vice President Cheney admitted on national TV that he authorized torture, including waterboarding. That shocking confession makes Cheney a war criminal . But apart from Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow , the Corporate Media barely noticed.

Under the Geneva Conventions, the United States must prosecute Dick Cheney for war crimes. So we submitted this question to President-elect Obama at

"Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor - ideally Patrick Fitzgerald - to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?"
-Bob Fertik, New York City
At the end of the first round on December 15, our Special Prosecutor question was #6 but Obama's team only answered the first five , including one on the legalization of marijuana.

The second round began on 12/30 and ends at midnight on 12/31. Once again, marijuana legalization is #1. We need your help to make our Special Prosecutor question #1!

Sign in at
Search for " Fitzgerald "
This will display several similar questions, so look carefully for "Bob Fertik"
Look right for the checkbox, mouseover it so it goes from white to dark, then click to cast your vote
As Ari Melber writes in The Nation,

With so few journalists directly asking the President-Elect about [torture and war crimes prosecution], it is up to the rest of us to put accountability and the rule of law on the agenda. is a fine place to start.

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Thanks for all you do!


January: Create Peace on Earth

David Swanson's New Year's resolution is to create peace on earth. This January, there are things that you can do to get us off to the right start. Below is a calendar that includes numerous events in Washington, D.C., and a few national events happening all over the country. Please resolve to make this a month of major impact for the creation of peace on earth.


Urge Eric Holder to Appoint a Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes

Last week three important Democrats - Rep. Jerrold Nadler , Sen. Carl Levin , and VP-elect Joe Biden - independently urged the Attorney General to investigate Dick Cheney's torture confession . A growing chorus of newspapers ( NY Times ) and legal scholars ( John Dean , Glenn Greenwald ) agrees.

Prosecution of those responsible for torture is not optional - it is required by our obligations under the Geneva Conventions .

So we've joined forces with buhdydharma and the Docudharma community to petition Obama's AG nominee, Eric Holder, to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

Holder replied after receiving a few hundred emails: " Enough folks. I hear you ." That's a start, but we've asked for a formal statement. And we're collecting additional signatures to deliver when Holder goes before the Senate for confirmation hearings in January.

Please sign and spread the word!


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Dave Dubya said...

I'm afraid there will be no justice either way.

Pelosi, Reid etc. are co-conspirators in torture and warrantless spying.

Hemp will never be legalzed by a government under the influence of corporate alchohol, tobbacco, Big Pharma, and the prison indutrial complex.

What a crooked bunch of scoundrels!

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! You know I agree with you and share your pain! I think Hemp should be legalized but will never be because big money is in alcohol! Also Democrats as well as Republicans complicit in this entire mess should be screwed big time but all the scum will get away with their shit. It sucks!

Utah Savage said...

Christ, I've been hiding my pot for almost fifty years. What's a few more going to cost me. I'd much rather have justice for the war profiteers, torturers, war criminals, and big time crooks in the BushCo regime. Oh yeah. Give me back my right to privacy, and I'll pretend I don't smoke pot.

Snave said...

I agree... I have always thought that pot should be legalized and that the government should grow it as a cash crop to pay for health care and a multitude of other things. They could sell it in liquor stores. Why not.

Then again, I think it's far more critical that the big time crooks be held accountable and brought to justice. Our society needs to be many times more intolerant of that kind of bullcrap as it has become trained to be intolerant of weed.

It's almost like pot has been used as some kind of distractor, to divert people's righteous anger away from where it should be directed.

Being the conspiracy theorist I am, I tend to believe that Hearst was behind the demonization of marijuana (hemp). As I recall, some fellow in like the 1920s invented some machine called a decorticator, which would allow for quick harvesting and processing of hemp. Hearst had very large interests in timber, and as it became increasingly apparent that hemp might become the nation's biggest cash crop and might supplant trees as a major source of paper... well... the "reefer madness" crap and demonization of hemp started as a way for Hearst to basically destroy the timber industry's competition. A few more decades of that kind of propaganda, and it sort of morphed into what we have today: smoke a joint, go to jail!


But let's catch the real criminals first, and give them the justice they deserve.