Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bush threatens Opec again As prices skyrocket and the Dollar continues to plummet as he has screwed every oil producing Nation!

The head of Opec, the cartel of oil-producing nations, has said it is unlikely to increase production at this week's meeting. It had been hoped members would boost the supply of oil to help prices fall from their historically-high levels. Crude oil hit a new record of almost $104 a barrel at the start of the week but settled at $99.52 late on Tuesday. This morning (Thursday, it was just shy of $106.

Bush is a friggen idiot! US President George W Bush said it would be an error if Opec members didn't recognize the impact high prices were having on the US. "I think it is a mistake to have your biggest customer's economy to slow a result of high energy prices," he said. I am again stunned at this idiots blatant, arrogant, misguided, audacity! The supposed experts say Oil prices have risen to record highs due to high demand for the commodity and the weakening dollar, which has prompted investors to switch to oil and other reputed safe havens such as gold. that is partially true but I am finding most average American's are really getting squeezed and are close to the breaking point Opec can not fix Bush's damage

Oil prices rose again Thursday, extending their record-setting gains as new economic reports and a decision by central banks in Europe to hold interest rates steady sent the dollar to a new low against the euro. While retailer reports on same-store sales were mixed, home foreclosures jumped in the fourth quarter to an all-time high, according to The Mortgage Bankers Association. The European Central Bank and Bank of England, meanwhile, decided to leave interest rates unchanged.

Analysts believe the steadily weakening dollar is the reason oil prices have jumped to a number of new inflation-adjusted record highs this week. Crude futures offer a hedge against a falling dollar, and oil futures bought and sold in dollars are more attractive to foreign investors when the dollar is falling. "This market continues to be based on the dollar," said James Cordier, founder of Option, a Tampa, Fla., trading firm. Light, sweet crude for April delivery rose 93 cents to $105.45 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after earlier spiking to a new record of $105.97.

At the pump, meanwhile, gas prices extended their advance toward record levels. The national average price of a gallon of gas rose 0.7 cent overnight to $3.185, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Gas prices are following oil higher, and are expected to peak this spring well above last May's record of $3.227 a gallon. oil continues to rise as the Dollar falls

I felt compelled to discuss this after a late night conversation and this morning set to research so you could look at it. Opec is right it is not their fault. They are supplying plenty. The bottle neck is ours and on purpose to keep the price inflated and that is the refineries. The deflating dollar doesn't help either. Remember when the idiot was in Saudi Arabia trying to blame our worsening condition on them? Bush is an asshole. Absolutely 100% everything is his fault. Oil alone was $28 per Barrel when he started. Now because of that idiots war mongering and mismanagement of his oil friends and everything else it is $105 and like everything else will get a lot worse. look at the list of Opec countries and think about his interference.

South America
IR Iran*
Middle East
Middle East
Middle East
SP Libyan AJ
Middle East
Saudi Arabia*
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Middle East
South America
*founder Members

Learn more about Opec Nations

My God the deflating dollar which is also his fault aside he has interfered with every damn one of those Nations so I decided to see if he has left any continent unscathed. bush has left no Continent unscathed

You can only come to the obvious conclusion that Bush or whoever is behind him is responsible for everything that is wrong in the country with our oil woes and our societal and financial fiasco as well as those around. Yet the chief idiot will never stop trying to hold the entire world responsible for what he himself is doing. You can only come to the conclusion that he is seeing how much he can drain the entire world before he attempts to implement his new world order!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Weaseldog said...

As the Bush family makes their living in the Energy Sector, it's all be good times for them, has it not?

As energy prices rise, Bush's paychecks keep getting bigger and bigger.

Mission Accomplished!

Matt Simmons says that OPEC is producing flat out and in decline. He argues that they cannot increase production if they wanted to.

jmsjoin said...

Nice to see you! I am sickened just hearing the chief idiot foam at the mouth! Anyway since the Bush family has extensive Saudi oil ties this has been good times for them as well as all Bush's big oil cronies.
As things get worse here and around the world the idiots inflated ego gets bigger and bigger. What's that tell you?
Opec has been flat out for a while now. As you know, the problem in every regard is the chief idiot. That scum is enough to piss off the Easter Bunny!

two crows said...

hey, Jim--
maybe not such an idiot?
aren't he and his cronies [and family] laughing all the way to the bank while the rest of the country sinks like a stone?

the traffic in Florida is WAY down. the snowbirds just couldn't afford to get down here [either by car OR by plane] this year.
so, a state whose primary income comes from the tourist industry is not doing AT ALL well due to the price of oil.

I don't know if Jeb still lives here or not-- but, in any case, he's no longer governor --so it's no skin off his nose. I guess he got out at the right time.
those Bush's sure know how and when to cut their losses and run.

Candace said...

Can't you just see the Bu$hCo people when (if) they're all out of office, living in Saudi, safe from prosecution, and all holding hands with the sheiks as they skip across the oil fields?

Unknown said...

They're gonna all be living in Chaco, Paraguay withe their friends, the Moonies.

Jolly Roger said...

I looked at this a bit myself. You couldn't be more right about who is to blame. I was actually thinking about how stupid the Gopper voters are when I wrote mine, but they intersect pretty nicely.

jmsjoin said...

Hey two crows!
Bush plays stupid well. He can not possibly be a stupid as he looks or acts. You're right, He will be laughing all the way to the bank. Paraguay's!

Dave Dubya said...

Meanwhile, today's (Friday) job report shows a loss of 63,000 jobs. Futures are down, as well as all the overseas markets.

Even the money pundits at CNBC were all shaking their heads today.

We had to know the final nail in the economy's coffin was Bush saying he didn't think we were in a recession. Here we go.

jmsjoin said...

Yes I can see that as the Bush's have extensive Saudi oil ties. However with Bush owning 100,000 acres in Paraguay I expect him to head there like past Nazi's. Ted Turner and others have extensive land holdings over the Guarani Aquifer

jmsjoin said...

Brother I have to laugh! You probably know but I just sent Candace a link to the Guarani Aquifer and mentioned his land holdings. Stay in touch man!

rawdawgbuffalo said...

Hey man thanks for the drive by, mind if i roll u? and Tell your son he is in ALL of our prayers, nd to be safe, I just my prayers about full government support on our behalf was real, if we the people ran it, it would be, i know we still got napalm left. I am certain u are proud of your son, i am and dont eve kno him.

jmsjoin said...

please do and I will do the same. I am right now trying to get things set before Brother calls me so I will put you on my favorites till tomorrow.
I will tell Jim. The fool is looking forward to it. One of his brothers id flying support over there right now. Thanks! I am very proud of all 4 of my sons.
I know one is mentally stressed. I just want them all safe. Jim said today at least he'll have job security with Bush Forever Wars. Take care!

jmsjoin said...

I just tried to get you page through dogon and got a message it was unavailable. Which site is yours or should I link to?