Saturday, January 17, 2009

After 8 years of lies I couldn't watch his final lie fest nor can I repeat it! You watch or read it if you want, I will tell you not what he said b...

After 8 years of lies I couldn't watch his final lie fest nor can I repeat it! You watch or read it if you want, I will tell you not what he said but what I heard and he should have said!

I have to tell you that after 8 years of having to listen to his obvious lies and look at his smug smirk I no longer have to and could not stomach watching and listening to him one more time! I still find myself praying that he will be gone January 20th!

Anyway I am reminded of something my Father said when I was a kid. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! In Bush's case I hope it hits him in the face. Okay now you know what is coming! That sickening lying scum has led the way in the total lie we are living today. The idiot continues to sicken us and say how proud he is of his accomplishments, not compromising his lack of values, and showing disdain for us our America and the world while getting rid of our constitution he swore he upheld, our societal and world order while emplacing his new version. He did it following the Russian doctrine of Destruction first used in the mid 19th century!

It is too late now but I wrote this when he first got in too screw us as the life long loser he is! President Bush uncovered! Now let me interpret the swill he called a speech in I hope was his last "Lie Fest" last night!

I could not stomach looking at him or listening to his lies one more time. I once said he is the only person I know that can talk out of both sides of his mouth while his foot was in it smirking all the while but in the sick underhanded environment he set in place while swearing to set a new standard of Politics which he indeed did, I am sorry to say he has plenty of company!

Anyway here we go! Right off the bat the slime ball set out to try and establish a new history regarding his purposeful damage and destruction! Here is the link if you can stomach his lies! In farewell speech, Bush says he kept nation safe

Now while seething this is what I would have heard! In a farewell speech last night Bush recount the so called terrorist attack his Administration allowed to happen so he could get the Patriot Act passed so he could get his abusive power to change societal, middle east, and world order. When it first failed to pass his mis administration performed the Anthrax attacks and out of fear once again the scum got his way and the Act was passed!

Summarizing his 8 years as sometimes turbulent he forgot to say it was all because of him and it was all done on purpose to create a new (dis)order! He said his policies were sometimes unpopular the ass he meant always and wrong! There is no debate about the results. He destroyed American, middle east, and world order and worked at it daily and hard!

We have not had another so called terrorist attack not because of him but in spite of him. There is a facade of security at regional airports but nothing at the thousands of small airports. Our Borders are still insecure and our ports leave much to happenstance. The entire world hated us under him and Obama is already healing that but I fear he has been set up for failure by Bush! he said we were able to return to normal life after 9/11! This normal? This is his created normal and it will get much worse thanks to his success! The pompous pig headed SOB is leaving with a deserved disapproval rating as bad as Nixon's not because of the tough decisions he made but because of the bad decisions he made and is proud of!

Marked by 8 years of terrorism, two wars and recessions that are just beginning he forgot to say he created it all on purpose to gain abusive power and create a new American, middle east, and world (dis)order. He spent the 13 minute speech trying to defend his damage and continue building the lies he hopes the world will call His Story I mean history! Seemingly upbeat and confident, Bush called the inauguration of Obama, the first black president, a "moment of hope and pride" for America. That was the only honest thing he said! The idiot was defiant and will be to the end if we are that lucky! He was not my President so I can not call him that. We never elected him! He claimed policy successes in Iraq and Afghanistan but forgot to say how much worse off Iraq is than under Saddam, the war in Afghanistan is just beginning along with his total middle east breakdown. He guaranteed a loss of all of it!
He credited his administration for improving public schools, creating a new Medicare prescription drug benefit and finding more money for veterans. WTF? Hasn't he kept cutting so called unfunded liabilities? Hasn't he been creating Veteran's because of his war mongering? With the United States facing the worst financial crisis in generations under his watch Bush had the audacity to say his White House took "decisive measures" to safeguard the economy. what the hell? He created this friggen mess using Greenspan!

Bush's presidency began with the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil and ends with the worst economic collapse since the 1930s and the entire mess is just beginning It will continue along with the future wars he set in motion despite President Obama! We can not let the chief scum get away with rewriting his own version of history as to the lie we have been living for 8 years under him. He has made a total mess of everything and done it on purpose. We can not let The Worst President in History get away with rewriting his "story"!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma



"We have not had another so called terrorist attack not because of him but in spite of him."



Bush makes it appear that because of his illegal invasion of Iraq, his warmongering against Iran, his threats to the weak, systematic tortures, Guantanamo Bay, etc., terrorists feared him and because of this fear of the great Bush, they, the terrorists, have stopped scheming.

Not quite true. It's the security "fences" that were created as a result of 9/11 to secure the United States, virtually an island, that have made it difficult for terrorists to step on US soil and not fear of Bush's warmongerings, threats, tortures, etc., etc., etc.

an average patriot said...

I am sorry but the pompous lying ass sickens me. He has destroyed all order and is proud of it!
I still firmly believe they allowed 9/11 to happen to get the world behind his cause. I also believe Pearl Harbor happened for the same reason.
I am not a conspiracy theorist just a fact searching realist! We absolutely never hear the truth!You take care!

an average patriot said...

I still firmly believe we allowed those attacks! I have the documents and have written on it often but we knew Pakistan's ISI was paying Atta and they and the complicit CIA watched as Obama's caravan left Tora Bora and drove to Pakistan.
Hell most do not know it but we built Tora Bora as a safe haven for the Mujahadeen during the Russian debacle! We knew all the ways in and out!
I better stop! I can go on forever! I do know that we are a thousand times less safe than before 9/11 thanks to Bush and for more reasons than most know. Okay I'll shut up!

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Jim, Political nincompoop here. I was just wondering who his speech writer is. You don't believe he thought of all that himself do you?

Karen said...

Nope, didn't watch the idiot's final speech. Just glad he'll be gone in three days!!

an average patriot said...

You are funny! Like all the damage he created I am sure the speeches were the doing of someone else. I am really sickened that the scum can smile and be proud of what he did! It really is sickening!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen!
Sorry I have not been around much. I have been writing op ed on a civilian media site. Anyway that should have been the least watched speech ever, that scum!

Karen said...

Hey Jim, if you get a chance, pop back over to my place and check out today's post I just put up.

an average patriot said...

Okat hon I am on my way first do you by any chance blog at paws de deux? little bill (86 yr old Anne) is back from injury and feels abandoned. She is such a love! I'm on my way!