Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bush's created reality in today's Iraqi hell on earth! Hope for peace but prepare for when he spreads this hell to Iran and the entire middle east!

I did a search on my Blog about Iraq and I found hundreds of stories involving the inevitable civil war Bush ignored going back to the very beginning and 2 years before I converted from writing books to trying to connect to people every day. The underlying theme in over 100 stories was Democracy at the point of a gun and that every single time Bush declared things were going well and Iraqi's scored another victory they fell ever deeper into the hell on earth called Iraq that he created.

Numerous times we said from the beginning that Bush attacked Iraq only to attack Iran and help Israel establish a safety zone and new middle east order that would end up in total middle east breakdown involving Sunni against Shiite with Israel and the US right in the middle. This is coming closer to reality every day despite Bush and McCain's bragging of success. I often think because of. Of late with McCain having hung his hat on the success of Iraq that as expected is beginning to blow wide open I have been writing that I am increasingly concerned that Bush knows Republicans are not only losing more and more influence in the Senate and the House but thanks to the increase of his created violence in Iraq he knows Republicans are going to lose the Presidency too.

It was only a matter of time before the future of Iraq, the middle east, and Americans was stolen by Republicans I began to expect by having the election stolen once again in a growing number of ways for McCain so the right wing war mongering new order agenda could continue. I now believe that After giving $20 billion to the Saudi's much of which will be funneled to Al Qaeda and thousands of weapons we supplied now stolen and supplying both sides with the credit of the recent increase in attacks and violence going to Iran for supplying to the Shiite, more specifically Al Sadr, weapons and training. I decided to look into the origin of Al Sadr's Mahdi Army and discuss today's most recent events in this Iraqi middle east Sunni against Shiite Breakdown! Bush's inevitable attack on Iran is getting closer!

First I have to admit that I for one was very surprised to find that the Shiite Mahdi Army was a creation of Bush's as is the Sunni Iraq Al Qaeda. To supporters, the militia is the military muscle of Iraq's urban Shia Muslims, fighting to protect Najaf and other Shia parts of the country. Its membership rose from just a few thousand after the US-led invasion to some 60,000, according to a December 2006 report by the Iraqi Survey Group. It was created in the summer of 2003, prompted by radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr, who preached in his sermons the need for a new force.

Young men were recruited at offices near mosques to defend the Shia Muslim faith and their country in defiance of the US-led coalition's arms controls. In August 2007, Moqtada Sadr announced the militia had declared a ceasefire, under which it pledged not to attack rival armed groups or American forces in Iraq. The cleric extended the truce in February 2008 but it came under strain amid claims US and Iraqi forces were detaining militia members. US and Iraqi forces said they were only targeting renegade Mehdi Army factions they accused of flouting the ceasefire.

Taking its name from the Mehdi - a messianic figure in the Shia tradition - the Mehdi Army is fiercely loyal to its religious founder. Since Iraq's elections and the creation of its own, Shia-dominated government, Moqtada Sadr's movement has continued to take on new members. The US accuses Iran, Shia Iraqis' spiritual ally, of training, supplying and financing Mehdi Army fighters. Iraq's Mehdi Army
This is unbelievably complicated!The Maliki government appears to be moving against Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army in Basra, Baghdad and perhaps elsewhere. Heavy fighting is reported by the New York Times, which also reports: The operation, which senior Iraqi officials had been signaling for weeks, is considered so important by the Iraqi government that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, who went to Basra on Monday, intended to personally direct the fighting, several Iraqi officials said. Which I'm sure will come as a great comfort to the U.S. military and all Iraqis.

And now, the question: How will the U.S. media portray this? As the Iraqi Army cleaning up a renegade militia in Basra? Probably. But the Iraqi Army in Basra is mostly composed of another renegade militia--the Badr Corps, an organization founded by Iran and answerable to ISCI--the Shi'ite faction led by the Hakim family, Sadr's great rival. There are no heroes here. The Sadr movement is populist, nationalist, anti-Iranian, in favor of a strong central government...but it's also anti-American and oriented toward a stricter Islamic state than the current Maliki government is. The Hakim family's movement is both pro-American and pro-Iranian. It is federalist, rather than nationalist, in favor of a weak central government with a strong Shi'istan in the south (which would be heavily influenced by Iran).
My intelligence sources have told me in the past that we don't know nearly enough about the southern Shi'ite factions--we've been fighting and wooing Sunnis in the north for the past five years--and that U.S. involvement in the Basra fight would be a disastrous idea. Let's hope that General Petraeus makes the right decision, stays out of it in Basra and keeps a low U.S. profile in the Shi'ite neighborhoods--almost exclusively Sadr-controlled--in Baghdad. Today in Iraq

You know as well as I do that Bush and Petraeus are going to do the wrong thing and this will get much worse as Iraq's breakdown goes full swing. At that point Bush will attack Iran getting his original goal of a total middle east breakdown going full swing so he can emplace his new middle east order or so he thinks. that will leave Iraq to its demise. It will breakdown to a total civil war as originally expected before the chief idiot ignored that fact. It will be Sunni against Shiite throughout the entire middles east with Israel and us in the middle until Russia, China, and the rest of the world get involved and this dissolves into Bush's new world order WW3 which will be Bush's Forever War!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Karen said...

Hope Barack is able to end this Iraq atrocity.

Weaseldog said...

Didn't Barack say he wanted to extend the war into Pakistan?

Unknown said...

It's a lot more complex than that, Jim. there is also much Shiite against Shiite.

jmsjoin said...

Karen I hope you are right. McCain should be sunk now that Iraq is going south.
I have to wonder what underhanded tactic is going to be used this time to steal the election from us!
I wonder what is wrong with my comments lately. I show zero but if I click on it like now I really do have some?

jmsjoin said...

He did say he would go into Pakistan after terrorists if he knew they were there. You have to wonder what he would do since we know they are there?
I wonder what is wrong with my comments lately. I show zero but if I click on it like now I really do have some?

jmsjoin said...

Brother, Brother, Brother, you are always right, seriously.
I have to laugh! When I was putting this together I reread it a few times including the part stating that and that Al Sadr is not the problem but it is the Iran trained insurgents going against them, us, and the Sunni. That is why I said it is so complicated.
Any ideas? I wonder what is wrong with my comments lately. I show zero but if I click on it like now I really do have some?

Unknown said...

Your comment numbers show up for me.

jmsjoin said...

After I talked to you I checked my settings and everything was fine but the comments still did not show. As happened the last couple of days they are here now.
Anyway the middle east Bush explosion continues. After what the Pentagon said yesterday and this failure which was a given before this started I think Bush's hands are tied and he will have to either tkae control of America or give up! I will discuss it today! Take care, stay safe, nd stay in touch!

Weaseldog said...

I'm hearing that the word in the military is that Cheney's trip was to build support for, and to lay plans for the upcoming air raid on Iran. The State Department doesn't appear to be in on the Administrations plans. The Air Force is ready to attack, but the rest of the armed forces is reticent. Of course, the Air Force can just fly away if things turn bad. Everyone else will have to stand and fight.

Another story says that we have a nuclear sub in the Strait of Hormuz and that Egypt is now on high alert because of this, and our increased military activity in the strait.

Lest this seem understated, the Strait of Hormuz lies in Iranian waters. I doubt many countries would consider the US putting a submarine with nuclear weapons in their waters, to be a friendly gesture.

Does anyone have an opinion on when the worst timing for an attack would be? bush seems to enjoy doing everything as wrongly as possible. So if there's a way to make this attack go even worst for the US, he'll do it. Figuring out the worst timing, might give as a clue as to when he'll do it.

Perhaps next time McCain is in Iraq?

jmsjoin said...

It was a given that Cheney was laying the foundation for an Iran attack despite what we were told.
Bush is right now on tv saying how great Iraq is as it is exploding, Oil fields blown up, Green zone under attack for 3rd day in a row, Al Maliki's
security plan spokesman just kidnapped. I am so sick of this lying crap.
I will be discussing it as soon as I can get to it but in light of what is going on and what the Pentagon said yesterday I can no longer see enven the brainless idiot attacking Ira. It would be down right suicide for America.

Naj said...

Jim, thank you for your elaborate comment on my post. Much appreciated.

I just want to tell you that I do think of your sons. If you cannot convince them that even a string of their hair is not worth the crusade of Bush and Cheney, I am afraid no one else can. But, every time you mention them I only pray that they will not ruin their sole by staining their hands in the blood of people who have no sin other than living on oil-fields! (Or gas, in Afghanistan!)

Weaseldog said...

Bush wants his legacy. He's a brain damaged recovering drug addict.

Further, his childhood love of torturing animals to death suggests an innate degree of sociopathy.

He's already killed over a million people. I can't believe that a sane human being can lie to start a war that results in over a million deaths, by all metrics is already lost and costing America it's legacy, fortune and goodwill, then dance for joy before telling the press how great his war is.

That sounds like the actions of a lunatic.

As Eric Idle argues in his 'FCC Song', Dick Cheney's pacemaker must be a fake, as he hasn't got a heart.

These people don't care about what is good for America. Bush owes his allegiance to the House of Saud. Halliburton moved to Dubai. When they leave office, they can all take their ill gotten $billions, and live in penthouse suites in Dubai. Or so they assume.

After the attack, I doubt Dubai is going to do so well.

For those that want war with Iran, it is strategically necessary that it happen on Bush's watch, so that there is no chance that the next president can be sidetracked from starting World War III.

This has never been about what is good for America. And I know you already knew that.

jmsjoin said...

this is so imbicillic! knowing what you say about Bush is dead true I will always be stunned that someone let him in office.
It's funny but everything you are saying I was just about to post on and will after this but first my thought!
I think Bush will end up on his 100,000 acres in Paraguay because if a nuclear war gets going in the middle east or even conventional there will be no living in Dugai!

jmsjoin said...

You're entirely welcome! To put your mind at ease my sons are in the business of saving lives.
The son that is over there now flies air support. Bringing out wounded and troops and carrying supplies.
The one headed right into the thick of this I am concerned about. He finds and detonates IED's and explosives. He is headed to Southern Iraq but that is all I can know. He leads convoys so he can detect Bombs. We know what that means.
I am going to go see what I said to you now. Whatever it was you know it is sincere!