Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Today's examples of Bush ignoring our Laws as he wants and ignores the world in his endeavor to control everything!

Why does the world view us more positively? Bush just proved he is still the brain dead Decider thanking Romania for their 600 Iranian troops in Iraq!
Man! I was going to show the latest of Bush dispelling us and the world as he is the sole decider and does what he wants! But, knowing that I was very surprised to see that the world views us more favorably
I woke up this morning and everything was about the chief idiot discounting us and the world and circumventing the law whenever he feels like it! While he is backing the world into a corner that will lead to WW3 he continues to use the worn out excuse of fighting terrorism so he can take control of the world saying Trust me as he has proven he can not be trusted. I have to laugh because while thanking Romania for helping him in Iraq he thanked them for their 600 Iranian troops.

Bush said NATO allies need to recognize the seriousness of the anti-Taliban mission in Afghanistan and step up with more troops for the fight. He said the United States expects NATO member nations to "shoulder the burden necessary to succeed" in Afghanistan. The president welcomes announcements by some countries, including France, to provide additional troops. But he delicately is stepping around the request by the U.S. and others that nations relax rules that are keeping their troops from Afghanistan's most dangerous areas. Bush is making clear that more must be done.

He spoke alongside Romanian President Traian Basescu at a news conference Wednesday along a wind-whipped Black Sea beach, part of the presidential retreat in Neptun. Bush also renewed urgent calls Wednesday for NATO nations to allow Ukraine and Georgia to start the admission process into the alliance over Russian objections, and to counter Usama bin Laden's latest threats to Europe by stepping up their efforts in Afghanistan. Hoping to set the stage for a summit of leaders from the trans-Atlantic alliance here this week, Bush also said he remained committed to building a U.S. missile defense system in Europe fiercely opposed by Moscow, and that Washington would not endanger Iraq with precipitous U.S. troop withdrawals. On missile defense, Bush said the plans to base the shield in NATO members Poland and the Czech Republic were critical to defending against threats posed by rogue nations like Iran. He said U.S. intelligence shows that, "with continued foreign assistance," Iran could test an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the U.S. and all of Europe "if it should choose to do so."

"The need for missile defense in Europe is real, and in my opinion, it is urgent," he said. "Today, we have no way to defend Europe against such an emerging threat, so we must deploy ballistic missile defenses that can help protect," he said.Bush will meet twice this week with outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow has cast doubt on the need for missile defense, but also has suggested that the U.S. should cooperate with Russia if it intends to proceed on a shield. Last summer, Putin proposed that the U.S. jointly use an early warning radar in Azerbaijan instead of a system based in Central Europe.Bush was complimentary of Putin's suggestions and expressed willingness to incorporate some. But even as he sought to ally Russian concerns, he suggested he would not abandon the core U.S. plan. "We believe these sites could be included as part of a wider threat monitoring system that could lead to an unprecedented level of strategic cooperation between Russia and the NATO alliance," the president said. "The missile defense capabilities we are developing are not designed to defend against Russia — just as the new NATO we are building is not designed to defend against Russia." Russia will fight this right to WW3
* Bush is an idiot but is fooling no one as his goal is to get as many countries on his side when his forever war does break out. The MDS is serving its main purpose of goading Russia into this war. On the home front as Bush controls us as he implements his mess The U.S. intelligence community sent its latest assessment of the situation in Iraq to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, according to congressional sources, but the findings will likely stay secret.
Iraq findings a friggen secret, what the hell is that?
* That blows me away! I refuse to believe the idiot can just do what he wants and ignore accountability to we the people. Worse! The Pentagon Tuesday made public a now-defunct legal memo that approved the use of harsh interrogation techniques against terror suspects, saying President Bush's wartime authority trumps any international ban on torture. The Justice Department memo, dated March 14, 2003, outlines legal justification for military interrogators to use harsh tactics against al Qaeda and Taliban detainees overseas -- so long as they did not specifically intend to torture their captives. Even so, the memo noted, the president's wartime power as commander in chief would not be limited by the U.N. treaties against torture. "Our previous opinions make clear that customary international law is not federal law and that the president is free to override it at his discretion," said the memo written by John Yoo, who was then deputy assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel. Bush's power trumps law

* Knowing that and the fact that, that worthless fence on a small part of the Mexican Border is another underhanded, corruptive, boondoggle we find that Bush can simply waive any laws in his way! The Department of Homeland Security will bypass environmental and land-management laws to build hundreds of miles of border fence between the United States and Mexico, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Tuesday.

"These waivers will enable important security projects to keep moving forward." Chertoff cited a congressional requirement that 361 miles of fence be completed by the end of the year. He also pointed out that Congress had given him the authority to bypass laws. But the executive director of the Sierra Club, an environmental group, said the move "threatens the livelihoods and ecology of the entire U.S.-Mexico border region." "Secretary Chertoff chose to bypass stakeholders and push through this unpopular project on April Fools' Day. We don't think the destruction of the borderlands region is a laughing matter," said Carl Pope. The Sierra Club says the waivers will affect a range of federally protected lands, including national parks, monuments, wildlife refuges, forests and wilderness areas.

The Sierra Club says the waivers themselves are unconstitutional and has asked the Supreme Court to rule on the question. This is the fourth set of waivers issued by the department, and is the most sweeping. Chertoff's orders Tuesday affect two areas. First, the department proposes to place fencing, towers, sensors, cameras, detection equipment and roads along a 470-mile stretch of the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Second, it plans to integrate a concrete wall into proposed levee reinforcements along a 22-mile section of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County, Texas. The department said it is committed to working in an environmentally sensitive manner and cooperating with resource agencies so it does as little damage as possible. Laws to be waived for 360 mile fence on a 470 mile border

** A 360 mile fence on a 470 mile border yeah that's security. They'll just walk around the boondoggle. I am sick of watching the Decider belittle us and the world as he endeavors to control us and implement his new societal and world order! You know where this is all headed. I have to wonder if that fence is to keep us in as we believe those FEMA concentration camps are for us the real enemy of this so called new order? this is all coming to a head and quick as Bush is speeding things up in his rush to get things done. Will we have a Democratic president? Will they be able to turn Bush's damage around? can they rescind his laws and override ant laws or treaties he has made in forming his new order? Will we ever get out from underneath his negative influence?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Dave Dubya said...

The sadistic "Torture Memo" lawyer John Woo might benefit from a dose his own medicine. Perhaps then he wouldn't have endangered Americans in captivity with his illegal and immoral lust for torture.

If there were any justice, Yoo would deserve to, in his own words, “... experience intense pain or suffering of the kind that is equivalent to the pain that would be associated with serious physical injury so severe that death, organ failure or permanent damage resulting in a loss of significant body functions will likely result.”

If it's OK for others, then it's OK for him, in order to, "protect the nation from attack."

enigma4ever said...

I think we should Gitmo open- for the War Criminals- if you catch my drift....but Yoo is indeed a fine architect of a disaster...these people are unreal....

horrendous...and WHY is the Media NOT covering this???
oh never mind...

thanks for always leaving nice comments over at Watergate.....thank you.....

Karen said...

Yoo is an idiot!

Regarding your sons, take comfort to know your sons have a wonderful role model for a Dad.

an average patriot said...

I agree and they do not care what they have opened up for our kids but I do. These fools think as always that they can do what they want but no one else can.

an average patriot said...

I agree and wouldn't that be justice if they ended up there? There would be no shortage of volunteers to guard them.
You are welcome on the comments and you being you deserve nothing less. Hope all is well with you and 6.6

an average patriot said...

That's funny but whenever I see Yoo I think someone is talking about me.
Thanks Karen, I raised four men and they are good men. I trust them to lead in any situation but those IED's scare the hell out of me and would much prefer myself in the lead though I am not EOD as Jim is. Today is his 27th birthday. Gee! Joe returns on the 30th his birthday!

PoliShifter said...

Thanks to that link to the McCain cartoon by Fiore Jim. It was tragically funny. I found another by him called Torturer in Chief by Fiore on YouTube that I published today that goes to this point.

Thanks for helping spread the word on McCain. I've noticed you've been linking me in the blogosphere. Unfortunately that post on McCain isn't at the top any more so hopefully people will make their way to it.

Otherwise, here is the permalink:

John McCain is no Patriot

an average patriot said...

Thanks for that Polishifter. I sent the link to your post to everyone possible. I even sent it to the relentless liberal. I hope you got a lot of activity on that.
I will continue to try and alert people but you know, people like the 90 year old relentless liberal have to stop saying we have been here before because we have not and they are the moneyed Politically affluent.
I spend a lot of time trying to get them to realize normal grass roots activism isn't going to do it.


Obeying the law is not voluntary, it is mandatory, and Secretary Chertoff cannot legitimately claim to be sweeping aside a host of laws on the border in defense of immigration laws. In a nation of laws all laws must be respected, not just those that are convenient.

Equal protection under the law is meant to be a fundamental right shared by every American, but the Real ID Act makes the legal rights of citizens who live near the border conditional on Secretary Chertoff’s whims. Section 102 of the Real ID Act of 2005 states, “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall have the authority to waive all legal requirements such Secretary, in such Secretary’s sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the barriers and roads under this section.” No one else is granted this extreme power under any circumstance. The President cannot waive our nation’s laws even in times of national crisis, and Secretary Chertoff cannot waive the laws that protect citizens who live away from the border. Only border residents may have their legal protections waived.

The only reason for Secretary Chertoff to waive these laws is because he knows that construction of the border wall will break them. In announcing the Real ID Act waivers Secretary Chertoff said, "Criminal activity at the border does not stop for endless debate or protracted litigation." The waivers are an admission that the border wall will itself violate these 36 federal laws, making construction of the wall a criminal act. If Chertoff is genuinely concerned with criminal activity he should ensure that the agency that he oversees complies with the law. Instead, by setting these 36 federal laws aside, Secretary Chertoff sets himself above the law.

an average patriot said...

No Border Wall
That wall is one of the stupidest things I ever heard. It is another way to steal our money while again showing a facade of concern while doing absolutely nothing as usual!
We have found out the hard way that our laws are for us not Bushco. Bush is the decider and can do what he wants. His enablers of which include Chertoff and the AG can set aside and ignore any law they want in Bush's name. They should all pay for their destruction of Our America.