Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bush the destroyer following the script of destruction has set the agenda for Politicians to run in order to corruptively take what they can before...

Bush the destroyer following the script of destruction has set the agenda for Politicians to run in order to corruptively take what they can while they can!

First things first! McCain running on Iraq's success! I have to say, I have very confusing emotions as I watch Iraq reexplode as we knew it would. Al Qaeda or whoever is now openly killing Bush's paid Sunni fighters routinely and civilian deaths are approaching a thousand a day and American deaths are on the increase again and rapidly approaching the 4,000 mark. I have been saying from the very beginning that every time the chief idiot declares success at the point of a gun Iraq falls a little deeper into the hell on earth he has created for them in Iraq with promises to spread it to Iran and the entire middle east before it encompasses the entire world and soon.

* A while back when McCain the warmongering idiot who is running on the so called success in Iraq and around the world and says he is the best man to finish this nightmare Bush has started I said that what the fool has done is to encourage the so called insurgents to come out enmasse make him a liar thus doing the Democrats work for them by defeating McCain. They are now doing it! Part of me is glad to see it and I only hope the Democratic nominees are smart enough to start to point out the growing failures in Iraq. Not only the increasing civilian and American deaths but the continuing inability for the Iraqi Government to provide security for even one of the hundreds of ongoing construction projects or provide even the basic necessities of life. also not to speak of the more than 2 million permanent nomads that he promises to spread exponentially when he attacks Iran and then engulfs the entire middle east in his "success" before that too encompasses the entire world.

I am not sure what to feel or what to feel worse about as at least two of my sons are lifers. One is over there now and one leaves to go tomorrow. Knowing these wars are just beginning and Bush will attack Iran and that this entire mess will encompass the entire world I have to wonder what is next for them, all our Patriotic soldiers, middle easterners, us, and the entire world?

* I wanted to discuss Bush the intentional idiot as I believe he is a fool but he uses it and acts like a fool to be endearing to us and the world as he screws us all but this is growing too long so you can see where my mind was this morning I will just show you the titles with this in mind that I researched this morning and you can look at the extensive stories on all 5 of the subjects as I also want to discuss the sad standard the chief scum has set for those seeking public office. Non of this is funny and sadly for us the world and our future it is all true!
* Bush the intentional idiot

* Bush the perfect storm This is a good one!

* Bush's destruction of america

* Bush's destruction of the middle east

* bush's destruction of the world
And the Coup De Grace * Bush faithfully follows the script of destruction This I am afraid is not good and proves what I keep saying. This is not good for us and the entire world!

* In his endeavor to follow his underhanded agenda here and around the world Bush has set the new standard in Government disservice! As we listen to Obama and Hillary belittle each other all day long Romney was laughing at Obama and Hillary saying it was like listening to a couple of Chihuahuas fighting over who was going to attack the big dog. I am sick of these ignorant children. This whole Political idiocy has taken on a very repugnant, distasteful, dirty, lying, underhanded tone and Bush set it and I am afraid it is the new standard. Worse the low life’s that are drawn to Politics are largely there only because they are corrupt and looking to see what they can get while there is still something left to take. We and the world are in serious trouble as we attempt to move successfully into the future and our so called public servants only seem interested in helping themselves and stealing what they can before Bush sinks this ship we call America and finishes his script for destruction

just one note! I wrote it years ago but couldn't get any Politicians media or anyone to pay attention but go to my web site and read Bush Uncovered, the Doctrine of Destruction

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


TomCat said...

My thoughts and prayers for your sons, Jim.

PoliShifter said...

I second, Tomcat

Just another day in Paradise Jim.

I foresee Iran being bombed some time during the DNC convention.

I also think we'll get a video taped endorsement of whoever is the Dem nominee by Osama just days before the election.

That's about the only way McCain can win and Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Rove know this.

Weaseldog said...

The Diebold machines can be programed to vote for McCain.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Bud! I am increasingly concerned for the one going back to Iraq because he is EOD and the more he tells me the more concerned I get. He keeps volunteering for this shit. The law of averages you know!

an average patriot said...

Damn! Couldn't have said it better myself. You have to wonder what underhanded crap will be pulled.
I often wonder out loud who really puts out the timely threats and videos always in time to help the Repug cause.
Al Qaeda has already endorsed Democrats by raising hell again in Iraq showing McCain like Bush is wrong and Iraq isn't being won!
I figure at the very least this election too will be stolen. I am friggen disgusted at this facade Bush holds up as a Democracy. Man we are so screwed unless we can miraculously get something together ourselves!

an average patriot said...

I know! I wish there was a way to track that they are rigged but there isn't. they have trouble with those machines wherever they are used. What pisses me off is a stink is raised and then it just dies down.
Hell now that you mention it we never did hear anything else about the recount in NH when it was questioned. A recount was granted if dems paid for it but then nothing?
Ohio again had problems. This time whole counties showed no votes period including where enigma voted and volunteered. Again we heard nothing. We are being placated and just dismissed while we are being lied to and controlled.
Those friggen machines were wanted as part of modernization because they are just one more way for an election to be controlled, stolen, and taken out of our hands, creating this facade of a Democracy. This sucks!

Weaseldog said...

Although anyone can be anyone on the internet, I do make my living writing computer software. I've been programming since I was 14 and I'm 45 now.

Current legislation and our political climate make for a perfect set of conditions to rig the vote with computers.

It is illegal to examine the code in a Diebold machine, and the mechanism that they use to count votes, is a trade secret.

No independent authority ever sees Diebold source code. Bo independent authority has a clue as to how Diebold counts votes.

In the world of electronic finance, no such freedoms exist for corporations. All of the code I wrote for the brokerage industry had to reviewed, archived and it had to produce copious logs of every action it performed, in case the SEC ever wanted to audit us.

When working in Computer Security and selling programs to IBM, we had a similar requirement. We're were required to place all of our source code in escrow with an independent third party. This performed two functions, if were ever unable to maintain our software, IBM could take ownership of the projects and continue their own maintenance so that their business functions wouldn't be impacted. And it also protected us legally as it could be verified by a third party that we had not introduced any undocumented back doors in the software.

When it comes to money, oversight in software engineering is demanded.

And even in gaming, corporations are pressured to make the best and most reliable products they can.

For Diebold though, all they have to do is provide a product that works in mysterious ways and doesn't need to be reliable.

Our votes are not as important as money or gaming fun.

It is my belief that voting machines should be open source and that they should have a verifiable way to take snapshots of their hard drives. More than one independent entity should be charged with verifying that the programs on the hard drive match up with the published source code. they should have the authority to do sampling of machines, even during elections.

i think our vote is important enough, that it should be safeguarded. It should not be up to a private corporation with no oversight, to determine election results.

Dave Dubya said...

Not only is the Republican anti-democracy machinery still in place, the media will obsess on the Obama v. Clinton sensation. It's a perfect set up for divide and conquer. They will succeed in stirring up enough fatigue and annoyance with the Dems to tilt public opinion back towards McCain.

This will be done while they go easy on the "straight talking war hero" McCain.

The Corporate Media serve the corporate candidate.

an average patriot said...

I am afraid our vote does not matter today. Just the facade that it does and this facade of a Democracy works.
So you know what you're talking about! I remember when Diebold's prior owner was interviewed years ago and I never forgot it and he said he could guarantee whoever they wanted.
These damn things are a setup and just one more way of stealing the election.

an average patriot said...

I am stunned by the anti democrat spew I hear from Romney especially since he said he would run with McCain and it would unite them.
It isn't funny that you mention divide and conquer. You know I have said a million times that Bush practices Rove taught 3D Politics (divisive, deceitful, deceptive, Politics).
Divide and conquer hasn't failed them yet. Bush uses it on us, he is using it on the middle east, and around the world. Something drastic has to happen and quick if we are to stop all this. We are almost out of time!