Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why are we whoring the world's future? Why is China allowed to hold the Olympics? Holding Olympics the key to Western acceptance, What's it worth?

first As you do I watch the daily lies and corruption we are hit with all day every day coming right from the very top the latest being the outing of Spitzer because he was about to out the underhanded Bush created subprime program and bail out. Spitzer’s lynching and the bankers enriching are intimately tied.this is sick

As I watch the daily raping of our society not by its citizens but by our sorry leader as he helps the affluent steal our future and then pays them for it in his race to destroy our America, totally control us, and finish emplacing his new version of America while he thinks, finishing his new world order. Like you I also watch as our Democratic nominees exercise in futility knowing there is no way the awesome abusive powers Bush has amassed will be allowed in Democratic hands. Elections will not be fair and like the last two this election too will be stolen one way or the other. This is not a Democracy only a facade of one. How can we possibly expect any other country to want to be a Democracy with the fine example of abuse of the people, their trust, and their money, let alone the corruption and deceit? Are the countries of the world Democracy or not any better or worse than what we have become under Bush?

Anyway, I happen to think MacArthur had it right when during Korea he wanted to keep going right through China. He disagreed with Truman so he was let go. Things would certainly be different today if MacArthur had his way. Sound familiar in regards to Admiral Fallon? We have been dealing with China ever since and along with the rest of the world thanks to Bush that is coming to a head.

* The future is not Tomorrow! The future is before us period and we better start thinking about it! We have to stop looking at the promise of tomorrow and look at the future if we are too have one! We are whoring Democracy under Bush. Hosting the Olympics is the Holy Grail of acceptance to Western Society and civilization. You know China's record, what the hell? how can they possibly be allowed to host the Olympics? Are we desperate? are we hoping and praying for a future? Is it for their Financial leadership of the world or just us? Media rights? Human rights? environmental leadership? Yeah right! Worse, ours isn't any better!

Just think about it! What are we letting ourselves in for this summer? Intense criticism has surrounded China’s planned route for the Olympic Torch relay prior to Beijing 2008. Human rights groups have also slammed China’s human rights record, their voices joined by US politicians who oppose China’s alleged sale of arms to Sudan. "One World, One Dream." China’s slogan for the 2008 Olympic does not seem a reality yet. The recent weeks’ uproar underscores the political sensitivities involved in China playing host to the Olympics. The announcement of the 2008 Olympic torch relay was engulfed in controversy as critics slammed Beijing's plans for stops in Taiwan and Tibet. Taiwan rejected being part of the Olympics Games with China’s planning of the Olympic torch relay going through Taiwan. China considers Taiwan part of its territory, to be retaken by force if necessary, following their split in 1949 after a civil war. But Taiwan is opposing the route as a symbol of Taiwan being under Chinese control.
Amnesty International published a new report stating that The 2008 Olympic Games has become a catalyst for more repression in China, not less, and that China has failed to live up to promises to improve human rights for the 2008 Olympics. "The IOC cannot want an Olympics that is tainted with human rights abuses,” the deputy Asia-Pacific director of Amnesty International, Catherine Baber said to Associated Press.

”A lot of political interests and organizations use the 2008 Olympics to expose their demands and interest. They wish to challenge and tease China and expose the sides of China which are not shown through the Olympics. China on the contrary uses the situation as well, to show it is a super power and a valid member of the international society. But China does not want their legitimacy threatened and does not like the attention paid to the problematic issues that are not solved in China,” Delman explains. Human rights groups condemned China over policies about Darfur Human rights groups have condemned China over its policies about Sudan's Darfur, where state-linked militia have been fighting rebels, causing widespread bloodshed. Amnesty International accused Russia and China of breaching a United Nations arms embargo by letting weapons into Sudan, where they are used in ‘grave violations’ of international law.

"It would be a disaster for China if the Games were to be marred by protests, from concerned individuals and groups, who will undoubtedly link your government to the continued atrocities in Darfur, if there is no significant improvement in the conditions," said a letter issued by California Democratic Tom Lantos, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs according to Reuters. The letter warned that China's supplying of arms and other support to the Khartoum regime could tarnish the 2008 Beijing Olympics. threat of an Olympics Boycott becoming more real

How the hell can they expect anything else? The Dalai Lama on Sunday called for an international probe of China's treatment of Tibet, which he said is causing "cultural genocide" of his people. A spokesman for the self-declared Tibetan exile government said it has confirmed at least 80 deaths in Friday's violence and that protests were continuing outside the capital on Sunday, further undermining China's hopes of a smooth run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Tibet Watch, a group based in Dharamsala, India, told CNN that 34 people have died in the Nwaga County area of Sichuan province in western China.

The Dalai Lama said China, as the world's most populous nation, deserves to host the Olympics but it must look seriously at repairing its human rights record "in order to be a good host." He laughed at suggestions that the exile government was fueling the anti-Chinese protests, saying it was the natural result of deep resentment caused by China's treatment of Tibetans as second class citizens in their own land.

The Dalai Lama -- who fled his homeland 29 years ago after a failed uprising, said Tibet's "ancient cultural heritage" is threatened with extinction by China. He said the officials in the Chinese government's local administration in Tibet were "very, very negative" toward the native Tibetans, which prevents development of a "harmonious society." Tibet, he said, is seeking autonomy necessary to safeguard its heritage. "We are not seeking separation," he said. In fact, he said, Tibet can enjoy modernization through its connection to China. China was using force to gain stability and peace, but it would always be superficial, he said. China causing cultural genocide but why

* I'll tell you why! those mountains are China's water source and its future. It is only normal for them to want to control their water supply their future. Like Bush and the rest of the world today they are going about it all wrong. Remember Tiananmen square?

I don't think so but they say It is a foregone conclusion that successful conclusion of Beijing Olympics would give China the much needed fillip to not only rise further in the global order but also the "political legitimacy" in the major capitals across the world. The Tokyo Olympics four decades ago just did that to Japan. However, for a ruling Communist Party (albeit in transition to 'social democratic' set-up), with its Tiananmen stains of 1989, the journey towards great power status is arduous, if not impossible to realize. Foremost in such challenges are those precisely China considers as its core sovereignty related issues. Mention should be made of the on-going imbroglio involving China's positions on Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Taiwan. All issues related to these have been boiling and spilling over.

Part of the escalation on the Tibetan issue rests with Beijing itself which ratcheted- up stakes in the region with a railway line operationalised in mid 2006, and other infrastructural projects put in line to fully integrate Tibet into its modernization drive. Moreover, in early May this year the Olympics torch will be taken to the Chinese side of the Mount Everest a sacred spot for Tibetans. This would have signified not only generating patriotism among Chinese but also in complete domination of Tibet by China. In the backdrop lack of any progress in the five talks so far between Beijing and the Dalai Lama's representatives, the younger Tibetan elements have been restive of late who are fuelling protests against Beijing Olympics. china's Olympics and the 3 evils
Knowing China's past and present and ours it is hard to see any difference beyond the guise under which abuse is justified. I do not however see any benefit in giving credence to the horrific abuses of the Chinese. I was sickened the other day watching a special on China and saw the people walking around with handkerchiefs over their mouths so they could breathe knowing the air currents bring their mess right to California.. We have to think in the long term and stop looking at short term fixes to our dilemma as the past has proven with Russia and China, we will only have to face them again in the future.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Unknown said...

Pot, meet Kettle!

For anyone in the United States, Israel, or even Taiwan, to talk about China's human rights abuses, or environmental abuses, is ludicrous at best.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

You can take this to the bank, Jim: If Bush and the Neocons are not stopped, and I mean soon, China will look like the Flagship of Democracy.

jmsjoin said...

Just commented to you. I am telling you, this is so damn confusing and puposely so. It reminds me of something I used to say as a kid. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bull shit!
We are purposely given conflicting information so we don't know what the truth is or whether we're coming or going.
You are probably right about China but we'll probably be at war first. looking at everything and watching the chief scum we are no friggen different than the Chinese or anyone else. Just the title under which they all do the same crap including Bush is different.
We are beginning to look like the worst in the world and I don't like it.

Dave Dubya said...

We can expect to hear a lot of crowing from our govt. about the wonderful advances in human rights the Chinese are making. We'll tell them anything, since a debtor, when asked by his lender, will always parrot the answer the lender wants.

Unknown said...

You're right again. And all this has transpired in the last 6 years. When the Idiot-in-Chief had his arm draped around the firefighter's shoulder in the photo-op at ground zero, we had the respect and sympathy of the entire world. Now, one would be hard-pressed to find any who respect or sympathize with us. The few that appear to, are just paying 'lip service' to continue to fleece us of the little we have left (think Israel, Saudi Arabia et al). Even British support is deteriorating faster than a sub-prime mortgage.

And since China now holds over a trillion of our steadily declining 'Charmin dollars', the wooden-headed Potomac Pinochio will be gushing like a teen-age school girl at the Jr Prom.

Man-o-man, this is gonna get real ugly. I'm not a Theocrat, but people had better get right with God, because I have a feeling He is getting really pissed right now.

landsker said...

Tibet has huge reserves of gas and oil, small wonder the Chinese invaded.
Whilst I have some respect for China, for many and untold reasons, I will spend not one penny on the Olympics, nor will I even bother to watch the spectacle.

jmsjoin said...

Hell Dave
You are right but we all know China has made no progress beyond becoming an antigral part of the upcoming horror.
The final step to people giving up total control to Bush has just happened and that is financial collapse and it was engineered. I friggen failed but I tried for years to wake people up.
I have spent my morning addressing concerns but I am afraid it is too late! Anyway stay with me. I am going to try to get to last nights dose of BS!

jmsjoin said...

I am not a doom and gloomer but a realist and as you know, you are right on with all of it! I am going to send you the video weaseldog sent me as it falls right in with what we have discussed and it will become a neessity though I don't think he realizes it yet. He should be in good shape. Hold on I will E it to you before I get busy!

jmsjoin said...

I am sure there are huge reserves in the Himalaya's but knowing the dire future the world faces and the lack of fresh water I believe securing their supply is their main issue.
I will be watching the Olympics though they have lost their lustre in recent years. I will be watching waiting for something to happen as I fully expect it.

Dave Dubya said...

Did you see who's hosting McCain in London? Here's a look at who he's "embedded" with.

-New York Times Saturday, March 15, 2008;
Sen. John McCain plans at least one campaign event on his week-long congressional trip to Europe and the Middle East: a March 20 fundraiser in London. An invitation sent out by the campaign says the luncheon will be held at Spencer House, St. James's Place, "by kind permission of Lord Rothschild OM GBE and the Hon Nathaniel Rothschild." Tickets to the invitation-only event cost $1,000 to $2,300.-

Kinda scary. His "foreign policy tour" will get all kinds of sycophantic media coverage.

I'm afraid the corporatocracy has made its choice.

jmsjoin said...

Damn Dave!
That's timely, thanks! I am right now putting something together that I am afraid it is a foregone conclusion that Mccain will take this mess over. What the Frig does that tell you?
I wanted to discuss the Bush designed financial collapse but a comment I think was to tc and then seeing that Chenney and Mccain were both in Baghdad made me realize I was right and we are screwed as this so called election is another setup.
It sickens me that the truth is merely dismissed as conspiracy theory but it always becomes a reality. Sonofabitch!

PoliShifter said...

America tortures, China tortures

America invades and occupies sovereign nations, so does China.

Is there a difference between the two?

Also, we are dependent on China for trade, that is we have a MASSIVE trade deficit with them.

Not to mention they hold a good chunk of our debt.

We don't have the position to sit and play high and mighty with China. If anything, our government has to actively work to bolster China's image just to help maintain our economic relationship with them.

Hence the Olympics...

jmsjoin said...

Of course you're right and when all is said and done there is no difference. The games just sicken me. I always thought we were but I now realizes we are no different to China or Russia and we are increasingly looking like the worst and the enemies of the world and the future.
I just got through posting on Bush's successor President McCain I'm friggen disgusted!

Weaseldog said...

The end of all of this is obvious. Depletion of our energy stores, means the collapse of nations.

This collapse can be mitigated. But during a collapse, a civilization nearly always does implements policies that are the opposite of those that will help them.

Essentially, as resources become increasingly scarce, civilizations work ever harder to increase their gluttony.

I am aware I think of the importance of what I am doing at home, for myself and as an example to others. I've been preaching to the choir for a time, that we're headed into an American Perestroika. Except that the Russians had it easier.

In my video, I didn't want to range too deep into truths that people aren't ready for. They are ready to garden at home and enjoy pollution free food. But if I start talking about Perestroika at this time, Only the choir will watch the videos. At this time, I'm trying to plant seeds, not harvest.

My next door neighbors is now excited about some almond trees I germinated from nuts bought at the store. So they plan to plant three of them. I'm keeping only one. Our secretary at work wants a few also.

All over my neighborhood, people are cutting down 40 year old pecan trees. We're going to miss them later.

jmsjoin said...

I think it is great that you can grow nut trees there. I wish I could. You have a great ready food source. It is disappointing hearing people cut them down. I envy you!
Most people don't have a clue how screwed up this is going to get. This is total collapse we are just beginning to experience. You will need your garden so congratulations. I am a survivalist and have all the tools I need to survive but we will see. You know, I have to try to keep what is getting ready to happen low key because people think I'm crazy. It is simply being a realist.Take care!