Monday, April 28, 2008

We need Obama but he is sunk, McCain is our next President and the complicit media will again do the Rights war mongering bidding!

I had so much conflicting information this morning I had no idea which direction to go in in fact I still don't. I am still blown away thinking that one of my sons was due home in 2 days and one was scheduled to be in Iraq but the civilian airlines scheduled to move their units just went belly up. What the hell is that? Anyway you know I believe we are in trouble if we do not get Obama elected. Having said that after hearing Reverend Wright this morning trying to explain himself I can only shake my head because I do agree with him and I have to hope it is not his real intention but he has sunk Obama!

In a defiant appearance before the Washington media, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said Monday that criticism surrounding his fiery sermons is an attack on the black church and rejected those who have labeled him unpatriotic. "I served six years in the military," Barack Obama's longtime pastor said. "Does that make me patriotic? How many years did (Vice President Dick) Cheney serve?" Wright spoke at the National Press Club before the Washington media and a supportive audience of black church leaders beginning a two-day symposium. He said the black church tradition is not bombastic or controversial, but different and misunderstood by the "dominant culture" in the United States.

He said his Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago has a long history of liberating the oppressed by feeding the hungry, supporting recovery for the addicted and helping senior citizens in need. He said congregants have fought in the military, including in Afghanistan and Iraq. "My goddaughter's unit just arrived in Iraq this week while those who call me unpatriotic have used their positions of privilege to avoid military service while sending over 4,000 American boys and girls to die over a lie," he said.

Wright said he hopes the controversy will have a positive outcome and spark an honest dialogue about race in America. Wright says black church traditions are still "invisible" to many Americans, as they have been throughout the country's history. He said he hopes "the most recent attack on the black church — it is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright — it's an attack on the black church," he said to applause, "just might mean that the reality of the African-American church will no longer be invisible. Wright doesn't have a clue, please read and discuss

* Wright is wrong! He has sunk Obama and guaranteed President McCain who will follow Bush new order agenda in America the middle east, and around the world to all our demise. The complicit Media will see to it once again. The following story is so telling I find it necessary to reprint it almost in its entirety! Read More: Abc, Barry McCaffrey, Cbs, Cnn, Eason Jordan, Fox, Frank Sesno, Iraq War, Msnbc, Nbc, Pentagon, Pentagon Analysts, Pentagon Propaganda, Phil Donahue, Ramsey Clark, Scott Ritter, Breaking Media News. Jeff Cohen: In the fall of 2002, week after week, I argued vigorously against invading Iraq in debates televised on MSNBC. I used every possible argument that might sway mainstream viewers -- no real threat, cost, instability. But as the war neared, my debates were terminated.

There was no room for me after MSNBC launched Countdown: Iraq -- a daily one-hour show that seemed more keen on glamorizing a potential war than scrutinizing or debating it. Countdown: Iraq featured retired colonels and generals, sometimes resembling boys with war toys as they used props, maps and glitzy graphics to spin invasion scenarios. They reminded me of pumped-up ex-football players doing pre-game analysis and diagramming plays. It was excruciating to be sidelined at MSNBC, watching so many non-debates in which myth and misinformation were served up unchallenged.
It was bad enough to be silenced. Much worse to see that these ex-generals -- many working for military corporations -- were never in debates, nor asked a tough question by an anchor.

(I wasn't allowed on MSNBC unless balanced by at least one truculent right-winger.) Except for the brazenness and scope of the Pentagon spin program, I wasn't shocked by the recent New York Times report exposing how the Pentagon junketed and coached the retired military brass into being "message-force multipliers" and "surrogates" for Donald Rumsfeld's lethal propaganda. The biggest villain here is not Rumsfeld or the Pentagon. It's the TV networks. In the land of the First Amendment, it was their choice to shut down debate and journalism. No government agency forced MSNBC to repeatedly feature the hawkish generals unopposed. Or fire Phil Donahue. Or smear weapons expert Scott Ritter. Or blacklist former attorney general Ramsey Clark. It was top NBC/MSNBC execs, not the Feds, who imposed a quota system on the Donahue staff requiring two pro-war guests if we booked one anti-war advocate -- affirmative action for hawks.

I'm all for a Congressional investigation into the Pentagon's Iraq propaganda operation -- which included an active-duty general exhorting ex-military-turned-paid-pundits that "the strategic target remains our population." But I'm also for keeping the focus and onus on CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, even NPR - who were partners in the Pentagon's mission of "information dominance." And for us to see that American TV news remains so corrupt today that it has hardly mentioned the Times story on the Pentagon's pundits, which was based on 8,000 pages of internal Pentagon documents acquired by a successful Times lawsuit. It's important to remember that at the same time corporate TV outlets voluntarily abandoned journalistic ethics in the run-up to Iraq, independent media boomed in audience by making totally different journalistic choices. Programs like Democracy Now! featured genuine experts on Iraq who -- what a shock! -- got the facts right. Independent blogs and websites, propelled by war skepticism, began to soar.
As for the major TV networks, they were not hoodwinked by a Pentagon propaganda scheme. They were willingly complicit, and have been for decades. As FAIR's director, I began questioning top news executives years ago about their over-reliance on non-debate segments featuring former military brass.

Wright doesn't have a clue, please read and discuss">Please read on it gets worse
I do not see how we are going to put an end to this complicity. The MSM will now sink Obama, get McCain elected, see that this war mongering agenda is continued, and all to the demise of average Americans and the world. How are we going to put an end to this?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Karen said...

I don't believe Rev. Wright sunk Barack. If anything, it makes it look like Barack and Rev. Wright are at odds with each other which I'm sure they are.

Barack has said more than once he wasn't in church when Wright made a lot of those controversial sermons. I just don't see this having an impact.

btw, Rev. Wright is right on everything he said!

an average patriot said...

I happen to agree with Wright and you but as a Politician you have to instantly insulate yourself from any controversy. Under normal conditions I would agree with you as to Wright not harming Barack. These are not normal conditions. MSM is complicit and will see to it that Barack is done, Hillary is nominated and defeated, and McCain is elected to continue this nightmare!

Weaseldog said...

Right. The media's role in this, is to create the perception that the race going to Hillary and then McCain.

Then even when the exit polls differ radically from the vote tallied by the hackable computers, the public will accept the official verdict.

After all, hasn't the media been telling us that the polls show McCain leading by a small margin?

Minnesotablue said...

It is beyond my comprehension! The media will continue to harp about Wright but barely acknowledge McCains "pastor" problem. He solicitated the endorsement of the far right pastor who believes Catholics and homosexuals are the scum of the earth. How can this be happening other than complicity by the media. Course McCain has always been the darling of the media.
As for the generals they are covering their own asses. I can't even watch them pandering t
o the Bush administration.
I just started reading Obamss book "Dreams of my Father" and although I have only read the first chapter, I am impressed. by his eloquency and compassion. And the right wing and Hillary dub him as an elitist? These damn Democrats need to get more of a backbone and really start hitting back hard!
I hope you hear something on your sons, it must be difficult.

an average patriot said...

Just watch! This so called election is already a done deal and to our demise. McCain has already been chosen to follow Bush's world mis-agenda and the complicit media will see to it. This really stinks!

an average patriot said...

I told you Minnesota! McCain is already the chosen one. MSM will ignore all his inequities. They will focus on Obama's and sinking the Democratic party while keeping this facade of a Democracy and free elections going. The alternatives to another stolen election are even worse. This is really terrible.
Obama is no elitist! He is great so he does not stand a chance. It is pretty bad when elitist the likes of McCain and Clinton get away with painting Obama as one!
I will never understand it but Dems will never get the backbone they need. they appear to be what we called as kids, tits on a bull, worthless! Until they grow some and learn how to defeat the Repub disinformation juggernaut we do not have a chance!

TomCat said...

I wouldn't agree that Wright has sunk Obama, but he's sure damaging him.

an average patriot said...

I was just listening to Obama discuss what Wright did to him yesterday. He is right Wright seems to have purposely hurt him and contradicted everything he stands for. Why personal gain? it should be dead but the msm will make sure it does not die as will McCain and Repubs this fall. They will keep going with this until they go against Hillary and defeat her.

Crazy Politico said...

The media has nothing to do with the sinking of Obama. He's done this to himself by being ignorant of the true nature of his "spiritual guide". Or, worse, just figured that it would all stay quiet since he'd been anointed "the chocolate jesus" by the media for the last 10 months.

The last few days have proven that, unlike his asserations in Philly last month, Wright is a nut case, not someone being "taken out of context". That means that Obama has probably spent twenty years listening to Wrights hate filled, crazy speech, and figured we were all too dumb to find out about it.

And, I hope Wright does take him down. I can't afford the tax hike to pay for everyone else's "free stuff". I figure the $15,000 a year I already give uncle Sam is plenty.

an average patriot said...

crazy politico
That name definitely applies! Obama made the mistake of thinking he could remain civil and in the lie dog eat dog environment Bush and Rove established that is impossible and now he knows it. MSM are in the pockets of the Right and will keep all Dem problems highlighted so McCain can get in and keep this underhanded illicit environment going.
If you were smart you would pray that Obama gets elected and puts an end to this facade and house of cards Bush purposely created.
A couple of my sons are lifers. One on his way home today I think another is due in Iraq tomorrow if they can get a flight because the chief idiot starts as much war as he can, borrows the money from China putting the debt on the shoulders of those kids fighting for the scum while giving the wealthy back their taxes, and we can not fight or fly to combat without civilians.
Anyway the airline scheduled to fly them in and out of combat went belly up so they are stuck right now.
Anyway smarten up! No one wants to raise taxes but they do want to stop giving the rich back their contributions while the country is sinking.
Engage brain for a minute and you will realize these war are just starting as is the breakdown of our society egged on by Bush and McCain promises to continue, and if we do not get Obama in to act like our America matters this is all a done deal thanks to "Crazy Politicos" and this new (dis)order agenda. Anyway believe it or not it is a pleasure hearing from you. Stay in touch!

Crazy Politico said...

Considering that the portion of total taxes paid by the rich have gone UP in the last 7 years, not down. I'd say we are probably taking enough from them (me, kind of).

Take the time to download the IRS data files and do the math, and you'll know that contrary to Barack and NPR, it's the truth.

The "Bush Rove" mean politics thing is a bunch of crap, both side play dirty, the left with the money of Soros and Hollywood, and unions the right with corporate cash. Get over it, it's way the game goes.

Obama is nothing but a standard Chicago politicans, who's done nothing of consequence in public or private life, who thought that he'd get a pass on his whacky reverend, and is now paying for it.

He was put in office in Illinois by the Emil Jones Cabal, and did nothing there, and only got elected to the Senate because the media sued open a better opponents divorce records. He's done nothing in the Senate, other than make sure he doesn't have any controversial votes to explain.

He's not ready for prime time, and is going to go down like Rosie O'Donnel at the noon buffet if he makes it to November.

an average patriot said...

Not being willing to play pee games I would only say listen to Warren Buffet! Also have you ever read Mike Whitney's second Great Depression as to how Bush set this financial nightmare up purposely and this is just the absolute tip of the iceberg!

an average patriot said...

It just dawned on me that taxes paid by the rich may have gone up but that is not indicative of increased taxes, Quite the contrary, but the increase in created millionaires. The rich and the poor are purposely growing as a small part of the creation of this new societal order. You can find it on my web site An Average Patriot under Bush uncovered/ A Doctrine of Fact!

Crazy Politico said...

Yup, it's all a game to get us all broke. Why, that's probably why Clinton orchestrated the great "" bubble of the 1990's, right?

Unfortunately, most of Whitney's theories aren't holding true. I'd suggest instead of rags like Counterpunch you check out Forbes, Barrons, etc.

For instance, then you'd find that prices are going up in the Northeast, and are fairly stable in the major midwest markets.The US Housing numbers are skewed by the speculator losses in California, Nevada, Flordia and Arizona. Take those four states out and housing price drops are about 1/4 what gets reported on the news every night.

As far as the tax thing, again, look at the numbers from the IRS, instead of CounterPunch. What you find is that Bush's tax cuts took about 20 million lower income people off the tax rolls. That alone skewed the numbers. And, you are wrong, $$ wise the rich are paying more, not as a percentage of their income (though they didn't get as big a break as lower middle class) but in total numbers.

You theories also don't explain how (federal) revenue has gone UP, when it should be going down, at least according you.

an average patriot said...

I have to check out your Blog because for some reason you seem familiar. Anyway I am a farmer by vocation but an ex Accountant that spent my share of days reading the WSJ, Forbes, Barrons, etc. I do not read Counter Punch or anything else religiously. If it is on target I will go with it regardless of the source or Country. After 9/11 I started writing as to the truth behind everything because we never hear it and never will because lying has become the new truth and it comes right from the top!