Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Surge and Siegure! Thanks to another lie "the Successful Surge" the Successful siege is well under way until the war with Iran can be started!

I am listening to the Surge and Seigure enabler's General Batrayus and Ambassador crock-a-shi@ and I am stupefied how once again the dire truth of failure can be spun to look and sound like success!
Thanks to another lie "the Successful Surge" the Successful siege is well under way until the war with Iran can be started!

. I am sickened and sick of the mealy mouthed opened faced lying! First I have to believe that the announcement that the remains of 4 more victims of 9/11 were identified at the same damn time this farce of a hearing with its foregone conclusion of stay the course was designed to keep American fervor at a peak in Bush's asinine stay the course favor. During the ill advised attack on Basra that is being touted a success 1,000 Iraqi soldiers deserted with our weapons and equipment, maliki went home for a break, their soldiers tried to break for lunch, and once again we had to take the lead. Success? Yes, If you know what the real goal is.

I was just listening to the blatant lies being told by General Batrayus and Ambassador crock-a-shi@ and the BS is so blatant and obvious I am sickened. I want to discuss the big picture that was ensured by day and both sides want to Politicize and that is the unstoppable war with Iran and total middle east breakdown leading to world war so if you were lucky enough to miss the hearings here is the link to watch them. Betrayus hearings

If you realize the real role of the surge or of attacking iraq and staying the course it is all success as is the allowed degradation of our America. Observing China's persecution of Tibetan's and being ignored by Bush it increasingly is looking like a case of you ignore my indiscretions and I'll ignore yours as the ignored world unrest will climax in a total world breakdown! Anyway you look at it once again I am going to update and reiterate the total failure Bush guaranteed the day he ignored all advice to the contrary and attacked Iraq so he could set us up to go after Iran and implement what he thinks will be his and Israel's idea of a new middle east order.

In that end As Basra is Bush and Petraeus's lie to continue a losing war TET proved both Johnson and Westmoreland's claims victory was at hand in Vietnam and the Viet Cong were defeated was NOT true. (Especially while they were occupying the US embassy in Saigon) Which is why Walter Cronkite made the statement he did after TET. And also why Lyndon Johnson knew TET doomed his re-election campaign. Also why the US army replaced the less then honest Westmoreland with Creighton Abrams in command of US forces in Vietnam. Just like the current fighting in Iraq has shown the surge did NOT do what Bush and McSame claimed it did, Especially after some Baghdad neighborhoods have been controlled by al Sadr's people after this latest fighting began. Try some truth and the real facts out of Iraq instead of fox lies spin and disinformation and of course Bush's total ignorance of anything connected with the truth ....

Uncontrolled chaos will grow as Maliki is fighting for control of the country and he is using Iraqi forces backed by the Hakim controlled Badr corps (which have NO connection to al Sadr) and Iran backed SCRI to do that. Sort of an Iraqi version of dis-enrollment of Iraqi voters who aren't going to vote they way they want, they haven't gotten to caging, using dishonest lists to illegally dis-enroll people who won't vote their ways, they try to drive them away. But they are learning the slimy tactics of the repugnants quite well. There is NO "extremists" fighting in this current Shiite battle, but the Iraqi version of a primary to decide who controls the Iraqi government at the local levels.To LIE about this is just the latest repugnants disinformation campaign about the illegal war they started. try reading the "pentagon papers", you know the pentagons OWN version of what happened in Vietnam from 1954 to 1968,( the one Nixon tried but failed to keep secret) it just might dispel some of the myths you keep spouting. But you prefer GOPer dishonest revisionary history, from the gutless chicken hawks who refused to serve there .... to the truth written by those who actually served at the time they served.

Now as Bush hails success, the truth! The latest proof of failure and escalation! The Iraqi military push into the southern city of Basra is not going as well as American officials had hoped, despite President Bush's high praise for the operation closely held U.S. military intelligence analysis of the fighting in Basra shows that Iraqi security forces control less than a quarter of the city, according to officials in both the United States and Iraq.

You know as well as I do that Bush and Petraeus are going to do the wrong thing and this will get much worse as Iraq's breakdown goes full swing. At that point Bush will attack Iran getting his original goal of a total middle east breakdown going full swing so he can emplace his new middle east order or so he thinks. that will leave Iraq to its demise. It will breakdown to a total civil war as originally expected before the chief idiot ignored that fact. It will be Sunni against Shiite throughout the entire middles east with Israel and us in the middle until Russia, China, and the rest of the world get involved and this dissolves into Bush's new world order WW3 which will be Bush's Forever War!

*Thanks to Bush at the same time by design our economy is tanking. That alone should sink Bush and McCain but due to his lies it is not. As we speak the insurgents are doing what Democrats couldn't. They should be in the process of bringing Bush's House of Cards Down but Bush and McCain's lies are maddeningly keeping it afloat!

*The Chief idiot has been a failure his entire life! What I call an over confident underachiever! The powers behind the right, the Purveyors of this new societal, middle east, and world order, needed someone of Bush's caliber, a lack of sense, integrity, and insight, to blindly cheer this so called new order agenda through! Along blundered the perfect stooge! So they elected Bush the worlds biggest loser to achieve the worlds largest conspiracy, the destruction of the American Empire and any semblance of world order! It is almost complete!

** The economy and the so called insurgents in Iraq if the truth known would be doing what the Democrats couldn't. They should be nullifying McCain and bringing down Bush even though he is lying and fails to see the truth and the writing on the wall! I see just those two events bringing an end to the nightmare of Bush unless he pulls some underhanded tactic to keep his nightmare on track! With everything in Bush's House of Cards failing as expected, and after the Pentagon telling him the military could do nothing more as well as the "successful" collapse of Iraq as the insurgents battle each other,blow up Iraq's infrastructure, and fight down the Iraq Government and America, the lies which are the new truth continue to carry the day! have to wonder what act of desperation will the idiot pull next to stay in power and keep this nightmare moving forward? I did a search of my past posts on the subject of whey Iraq was attacked, the middle east, failure, middle east breakdown, world war 3, and there were so many as This breakdown was obvious 5 years ago and I have failed to get anyone of consequence to see it and to head this off! So...

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


TomCat said...

Jim, very well said. I have also been watching but will hold off posting until I hear the second hearing this afternoon and have a chance to think about what was said. Nevertheless, what you have said about it is dead-on.

an average patriot said...

Thanks! I am listening to it off and on but the lies are just too obvious and I cannot listen to them any more. The turnout is total middle east breakdown guaranteed the day Bush attacked Iraq to go after Iran. That and killing more Americans, Iraqi's and middle easterners will be the only result of hanging there.
The hearings are not important! The fact is plain Bush is going to stay the course until he gets this total breakdown going plain and simple and nothing is going to stop him but for history's sake we must keep trying.
No one of sane mind can deny what is happening around the world or think diplomacy can now turn it around. I'm hearing McIdiot right now, sickening!

Weaseldog said...

I'm done with the hearings also. I listened to them up until they broke for nap time.

Then I listened to Ambassador (Crock)er for a bit.

Then Petreaus went into a bureaucratic spiel designed to make the eyes glaze over. He started discussing minutiae about their plans going forward. Details that seemed unimportant in the scope of the wider war.

I knew what he was doing, because as an engineer, I've done it to. when the meeting has covered every detail that is meaningful in the context of making decisions, then start demonstrating math and programming details as part of the presentation. Eyes will glaze over and those that asked for it, will wish they had kept their mouths shut. Pretty soon someone will ask that the meeting move on.

If I learned anything in the hearing, its that our representatives are not only clueless, but many are stupid and ignorant too.

Though I already knew that, this hearing rubbed my face in that fact.

I've never been in the military, so take this for what it's worth. I am a lifetime gamer and love game theory, strategy and simulation games. I was once seriously addicted to chess.

From that perspective, current events send up red flags. Our forces seem to be pinned and our enemies appear to building momentum. All the little clues I see, lead me to believe that we're about to see a well planned counter offensive.

This lull, would be a period in which they are laying low, setting up defenses and communication lines. I would guess that our enemies are stockpiling supplies and munitions.

The recent feint by Maliki, was orchestrated by Petraeus. The man is not a good liar. He suspects something and sent Maliki's troops in, to test their defenses.

Al Sadr did the prudent thing, he called the cease fire to keep from wasting ammunition, troops and letting his men get led into an ambush. Had he pursued, he would've suffered heavy losses and his key men would've been identified.

I am guessing that Petraeus knows he is sitting on a powder keg. His job is to keep a lid on it until the elections are over. Our enemies will want to blow it all open, in time for it to screw up the US election process.

Our defeat in Basra is just the tip of the iceberg. If our Republican owners want to keep playing this game, they are going to have to bring back the draft.

Ok, I'm listening again... Kerry is being intelligent and believes that we need more boots in Iraq, and wonders how we can pull this off as we draw down our fatigued troops. Petraeus is explaining that the Iraqis are warm and cuddly and they'll take up the slack just fine. not only are they taking our money, but the Sunnis and Shias are integrating just fine.

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh, I was in the military and seriously addicted to Chess. Same with my four sons. I made quite a chess table too.
Anyway I couldn't take the blatant lies anymore as lie and stay the course until war with Iran can be instigated was the goal before Iraq was attacked to get over there and nothing will stop that or the lies!
I was just contacted and sent this link. I commented on it and he or they are pretty good and right on. I have to get back to it but you may want to check it out. Political Reps

PoliShifter said...

This is such a win-win for Maliki. I still don't quite get why the right wing carries Maliki's water when they profess to hate brown Muslim people so much but that's how it is.

Maliki enjoys a relationship with Iran along with their support. The Bush Administration continues to support Maliki and the Badr Operation which is back by Iran.

Maliki's government is running budget surpluses due to their overflow of Iraqi Oil Profits while the U.S. shells out $13 billion a month to keep them functionin.

What a bargin..

On the other hand BushCo insists on shoving BlackWater USA down Maliki's throat so it's not all good.

Weaseldog said...

"I have to laugh, I was in the military and seriously addicted to Chess."

Ahh, then you understand what I mean when I say, "If you can't tell that you are winning, then you are losing."

an average patriot said...

I found it striking that the crap in Basra that is now back on and led by Americans was only stopped after Iran stepped in.
This is a win win for Maliki and whoever is getting all that money we keep hearing about.
I just spent an hour talking to my son who is headed there. I wish they had some of his sense. The SOB better stay safe or I'll kill him!

an average patriot said...

Sorry Wease got caught up talking to a a son. He is ranking staff so he is going to be an EOD team leader when he does deploy 5/1. IED's concern me but I feel a lot better with him being in charge if I can't be there.
Yeah I understand what you're saying. We're not winning and we won't all the talking in the world will not change that. Anyway I love chess but no I won't get involved with an on line game. It would take too much time.

Weaseldog said...

No online chess for me. I haven't played much over the last 20 years.

I hope for the best for your son. My nephew was medically discharged after his Humvee rolled over one. All I've heard is that he broke his leg.

That story doesn't sound right to me. He doesn't come around anymore, because most of my family is the redneck Nascar crowd that loves war.

Evidently, he's burned out on that sentiment.

an average patriot said...

Thanks weaseldog
He's so hard core and Gung Ho he makes me nervous. A regular hard and bad ass!
Sorry about your nephew, yeah something isn't right there. If they love war a broken leg would only be temporary unless there is some PTSD there!

Larry said...

Once again on a bi-yearly basis the American public was subjected to Petraeus and McCrazy boasting of the virtues of war, while the room filled with sheep both elected and of the media variety sat in stunning array of once again doing nothing.

Dave Dubya said...

The Crock of Betrayus hearings had its moments.

I was thankful for the good folks from the audience who spoke up (briefly) and then were removed. At least the conscience of America was present.

Those people have more courage than than all the politicians put together.

an average patriot said...

It is on again today. It's just a continuation of lies to stay the course until war with Iran.
I have to laugh! I don't know which site it was on because I deleted it though I saw you there.
I hate the wormy mouths that hide behind anonymous. Anyway some anonymous was saying all kinds of ignorant things to me for saying Betrayus. Little does that fool who does not have the balls to use their name, I would stand before him and the Senate today and not only say the same thing but explain why though no one invited me.
Also that scum commands my sons. One of which I spoke to for an hour yesterday and he is so anti Democrat and pro Bush and McCain it made me sick knowing what they are doing to us and our soldiers and what they have done to our and their future let alone the entire world.

an average patriot said...

I was happy to at least see that but I just wish the truth, reality, or what citizens thought made a difference.

Karen said...

Jim~ Holding my breath that we make it to the end of idiot's term without WWIII!

an average patriot said...

I know Karen
I have faith the brainless idiot will attack Iran and then stay in power. Watch! It is getting closer. Today Betrayus and crock-a- shi@ were saying Iran is now the number one problem. They will find their excuse soon. Attacks have begun in the North and the involvement of Britain's SAS does not bode well!