Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Veterans continue to be mistreated and Iraq is going too tell us how long we have to stay at this cost? Says next President will decide to stay, Well?

Not only do the lies continue but In April, Congress will consider Bush's demand for another $102 billion for the never-ending and disastrous occupation of Iraq. This is on top of the $562 billion Congress has already given Bush since 2003. And it is on top of the $3 trillion the Iraq War is estimated to cost for veterans' care, weapons replacement, and higher oil prices. Not to mention the real estimated cost of the war is $3 trillion dollars!

look at the continued abuse $3 trillion buys for our veterans! Congressional Candidate Marshall Adame: I got a call from my son today. Billy is the son who was wounded in battle in Iraq just outside of Baghdad in 2006. He has shrapnel in his neck and shoulder, still. He has had surgery on his leg and it is well again. He is suffering from, and has been diagnosed with, Traumatic Brain injury (TBI). Consequently he now has a type of Tourette Syndrome and suffers from "tics", sort of involuntary jerks or sudden movements. I am happy I still have my son.

Anyway Billy called to tell me that he has been informed, by the Army Medical Board, that he is being retired with a 50% disability. My son understood the risks of being a career Army soldier. He had seen me serving in the Marines almost his whole live as a young man. It seemed a natural transition for him when he decided to make the Military his home. He also had the understanding that the Army too understood and accepted their responsibilities to him. That part hasn´t worked out that well. Our President must not have factored in the cost of wounded soldiers when he let us borrow the money from China to wage war in Iraq.

In the middle of a severe recession where millions of America´s workers are losing, or are close to losing their jobs, some of which they have held for many years, the Army is dumping my son, now visibly disabled, and expecting him to gainfully join the work force as though nothing has changed in his life. This is the same workforce who´s jobs are leaving America faster than we can calculate due to the unreliable dollar, NAFTA, CAFTA, The Columbian and Korean trade deals, our governments failure to make Mexico, our neighbor, the ally we have worked so hard at making other distant countries, our ten trillion dollar debt, and an utter failure in leadership by President Bush and the Republican Congress and Senate who helped him execute and carry out this litany of grand failures in leadership, the looting of our U.S. Treasury and the grossly failed attempt to privatize the Federal Government.
Continued $3 trillion dollar mistreatment of our veterans

Meanwhile Iraq's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday that his country still needs the U.S. military to survive and predicted that the next U.S. president, whoever it is, will agree that the troops will have to stay for at least a while longer. "Now it is all about getting votes," Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie said of the presidential hopefuls and their views on Iraq.

"When the candidate is successful and is in the White House, that candidate is going to have a different mind frame. At that point, most of the choices will converge." Sumaidaie, who made the comments after a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, added that he has been in contact with the U.S. presidential campaigns. Earlier, he told the Washington think tank that American forces "have to leave in a responsible manner." "We want them to leave. Let's be clear," he said. Sumaidaie spoke as Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker were talking to Congress about the latest U.S. military and diplomatic strategy.

The focus of Sumaidaie's speech was "Iraq after five years." Looking ahead to that time frame, he predicted that Iraq will still be "a work in progress," comparing the current situation in the nation to "a recovery from a terminal illness." "I am willing to predict there will be gradual reduction over the next few years of American involvement, commitment in Iraq, but I am not willing to get into numbers and dates," he said. After his speech, he said he understands the frustration of members of Congress and many Americans seeking to end U.S. involvement in Iraq. "I say to them, yes, I understand your pain, but it is not something you can get out of so easily. This is the wrong time unless you want to hand the country on a plate to Iran," he said. Future Iraqi governments will decide whether non-combat U.S. military forces will stay in Iraq, he added. Iraq is going to tell us when we can leave

** More $Billions, continued abuse of Veterans, and we will stay in Iraq because All that remains is for Bush to find the excuse to attack Iran and get this going then we will leave Iraq to their own demise! I am afraid that Bush has set the agenda for the US regardless of who gets elected as our next President. Whoever it is will be forced to fight the future wars Bush has set the stage for! The only benefit of having a Democratic President will be to the lives of the elderly and average Americans!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Minnesotablue said...

I am so sorry about your son and outraged also! How can this be happening to our own brave soldiers? A fifty percent disability for all he suffered! Yet we are spending billions of dollars rebuilding a country that we destroyed. Lets spend that money on our disabled veterans, making sure they have a future! Again, I am outraged1

an average patriot said...

Thanks and I absolutely agree! First I tried to talk my son out of the military but he just loves it and is reenlisting in the fall while in Iraq because he gets even more, $45,000 he said. I wish he wanted to be with his wife and young daughters.
Anyway, it is sickening what happens to our veterans not just the wounded. Believe it or not I go to the VA and follow it closely.
That guy is not an exception and it gets much worse. I have highlighted some cases here that make that look mild. Often times they survive Iraq to be killed by us!
I have some picturse so bad I wouldn't use them. You would be sickened as the idiot in chief keeps saying how well they are taking care of.I heard him again today saying how Iran is our number one problem. He created both the Iraqi because of his attack so he could go after Iran. That is coming soon then it gets worse. Al Qaeda and the Shiite Sadrists.
I am outraged too. The whole thing is an outrage. Here, Iraq, the middle east, the world, he has done it all on purpose and sadly this chaos is just beginning.
Towards that end I was just putting a story on that together because Americans do not get it. What is happpening with the Olympics is not an isolated event. Put the whole picture together.
Anyway thanks for preventing a shutout with this post!

Merry Xmas said...
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Have a great year! said...

Thank you for bringing attention to much abuse that our Veterans are dealing with from the Veterans Hospital, Administration, different facilities, and our beloved government. No Veterans should be denied of any care, service, and request. Our Veterans should receive the care in time without jumping through leaps and bounds. People are getting a great income with red carpet benefits to carry out actions of harm towards our Veterans. Not everyone is this way but many are. I thank those that are standing up to make changes, corrections, and that care. You are much appreciated. This has been going on for too long!!! Our Veterans are dying and becoming sick by power trips, abuse, denials, delays, and mal practice. It is the not having the option to correct, prevent, and provide protection. Our Veterans have already paid. Why are those individuals getting paid a lot to do a favor of harm towards a Veteran for another person? Is this not a crime? Intentional harm needs to be corrected and held accountable! Our Veterans do not deserve any abuse, neglect, mistreatment, denials, and any harm carried out!!! Why our Veterans are being treated like this and having difficulties in receiving needs, service, and requested care? The Veterans facilities will not take the complaints serious when they are reported and will not make appropriate correction / changes even when we contact congress. We need to bring justice to those that carry out intentional harm to our Veterans. We need to protect our Veterans they protected US. Please help correct the abuse wrong doings, and injustices. Anyone that is jealous and envious of our Veterans which have carried out harm and not held accountability is hateful and a crime. Why are those getting paid to prevent our Veterans is receiving care, service, and benefits? Why are those getting paid to cause destruction, pain, suffering, and death in our Veterans’ lives? We forget just how it could be if it wasn’t for our Veterans. Everyone forgets! Thank you for helping to bring attention to many injustices. Please help protect and love our Veterans!

stephen said...

I have to say that i understand your situation, i am in the army and i was dianosed with CRPS type 2 i suffer on pain every day only to be given cheap meds, as well i am in germany and that cannot treat my diagnosis here so i am going to lose the use of my left leg, on another not i have a can my sgt in charge took my cane from me and taped it to a broom and said now you can beel clean you beep bla bla, my diagnosis is incurable i will be miserable everyday of my life, i am sorry for your son, but i will be lucky to get 20 percent and i am crippled because i was forced out of my room 14 days ater my surgury and foced to carry my ruck and weapon, which is why i have what i have now, i am mistreated we all are i am sorry about you though