Sunday, April 27, 2008

Iran could be right: Afghanistan, Iraq, Southwest Asia, the rest of the world and our growing internal problems could prevent Iran attack!

First fair warning! Consider the source, not Iran, Bush! Even the jaded can not accuse him of engaging brain before acting. I hear daily from those I converse with and try to get to realize the facts and reality that they want to keep hoping for the best and that is as it should be. However you better hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Believe but verify! Be prepared or reality will hit you in the face!

For years now I have been writing the facts as to what is happening to our society. It is at the end of the normal cycle of life for a society. It is degrading and this process has been sped up exponentially by Bush's economic policies. I am sickened by the daily murder suicides , work place murders, mass school murders, suicide by cop, the resultant police brutality most recently exemplified by the killing of Sean Bell, taserings, Jena 6. This is not good and just beginning.

There are answers but aside from myself I have not heard them once and we will not! I have to tell you, what is happening in Chicago right now is just the absolute beginning of this breakdown process. While Bush's economy is going full steam ahead as your living costs and their stock market proves daily Our society is suffering and it is just beginning to show. It will not be turned around but will have to run its terrible course because society is not smart enough to eliminate the source "loss of morality" instead of trying to simply add more cops, more powerful weapons, and more prisons. that is all just adding to the inevitable showdown of the haves and the have not's that has been increased as never before by Bush!
This is just the first to begin: Chicago plans show of force to deter its killing season:
  • Story Highlights
  • SWAT teams, more patrols after 36 shootings killed nine last weekend
  • 20 public school students shot to death in past six months
  • Churches to open doors afternoons and evenings as safe havens
  • Mayor blasts gun industry, urges adults, parents to help troubled kids
We have had our problems right here in Boston but mass police armed with M-4's will not do the trick and neither will the churches as people get more desperate this will only multiply exponentially. Knowing what is happening here and what is about to happen in the middle east you have to believe those FEMA concentration camps are for us the disenfranchised in Bush's new societal order! Knowing Bush and his likely predecessor McCain Iran better rethink expecting common sense from our Government!
Iran says a U.S. attack is unlikely since Washington has been overwhelmed by its problems Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini says it is "unlikely" that U.S. forces embroiled in Iraq and Afghanistan would be able to invade a new country, adding it would have unpleasant consequences for the region and the world. Last week both Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused Iran of stepping up its military support for Iraqi militias and said that all military options to deal with the situation were on the table. Hosseini's remarks, which came at his weekly briefing Sunday, also ridiculed recent U.S. accusations of Iran supplying arms to Iraqi militias. Iran Says U.S. Attack Unlikely Due to Iraq, Afghanistan Problems


TomCat said...

Even the jaded can not accuse him of engaging brain before acting.

I disagree. Even the jaded are hard pressed to prove that he has a brain. :-)

an average patriot said...

Tom he's a disgrace and he thinks its friggen funny. Did you see the idiot at his last media meeting yesterday or whatever that was? What a damn fool!
I just got off the phone with the son who's supposed to be going to Iraq on the 30th and that carrier that just went belly up was their contractor so they are trying to find a way to get into combat in Iraq. Can you imagine?
I know you want to hope for the best but man are we screwed. Myself I am an optimistic realist. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Believe but verify. Anyway, take care! Man it just dawned on me when writing that, that my son Joe was due back on the 30th but I wonder now? Unbelievable!

Wally da Weasel said...

Don't stand in front of the fan. ;)

an average patriot said...

Hey Wally!
But I like the fan and the heat in the kitchen doesn't bother me. When the shi@ hits I'll be right in the middle!

Weaseldog said...

Transport for our troops is one of the issues that had me worried long ago.

It is one thing to get into the thick of battle, it is another to get out. If out military doesn't even own it's own transportation, then do they run the risk of being stranded in the ME when the war gets hot?

I originally worried that our troops would be cut off from their fuel supplies and unable to retreat. It never occurred to me that one of the most essential elements in combat, transportation, would become a means to help fat cats buy new yachts.

The Bush administrations love of privatizing critical military functions will put us at a disadvantage when the occupation becomes a hot war again.

I think that Iran is making the right moves. They must stand up to us, if they are going to keep the respect of their allies. Saddam rolled over, and gave us an opportunity to show the world what we do to nations that concede to our demands. Do as we say and we'll bomb you back into the stone age, and privatize your country, is our message.

North Korea showed the world that a real WMD program will force Bush to back down.

Like a playground bully, Bush only goes after those that he perceives are weak. He has people slaughtered in countries with a weak military because it pleases him.

Iraq was easy to invade. We had eyes on the ground reconnaissance. We had extensive records of all of Iraq's military facilities. We had bombed them for nine years.

Iran is going to be a harder target. Bush will have to time his attack carefully.

He needs all of the missiles and bomb dropping to occur while he is president, so the armchair warriors will cheer him. Then when the war is turning sour, he needs to be handing it off to the next president.

Then the media, can call him a war hero for slaughtering humans beings during the easy phases of the war. then the next president can deal with the nasty part of a war against a nation with a strong experienced military and formidable allies.

And who is the next president going to blame? China, Russia? Or will we be hit with Chinese shells and Russian rockets, while blaming Syria and Libya?

Then finally, how long before the violence follows our boys home?

an average patriot said...

I must admit that one son and I talk often about the negative affect privatization has on the military but I was caught off guard with the airline shutdown and the fact that our military is grounded because of it. What the hell is that?
You know, It is very confusing these mixed emotions we are experiencing especially having kids in this voluntarily being abused by Bush.
It is screwed up when you find yourself agreeing with the enemy or created or implied enemy whatever you call it.
You are right the scum Bush will get this started and drop it in someone elses lap. I was just ging through the news and thinking about what had to be discussed and I don't know where it came from or how I got it but I opened up this link on Revolution? and I may discuss that I don't know yet!

Weaseldog said...

And how can an airline funded by outrageously lucrative no bid contracts, go belly up?

I smell a rat.

an average patriot said...

I'll be a son of a bitch! I am still working on something but I keep thinking about our conversation about this and I came up top the same conclusion.
I was thinking that any day the Government will bail them out so they can keep ferrying the troops! Thinking of that it seems a ploy that has worked many times in this mis-Administration so you have to wonder about the connections!
It seems like you blow money irresponsibly claim insolvency and you just get bailed out. Meanwhile average Americans are left to their own demise. What a friggen mess!