Friday, January 30, 2009

I tell you, Euphoria! After 8 years of destruction this is intoxicating!

I have to say first that at the beginning of the G.W. Debacle I was telling people just wait until the end of his term when he speeds up the damage to get as much in as possible before his term ends. As expected he did and it got pretty bad. So bad I was discussing half dozen or more items at the same time. Our heads were spinning in fabricated confusion and G.W. Disasters. It was overwhelming and many tuned out!

I am telling you, I am Euphoric watching developments under the guidance of President Obama. Night and day! It is an absolute pleasure to watch a master at work. I am no longer afraid to turn on the news or look at our President! President Obama is the right man at the right time as FDR and Winston Churchill were. History has met its man and he will make more History. Keep watching him work. Watch his cool demeanor has he tackles the biggest problems of any incoming President in History. A cucumber I tell you. He will not disappoint!

Week one was a whirlwind of change as President Obama endeavored to undo all the damage created by the G.W. Administration! He opened up to the Arab media and laid down the gauntlet telling Arab’s how great they were and it was his job to educate America. Hamas and Israel have found common ground though they are still fighting and dying. The ball is in their hands. The future is no longer up to George Bush it is up to them. I hope they choose wisely!

Week two is on and the whirlwind of change back to normalcy continues! It is a beautiful thing to watch now not painful as under President Bush. It is almost choreographed. Oops I guess it is! You know, I have always said in good times anyone can look good. You only see what you have for leaders and bad times. President Bush has created the worse of times for President Obama and he is shining. We have the shining light we were looking for to lead us out of the dark tunnel bush led us and the entire world in.

We have a Leader folks! The Government is working like the well oiled (financially) machine it is! Like clockwork not the broken down machine seized up machine it was under Bush! Yesterday Hillary said the entire world was breathing a sigh of relief. There was giant exhale as the world not just the US pleasured watching President Obama work his magic. A giant sigh of relief knowing President Obama was at work undoing all the damage George Bush created, much of it on purpose! She recanted saying it was not a blanket declaration that his entire Presidency was a failure. Heck I will say it! He did nothing right. His entire Presidency was a failure as expected!

Obama also signed an executive order dealing with energy independence and climate change overriding Bush once again! I understand Bush always used a facade of concern to get what he wanted and with he refusal to tighten emissions control he was not thinking of us but as usual , industry! The wall Bush built is tumbling down!

I was happy to hear that the new treasury Secretary was going to be cracking down on Lobbyists looking to influence where the bailout money was spent. They should be outlawed in this undeclared state of emergency. I guess that was supposed to make more palatable the fact that President Obama also issued more Bailout funds thankfully at least, to small banks to lend out. Full disclosure guaranteed this time! I can live with that!

President Obama and his team have been very busy much of it behind the scenes. It really blows me away that after the millions supposedly spent by Bush to upgrade the computers must have gone somewhere else because the Administration has been dealing with antiquated incapable computers and two days ago they crashed. That just kills me!

At least President Bush is gone on the home front and I am happy to see plans being drawn up while removing troops from Iraq to send them to Afghanistan where they should have been in the first place. If they were Afghanistan would not be worsening as it is. In closing I say again, President Bush has done nothing right as far as I am concerned!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Naj said...

take a look at my new posts ... O-boy really KNOWS what he is doing.

He invited this guy : to his administration ... advisor to Mid East Envoy!


an average patriot said...

Oh boy I won't look at your link yet I am on my way! Take care!

One Fly said...

Yea Jim - let 'em pray for forgiveness from the likes of people like us. None of these slugs will ever get a pass from me.

The fact that this whore of a man Haggard is being given a national mouthpiece and then another comes out of the closet to rat him out he's still allowed to blabber.

The state of the media is one of our biggest enemies.

an average patriot said...

Hey Bud
The media is our biggest enemy now that Bush is gone!
It pisses me off about Haggard. Now he says he has an identity problem. Screw him no I didn't mean that!
He was Bush's spiritual adviser and he believes you can do what you want as long as you profess love to God.
That is what bothers me! That scum gave Bush the justification if he need it!
I have never seen one of those evangelicals or born agains that wasn't a real F@#$ job!

DB said...

I am impressed with Obama's conduct thus far, and especially his executive orders undoing some of the mess Bush made. The next four, and hopefully eight years will be hell for the GOP as it rightfully should.

an average patriot said...

I too am impressed but that would be an understatement. The right is doing their damnedest to see that he fails so they can get back in and finish us and their mis agenda off!
I hope the right fails because people have learned. I also hope for the sake of the entire world that they take his hand and cooperate. Hands down he should have a second term!