Monday, April 21, 2008

Purposely rapidly increasing oil prices: I decided to highlight the reason why once again and explain why Bush is really not concerned though Liable!

You already know what it means to the price of food and everything else and It has been a couple of years since I started warning of $5 gas at the pumps. It is getting closer to reality every day so I thought I would again reiterate. We know we have built in bottle necks here at home with the Refineries and the all powerful oil lobbyists and industry.

 Too much use, not enough use, Summer, Winter, broken pipes, terrorism, weather, absolutely everything affects the price of oil especially Bush. If Congress repeals the unnecessary tax breaks to the obscenely wealthy oil companies prices will merely go up. As you look around the world and notice Bush is screwing with every oil producing Nation on earth you have to wonder why he is not concerned with gumming up the world's oils supply including ours or so most think! A war in the middle east including the Gulf would keep oil from flowing even to America especially if it's nuclear right, wrong!
I wrote this a month ago because oil was sky rocketing. You would laugh because oil was at $105 per Barrel and moving rapidly largely because of Bush it is at $117 per Barrel and racing skyward. Thus I felt compelled once again to discuss this. Opec is right it is not their fault. They are supplying plenty. The bottle neck is ours and on purpose to keep the price inflated and that is the refineries. The deflating dollar doesn't help either. Remember when the idiot was in Saudi Arabia trying to blame our worsening condition on them? Bush is an asshole. Absolutely 100% everything is his fault. Oil alone was $28 per Barrel when he started. Now because of that idiots war mongering and mismanagement of his oil friends and everything else it is $105 and like everything else will get a lot worse. look at the list of Opec countries and think about his interference.
South America
IR Iran*
Middle East
Middle East
Middle East
SP Libyan AJ
Middle East
Saudi Arabia*
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Middle East
South America
*founder Members

Learn more about Opec Nations
My God the deflating dollar which is also his fault aside he has interfered with every damn one of those Nations so I decided to see if he has left any continent unscathed. 
You can only come to the obvious conclusion that Bush or whoever is behind him is responsible for everything that is wrong in the country with our oil woes and our societal and financial fiasco as well as those around. Yet the chief idiot will never stop trying to hold the entire world responsible for what he himself is doing. You can only come to the conclusion that he is seeing how much he can drain the entire world before he attempts to implement his new world order! oil producing Nations Bush is screwing with

You want to wonder why Bush is preparing to block the worlds largest oil producing region with a war in the entire middle east until you remember something Bush initiated in 2005 while telling no one and I have gotten many investment offers on it.
I was a bit surprised to find out the following on Shale oil! 

A headline on an old newspaper reads: Oil Shale Development Imminent,". That edition of the defunct Grand Junction News, was published at the dawn of the 20th century.
More than a hundred years later, instability is roiling world oil markets, and Americans are paying $3.48 a gallon for gas. And oil shale fever is again rising in the geologic region known as the Piceance Basin, part of the Green River Formation
that stretches across the rugged plains of northwestern Colorado and parts of Wyoming and Utah.

There is no dispute that a thousand feet below the isolated ranch country here on Colorado's western slope lie almost unimaginable oil riches. It's locked in sedimentary rock -- essentially immature oil that given a few million years under heat and pressure would produce pools of oil easy to extract.

The Energy Department and private industry estimate that a trillion barrels are here in Colorado -- about the same amount as the entire world's known reserves of conventional oil. The entire Green River Formation might hold as much as 2 trillion barrels.

supposedly secretly Pushed by the Bush administration and legislation from Congress , and spurred by oil prices above $70 a barrel, the energy industry is mobilizing to unlock the secret of oil shale. As it has before, oil shale holds out the hope of a USA no longer dependent on foreign oil. Shell Oil is engaged in a multiyear test of a new technology for extracting the oil. Previous efforts that were uneconomical and environmentally destructive entailed mining the rock, crushing it and heating it above ground to release the oil.

Shell's new process involves sinking heaters deep underground, cooking the rock at 700 degrees and recovering the oil and natural gas with conventional drilling.

For a decade, Shell has been ramping up its research on private property here. It is also one of a handful of companies vying for research and development leases on larger tracts of federal land nearby. That could lead to full-scale development across 1,200 square miles of western Colorado.

Early results are promising, says Terry O'Connor, a vice president in the oil giant's unconventional resource division. But, he admits, "no one has been able to develop oil shale on a commercially sustainable basis.

That is $3.50 to $4 fuel that is here now, then I hear this a while back and more started making sense!

Legendary oilman T Boone Pickens says he doesn't believe that the oil sands are an effective substitute for our fuel needs. Pickens said  that huge development costs and a tight labor supply will prevent the Alberta oil sands and other unconventional means of production from covering the shortfall in supply. That said, Pickens holds a big stake in both the Canadian Oil Sands Trust [TSX:COS.UN] and Suncor Energy.

When Pickens was in the Alberta oil sand fields in the 60's somebody said this isn't going to work, it isn't possible. It'll all have to be subsidized to a level, said, before they'd make money you'd have to have $5 oil," Pickens says laughing. "We never thought it would happen."

Six years ago I did a story on shale oil and oil sand but it did not go over well because people felt it would never happen. Knowing all the research and development that has been put into these alternatives!

Knowing that T Boone Pickens has invested multiple millions in this! Knowing that between us and Canada we have the more reserves than the entire world combined!

Knowing that he said refining it would not be profitable until fuel hit $5 per gallon, you have to believe that $5 gas wall be here before you know it!

My question is have the oil companies purposely been driving up the prices in order to justify retrieving this huge reserves at our expense? Also at the expense of the environment and alternative fuel sources! Shale oil and oil sand

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Weaseldog said...

Jim, the problem with alternatives having to reach some price point, before they become profitable, is that the price point is recursive.

That is to say, that when the price point is reached, it will inflate the price of goods and services so that a new price must be used to determine feasibility.

When the following is true, then these fuels may become profitable.

PP = PP * 1.5

Oil Shale is a great subsidy boondoggle. If properly applied, it can generate Federal Dollars like nobody's business. Just like Ethanol.

And it can be used to get rid of current supplies of fuel and materials. Just like ethanol is a great way to get rid of excess food, fertilizers, labor and fuel.

Tar sands have an additional problem. It's production depends on stranded natural gas. Natural gas is burned to heat the bitumen. A shortage of natural gas is on the horizon. When it hits, the whole oil sands project may just grind to a halt. Then the oil conspiracy theorists will have new fodder to argue over.

As an aside... Have you seen the Tree Tomato commercials? They claim these seeds will give you 80 lbs of fruit a year. Plants grow to nine feet tall! They showed the plants loaded down with an unnatural quantity of large fruit.

I had a few thoughts on it. In the tropics, in ideal conditions, it may be possible to get 80 lbs of tomatoes from one plant. I don't live in the tropics.

Nine foot plants aren't a big deal. When it gets too hot for fruiting, my plants put on growth. My plants can easily hit 12 feet.

I have trouble believing that quality fruit can be grown in such abundance. In fact, when they showed the tomatoes close up, they looked like supermarket crap tomatoes. They were pale. they didn't look appetizing. They didn't make me hungry.

On the other hand, when I have a 2lb freshly picked Pink Brandywine in my hand, the fumes get me salivating, and it's all I can do to bring it in the house and share it. It's only the fact that i know that my wife knows how many their are, that keeps me honest.

But they aren't uniform store type tomatoes. They crack in the heat. Mature slowly and are prone to uneven ripening. But when winter comes, we pick the green ones and they ripen on the counter over the next few months, without spoiling.

Karen said...

'course China goggling it up doesn't help the situation, either.

Things are bad all over, look at the food shortage; that will effect us!

But, I agree... bush has f*cked up everything so bad, the next prez is going to have his/her hands tied behind their backs.

an average patriot said...

You know something is going on behind the scenes with our shale oil. That has to be why Bush is not concerned with gumming up the worlds oil supply. Did you see we have been tinkering with it over 100 yeas?
Anyway something we both enjoy! I have to laugh as I mentioned those tomato trees to Betmo yesterday. The ones I saw grew 8' tall and produced 60 pounds per plant. They said buy now and you get 3 for $10. I was tempted but I thought what the hell am I going to do with 180 pounds of tomatoes? like you said they didn't look to good either. I gave away all my canning jars too.
It seems like everything I have been seeing so far today is about water wars, food wars, rationing, exorbitant prices of everything. All I can say is be prepared!
You have me wanting one of those brandy wine's!With those green tomatoes if there are so many you can always make picklelilly!

an average patriot said...

Karen you know I focus on the growing food and water wars around the world but It seems like everything I have been seeing so far today is about water wars, food wars, rationing, exorbitant prices of everything. All I can say is be prepared and stay in touch! I can help!

enigma4ever said...

please go see my post on AnonP and his cat- critical- need your help to help him....he needs our support....thank you,..

an average patriot said...

Oh thanks enigma!
I caught it yesterday but was caught unawares. I owe Anon! He is another sweetheart. Thanks I'm on my way!

D.K. Raed said...

Well if T. Boone Pickens is investing in it, I'd say Shale Oil or Tar Sands will almost certainly be profitable soon, if they aren't already. I bet Cheney is in there, too, somewhere, since the Green River Formation extends into Wyoming. I saw a TV special about the heavy equipment they are using in Canada for oil extraction. The destruction of the environment was unbelievable! But you know, we gotta have our oil and we will rip apart heaven & earth to get it, rather than develop alternative energy. I keep thinking back to Pres Carter & how he tried to get us interested -- how much further we could've been today.

I was just reading your comments about tomatoes. Funny, I tried tomatoes last year, but decided they weren't worth the effort. The yield was poor, although tasty. This year, I planted roses, thinking at least I'd get nice flowers. I know, I indulge myself too much.

an average patriot said...

I wouldn't doubt if Cheney has his hands in there somewhere. Him and Bush are so anti environment it kills me that now that his time is running short Bush is feigning being an environmentalist while once again saying he wants improvementss but on someone elses watch.
That's funny you thought tomatoes were not high yield enough. Like Zuchini their yield is too high for me. You can always eat those roses you know. They are very tasty and each color tastes different. The rose hips (center button of the flower) is pure vitamin C too but not too tasty!

D.K. Raed said...

I've had excessive yield w/cherry & roma tomatoes, but I wanted the big beefy ones, and they were usually split & attacked by birds before they vine-ripened. Our SW UT soil is poor & summers are murderously hot, that's why sagebrush is our main natural plant! Thanks for the tip about rose hips.

Bush, an environmentalist? Well I guess he can say the words, but coming from him they don't mean anything ... much like his "healthy forest initiative" and "clear skies act" ... everything is a sham w/him to enrich the have-mores.

an average patriot said...

SW UT as in Utah? One of my brothers gardens in the Mohave and shades his plants. I would just grow one tomato plant each if I was you unless you have neighbors!