Saturday, March 29, 2008

As expected TET I mean Basra looks like the beginning of the end as success is more than questionable and Admiral Fallon departs early, well!

I wanted to discuss the reality of our situation here in the US as I thought about it all night and while it is right to hope for the best you better prepare for the worst because it is coming. That will have to wait for another day as Iraq will and is exploding! I have to digress and discuss that after recent events! I am personally sick of trying to get people to realize common sense does not figure into Bush's decision process. As Basra is failing as expected and once again we are taking the lead in the fighting A am glad our friend Clif over at Lydia's took on the breakdown in Iraq and the obvious likeness between TET and Basra. First that then the latest in the failure!

As Basra is Bush and Petraeus's lie to continue a losing war TET proved both Johnson and Westmoreland's claims victory was at hand in Vietnam and the Viet Cong were defeated was NOT true. (Especially while they were occupying the US embassy in Saigon) Which is why Walter Cronkite made the statement he did after TET. And also why Lyndon Johnson knew TET doomed his re-election campaign. Also why the US army replaced the less then honest Westmoreland with Creighton Abrams in command of US forces in Vietnam. Just like the current fighting in Iraq has shown the surge did NOT do what Bush and McSame claimed it did, Especially after some Baghdad neighborhoods have been controlled by al Sadr's people after this latest fighting began. Try some truth and the real facts out of Iraq instead of fox lies spin and disinformation€ and of course Rush's total ignorance of anything connected with the truth ....

Maliki is fighting for control of the country and he is using Iraqi forces backed by the Hakim controlled Badr corps (which have NO connection to al Sadr) and Iran backed SCRI to do that. Sort of an Iraqi version of dis-enrollment of Iraqi voters who aren't going to vote they way they want, they haven't gotten to caging, using dishonest lists to illegally dis-enroll people who won't vote their ways, they try to drive them away. But they are learning the slimy tactics of the repugnants quite well. There is NO "extremists" fighting in this current Shiite battle, but the Iraqi version of a primary to decide who controls the Iraqi government at the local levels.To LIE about this is just the latest repugnants disinformation campaign about the illegal war they started. try reading the "pentagon papers", you know the pentagons OWN version of what happened in Vietnam from 1954 to 1968,( the one Nixon tried but failed to keep secret) it just might dispel some of the myths you keep spouting. But you prefer GOPer dishonest revisionary history, from the gutless chicken hawks who refused to serve there .... to the truth written by those who actually served at the time they served.

Now as Bush hails success, the truth! The latest proof of failure and escalation! The Iraqi military push into the southern city of Basra is not going as well as American officials had hoped, despite President Bush's high praise for the operation, several U.S. officials said Friday. closely held U.S. military intelligence analysis of the fighting in Basra shows that Iraqi security forces control less than a quarter of the city, according to officials in both the United States and Iraq, and Basra's police units are deeply infiltrated by members of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army.

"This is going to go on for a while," one U.S. military official said. Iraqi forces launched their offensive in Basra this week. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was personally overseeing operations in the southern city against what government officials called "rogue" or "outlaw" militia elements, most loyal to al-Sadr. During a joint news conference Friday with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Bush called the operation "a defining moment in the history of a free Iraq," saying the government is fighting criminals there. "It was just a matter of time before the government was going to have to deal with it," he said. The president also hailed the operation as a sign of progress, emphasizing that the decision to mount the offensive was Al maliki's. "It was his military planning; it was his causing the troops to go from point A to point B," Bush said. "And it's exactly what a lot of folks here in America were wondering whether or not Iraq would even be able to do it in the first place. And it's happening."

But since the beginning of the government offensive four days ago, violence also has picked up in a wide area of southern Iraq, including in Baghdad's International Zone -- also known as the Green Zone -- which has been targeted by rocket and mortar attacks. Coalition bombers have joined in the fight, hitting targets in Basra and Baghdad. Bush is friggen brain dead! They are not doing it. This is the beginning of the end in Iraq before it spreads throughout the middle east!
The Basra analysis also shows that militia forces control a wide swath of cities in Iraq's southeast, including areas near the airport, where British forces are located, the officials said. More than 100 Iraqis have been killed in the fighting, including at least 14 in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood.The fighting has sparked fears that a seven-month cease-fire by al-Sadr's Mehdi Army, regarded as a key factor in a dramatic drop in attacks in recent months, could collapse or that the U.S. military will have to bail out the Iraqis.On Thursday, the Interior Ministry imposed a curfew through the weekend in Baghdad, Hilla, Kut, Diwaniya, Simawa and Basra.Officials banned pedestrian, motorcycle and vehicular traffic through 5 a.m. Sunday (10 p.m. ET Saturday). Maliki's Basra fight failing

knowing that this is the beginning of the end and US armor is involved, our troops are leading the way again, and UK and US fighters are again attacking from the air, it is obvious we are going to get much deeper. The speeding up of Fallon's removal is the final proof that this middle east breakdown will proceed from here. The commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, Central Asia and East Africa stepped down Friday. It was the last day in command for Admiral William Fallon, and it came several months earlier than expected. Admiral Fallon did say several months ago that war rhetoric from some members of the White House staff was not helpful in his effort to ease tensions in the Middle East. And he has publicly opposed some other key policies, including, initially, the surge of U.S. forces into Iraq.

Gates said it was not his views, but rather his failure to put an end to the perception he had ongoing policy differences with the administration that led to his departure from one of the most important posts in the U.S. military. At Friday's ceremony, Secretary Gates mentioned the thing that got Admiral Fallon into trouble, his candor. Admiral Fallon was replaced on a temporary basis by his deputy, Lieutenant General Martin Dempsey,who will serve until a permanent commander is nominated by President Bush and confirmed by the Senate. Fallon Steps down months early
Bush did not want to hear the truth so they got rid of him. this middle east breakdown will now proceed. All they need is to find an Admiral that will ignore reality and do what Bush says! It is no coincidence that Iraq is failing as Bush will spread this nightmare and Fallon's was released at such a critical juncture!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Unknown said...

I've been beatin' this drum for a long time. Water seeks it's own level. The Iraqis will be just fine, once we leave and stop the occupation. Sure, their will be some bloodshed, but by us staying, there is still bloodshed. What the hell is the difference? If another 100,000 Iraqis die, is it somehow better that WE do the killing? I say, NO! If Iraqis kill each other, their blood is not on OUR hands; plus a lot of American lives and treasure will be saved. Just because we aren't squeezing the trigger when Shia kill Sunnis, or Sunnis kill Shia, or Shia kill Shia; we are supplying a lot of the weapons, and our presence fans the flames.

I advocate for a swift and immediate withdrawal. We have several thousand ships and planes. Don't try giving me that logistics BS. We could have everyone out in 48 to 72 hours. Most of the equipment is junk or in disarray anyway. Leave it behind. Take the good stuff with us. Move it and the troops to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey, if they think they need more time.

They say our troops will be at risk. More BS. Even if we were to lose 400 or 500 men in a two or three day withdrawal; if we stay another year we will lose 800 or more, plus another 100 billion or so that we have to borrow from the Chinese. This crap makes no sense to me at all. It's all BS to keep Bush's Glorious Oedipal Crusade going.

It's about being so arrogant as to not to admit defeat. All we have to say is, "We claim victory... we won... we did what we set out to do. We proved there was no WMDs, we got rid of Saddam, we set up democratic elections. It's a shame things didn't turn out exactly like we wanted. We tried." A Mission Accomplished kind of thing. Sh*t, the King's good at delivering that kind of crap.

Alors, how many American deaths will it take? Do we have to reach 58,000 like Viet Nam? The difference between Iraq and Viet Nam is the wounded. Sure, we haven't lost as many lives, but by the nature of the warfare, our wounded are more critical in this conflict. Lost limbs, severe head injuries, and disfigurements. These are life-long injuries, not just scars from shrapnel. And that isn't even taking into account all the post-tramatic stress cases that we will be dealing with for at least another generation. To paraphrase John Kerry, "Who wants to be the last man to die in this fiasco?"

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and all the rest of the SOBs that lied us into this war, should be put on the dock for crimes against humanity, war profiteering, and out-right murder of Iraqis and Americans alike. They should be tried, convicted, and put in prison, doing hard labor for life. And I'm not talking about Federal Country Clubs either. I'm talking Gitmo style!

Sorry for the long rant, I just get so frustrated that people can't seem to see the forest for the trees. For a nation that has so many self-described Christians, how can this keep going on? Does anyone in their right mind actually believe that God is smiling down on us and saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servants"? Does anyone think that He, a God of Love and Mercy, is happy with what we're doing? Do any of these people actually read the New Testament? Have they ever read it? Love thy neighbor? Bwahahahaha! Bush and his neocon cronies must think He was talking about their obscenely wealthy neighbors in their gated communities. WRONG. May God have mercy on their black-hearted souls.

Please, somebody, anybody, give me the justification for this illegal, immoral, un-Godly invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation's soil. And don't try handing me that worn-out axiom, 'The end justifies the means'. I have studied the Bible for decades, and that is NOT in there. In fact, the Bible teaches the exact opposite. It teaches that the means will justify the end, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

This old Irishman needs to go lay down and lower his blood pressure now.

jmsjoin said...

Of course you are absolutely right and it is very frustrating. There is no justification of this only BS so this so called new order agenda can be followed. Leave today or tomorrow the result will be the same regardless of the senseless Partisan rhetoric,
There will be no victory there in the middle east or anywhere else thanks to the idiot diverting from Afghanistan so he could get into the middle east to prosecute what he incorrectly thinks will be his new world order.
It is very frustrating knowing this is going to end up as a total loss as any idiot should have known from day one. I am hurt that our soldiers are having their patriotism used against them.
I was just talking to the son that is there now and he will be back in around a month.
As you know, I am very concerned about his EOD brother who may be there now but I don't know.
Especially since he let me know that as EOD he leads the caravans and looks for IED's and the fool thinks it's funny! He's heading to the Basra area too! Take care!
This will not be pretty and will last generations ending up as who knows what. I feel like I let my kids down. I will say there are no Christians leading the way in this mess they have merely perverted Religion and Democracy to fit their hidden agenda. We have merely been victims of our own trust.
Anyway I better shut up because like you I can go on forever. I am not having Christian thoughts as to what I most definitely would do to the scum who are prosecuting this nightmare. Hope all went well yesterday. Rest!

TomCat said...

Great minds, guys. It's as though I hear my own thoughts echoing here.

jmsjoin said...

I just wish common sense mattered today and us too. Staying there will not change the outcome Bush guaranteed when he attacked Iraq to go after Iran. We will only ensure his breakdown. Innumerable dead middle easterners is a given. Bush will only add more of our soldiers to the mix.