Thursday, April 24, 2008

R.E.M. It's the end of the world as we know it! Relax but be prepared for the future!

While I watched the first plane hit the twin towers I started singing R.E.M.'s It's the end of the world as we know it!
I knew that was no coincidence! as I sat in front of the TV and watched the next plane hit. when the hero's brought the next plane down I was wondering what is next and immediately started singing to myself it's the end of the world as we know it. That was a given! However Bush and MSM's first response was the "terrorists" will never change the way we live! Remember? I knew that was an irresponsible statement as usual and nothing would ever be the same again. Of course as time went by the Government, MSM, and everyone, realizes that everything has changed and not just because of so called terrorism. By and large I blame the vast majority of it on Bush because of what he has done to us and around the world under the guise of fighting terrorism and playing the witless victim while all along being the instigator.

Witless the entire world can believe but more of that shortly. I have been trying to alert people to Bush since before he was elected and to no avail. for more than 35 years I have been trying to get people to realize not only that the environment was changing but that our society was going the way of the Roman Empire. I must admit I never foresaw that a US President would be purposely leading the way and bringing the entire world with us. Every day our situation becomes more obvious. We have some here in our circle of Bloggers who want to believe everything will be okay and I respect that and try to keep reality on my own site. one can be hopeful and keep trying to make a difference but you must be real. in College Psych I tested out as a realistic Optimist or an optimistic Realist if you will!

Having said that! Of late the price of oil has sky rocketed having gone up $90 per barrel since Bush got in and started his war mongering. Also in his creation of our new dual economy society he has enriched the wealthy to the tune of Billions while worsening the plight of average Americans many of which are losing their homes, health insurance, and savings while the stock market keeps rising proving that there are two economies despite denials. To top it off the entire countries infrastructure is failing and nothing is being done. Not just Katrina, California's wild fires, Minneapolis's Bridge catastrophe, absolutely every single episode Bush says how much he cares and the Government will be there to help while they do nothing and all would be lost if it were not for volunteers and average Americans coming together!

Anyway with everything else you have the entire world having problems with militaristic leaders and a clamping down on whoever is against the designs of the Government however ill they are under the guise of fighting terrorism and sadly that includes us as the world takes sides and prepares for the next world war poor Bush is instigating while playing the poor victim! While we are living in this facade of a Democracy watching this facade of an election we watch developing water wars and food wars around the world. It is just beginning to hit home! As we watch gas climb towards $4 per gallon It has affected the way average Americans live. It is now determining if and where they go for vacation. What they will eat, If they can even take a frivolous trip, absolutely every aspect of their life as it has for many years for Europe and much of the world while the second economy that Bush says does not exist is doing well and will never have to do without. this will only lead to future mayhem and division here in America and it gives me angst for our situation in the future knowing we can be imprisoned and totally controlled if we are perceived as being a danger to the Government! I hear of rice rationing but do not see it as a problem yet but this is just beginning. It will get much worse soon.

The entire situation will ramp up I expect this fall before we can have this facade of an election! As you know, I believe Bush attacked Iraq so he could get into the middle east with the goal of going after Syria and Iran. Both are coming soon! the excuse to be able to attack Iran as we know is on going and has been ramped up of late in an effort to accuse Iran of fueling the problems bush created in Iraq. We found out yesterday that General Petraeus will take over for Fallon as CentCom Commander this September. His installation is the key to when Iran will be attacked. Now today we are hearing about the efforts to link Syria to nuclear designs too!

Members of Congress will learn during closed-door briefings Thursday about North Korea's possible role in building a suspected nuclear facility in Syria, according to a source familiar with internal administration discussions. U.S. intelligence officials will demonstrate that North Korea was helping Syria build the facility that Israeli warplanes bombed last year, the source said. The United States and Israel have refused to comment on the target of September airstrike. Some members of Congress have demanded to know what information the administration has about the incident.

Thursday's briefings to intelligence, foreign relations and armed services committees in both chambers of Congress are intended to show that the building hit was a North Korean-designed reactor being built with assistance from Pyongyang, the source said. It is less clear whether North Korea had provided or was about to provide essential fuel components to Syria, according to the source. The evidence includes pre-attack images taken inside the reactor building, which closely resembles the one at the Yongbyon nuclear center in North Korea, according to David Albright and Paul Brannan of the Institute for Science and International Security.

It is believed that the video was shot by Israeli intelligence or a mole for the Israelis, the source close to the administration said. However, there was no evidence that North Korea was supplying fuel for the reactor, Albright and Brannon said in a statement on the ISIS Web site. "This type of reactor requires a large supply of uranium fuel," the statement read. "The lack of any identified source of this fuel raises questions about when the reactor could have operated, despite evidence that it was nearing completion at the time of the attack." Syria's ambassador to the United States criticized the planned briefings. "This will be a ridiculous and pathetic charade," Imad Moustafa told CNN, adding that Syria has never had any nuclear project. "All the accusations are absurd and preposterous," he said. Briefings to focus on possible North Korea-Syria nuclear link

It is very concerning knowing the lies Bush used to justify starting a war with Iraq and that it was done so he could get our military into the middle east with the ultimate goal of helping Israel create a new middle east order while starting a war with Syria and Iran. This is going to ramp up quickly as Bush is running out of time. It will lead to world war and fuel and food shortages we have not seen for years and who knows what else. I merely advise you to look at everything that is happening here and around the world and put it all together as a whole and just be prepared for what may come!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Anonymous said...

any preparation suggestions? should I hoard food? stock up on drugs? pay off my house? buy farm land on credit? stash cash in a mattress? sink my money in guns and ammo? move to Canada? plant a garden? sell a car? I feel cheated. I did not borrow excessively on my house, I have no credit card debt, I've put 50% of my income away for a year and a half, resisted the urge to "keep up" with my peers and yet all of that may be wiped away when a major economic crash pushes the whole of the "middle class" to an equal level of poverty. All I want (all that anyone should need) is a house, medical care and food for my family. What is wrong with the world?

an average patriot said...

new mom
Your desires are admirable. That is where I am and want to be. No debt period. House and care paid for. Being trained my entire life I can 100% take care of myself. It is rapidly coming to that all kidding aside.
35 years ago people laughed at me but they are not laughing anymore. I did a couple posts recently on making your own potable water if you have to amongst other things. If you are serious i can point you to others around here or [point you to survivalists.
just one note, most think Bush has done everything because of ineptitude that is only part of it as he can call all of this including what he has done to us success as he has done it all on purpose while following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction to emplace his new order. It is on my web site

Anonymous said...

Oh I am very serious. I have studied self sufficiency, checked out several books on the great depression, bought a hunting rifle, studied the Amish, learned to cook and prepare staple foods from scratch. Any advice is appreciated. I've been told I am just freaking out because this is my first recession as a homeowner and a mom, but from what I'm learning it seems like there are too many cards stacking up on this one. I'm only 23 and my experience in farming and such is very limited. I've only read a few of your posts so I will take some time to read through the rest of your website this evening.

PoliShifter said...

My faith in the American People is waning.

In the past it has taken severe crisis to shake people out of their little realities.

Unfortunately I think the same is true today.

I think it will take $10/gallon gas and $10/gallon milk, food rationing, and 30% unemployment for people to really start getting motivated enough to turn off American Idol, put down the beer, put down the potato chips, get off the fucking couch, and do something.

When the kids can't afford to buy a PS3 or Wii and can't afford the hip new games then maybe they will protest.

Until then, everyone seems content to go along to get along so long as 'I got mine' no one gives a fuck.

It could very well be our doom as the window of time we have to turn things around is narrowing.

We should have continued our path off oil first set out by Jimmy Carter but abandoned by Reagan.

If we had Al Gore as President in 2000 we'd be a lot further along. Bush set us back decades and sadly it may be too late.

Food shortgages and oil crisis is hitting as we speak.

an average patriot said...

new mom
I was just on your place but I wasn't invited or something. I have done more than a few posts on the second and greatest depression. This is just beginning and the chief idiot says it is only a slow down.
I can link you to death but I just posted on this 2 or 3 days ago. I have trained in all of this my entire life and believe my saying this would happen is what drove my wife away from me.
Anyway I went to an Agricultural high school majored in Agriculture, poultry as my major, butchered all wildlife especially on Thanksgiving and other Holidays. Use to go around the county to teach people, worked and managed many farms too. Always grew and wintered my own food.
You would be amazed at what you can eat. I could close your eyes and you could not tell the difference between milkweed and asparagus. You can eat acorns too if you leach out the tanic acid. You'd be amazed. I am starting to work on my neighbors but most think I'm crazy, I told me neighbor I had designs on her pool as a source for drinking water. Stay in touch I would love to talk!

an average patriot said...

It is just beginning Bud and will very quickly get a hell of a lot worse, Bush is getting closer to finding an excuse to attach Iran and Syria. It will be before elections and then get much worse. You know I have posted often on $5 gas and it is coming quick. I just reposted on that a few days ago too. Again I will only say your friend was dead right and worse!

Larry said...

The wealthiest nation in the world has begun to ration certain foods which is only the beginning.

Major airlines merging and still ridden with massive debt, foreclosures and bankruptcies at an all time high.

Very few in America will be able to handle the Modern Day Depression that is vastly approaching.

"This is the End of the World as we Know It."

an average patriot said...

Larry Bud!
You know how I feel and I agree! As you know, Bush purposely set this all up! I will be prepared and this little corner of Mass. will be alright. I was working on it last night. we have everything we need right here and I will organize things. There is a different role for golf courses, community colleges, and town Governments. No problem! We have been right on target for years! I have to get together with Anok!

Weaseldog said...

New Mommy, I'm 45 and this time is different.

Our government has dismantled every protecting implemented to prevent another Great Depression and our financial industry has promptly begun making all of the same mistakes again, but at stratospherically new levels.

Now add to that Peak Oil, Peak Gas, Peak Coal, Peak Uranium, Peak Water, and now Peak Food, and we have a disaster that is beyond biblical proportions.

And while the world runs out of resources to consume, our population keeps growing.

As you think on preparations, think Perestroika. Read up on it.

And may I suggest that you invest in some basic canning supplies and learn to can your own foods?

And if you have a yard, this is a good time to start learning to garden. I recommend pole beans, peppers and zucchini squash as good beginner veggies. When your crop comes in, you can experience the pride and joy of canning vegetables that you grew yourself.

In your garden, try your hand also at the herbs, rosemary, oregano, thyme and dill.

Dave Dubya said...

Have you seen the latest news about the all new improved "Gulf Of Tonkin" incident?

Seems a "contractor" military supply ship has fired on an Iranian boat.

Here we go again.

Brother Tim said...

To a man in Mass., rice shortages may seem like no big thing; but to an old Louisiana man, rice is a key ingredient to most every meal... including breakfast.

an average patriot said...

wease you're all right, thanks! I tried to comment on her site to converse on it but you have to be invited I guess. I hope she gets this. I am right now doing an update on this as it gets closer every friggen day! Moving quick! Stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

Dave I didn't see that. They are getting there. It is getting closer as Bush runs out of time and the excuse will be found. I am right now trying to do an update because of the latest! IAEA wants to know why Bush didn't tell them about Syria. I'll tell ya, the timing wasn't right. The lying shits!

an average patriot said...

Brother you gotta be kidding me, rice for breakfast? It is a big deal though just for what it signifies and it will quickly get a hell of a lot worse when Bush attacks Syria and Iran!

Anonymous said...

Yes I am checking back here. My site just has pictures of the baby for my grandma and someone made fun of him so I made it invite only. I just switched it back to anybody since I'm sure the person who would make fun of a baby has forgotten about me.

Weaseldog said...

Rice dish of the day:
Dirty Rice

Anonymous said...

oh I almost forgot... I read your water post and had a few questions. If I were drinking only distilled water would I need to supplement for the minerals? And I am finding conflicting opinions on whether solar distilled water is safe due to bacteria, any thoughts?

an average patriot said...

new Mom!
I am so sorry! I just do not understand some people. My apologies. I have to tell you, I have found that weaseldog is the best suited beside myself to give advice on gardening. I have every tool you could possibly need for survival and would love to talk as I know wease would. Wease should be doing an update soon but he has an excellent on going video and discource going on permaculture,

Weaseldog said...

You get enough minerals from your food.

But if there is a little salt in the water, it actually enters the bloodstream quicker. It also eliminates some of the flat taste.

A teaspoon of sea salts (kosher) added to a gallon of water should be sufficient.

As to the solar still, it depends on the still and the water quality you started with. In natural water systems, the main problem comes from amoebas. These can cause dysentery and sometimes death. I've gotten it in Mexico, and it is a very unpleasant experience. But Mexicans drink the same water and don't get sick. Their immune systems have already seen the bug, and can knock it out.

a Solar still will work fine in eliminating amoebas. They hate sunlight and in ponds, hide under leaves and in the mud.

If you start with water that is suspected to already be infected with cholera or some other nasty water borne disease, then a solar still is probably unsafe. Such water should be boiled and filtered.

Consider all of the sources you see pets drinking from with no ill effects. At one time, our ancestors drank undistilled, untreated water and survived to have children. Early pioneers drank the water where they found it, filtered with cloth. You can watch old westerns to see the technique. They wadded up a rag over the end of a bottle or canteen and submersed it. The cloth filtered the mud, particulate matter and larger organisms out.

I now have a 250 gal fishpond and a 600 gal livestock trough in my backyard for water. I have fish in both to keep mosquitoes under control. I get an added bonus in dragonflies and other insect and amphibian predators that come to breed, and patrol my yard for insects.

And as I can see that the fish are healthy, I know that the water is generally safe to drink. My dogs drink out of it and have not become infected with parasites.

At this point we're really delving into emergency scenarios, that I don't expect to see for some time. But if a water main breaks, or we have another drought that pollutes the public water supply for a time, then I have something to fall back on. In the mean time, I rotate the water in the ponds by using it for watering plants, then refilling it from the tap when they are low.

an average patriot said...

New Mom
funny but I started checking out the info on distiled water and it is conflicting. It depends on what system you use. I wouldn't be concerned with the mineral supplements not being an expert. Just take you regular supplements if you take them.
I wouldn't worry about bacteria in Solar distilled myself either unless you kept it in the sun too long and let the water stand for a prolonged period without cooling it down..

an average patriot said...

wease you're a damn riot!
I just watched that video. What did I watch that for? That guy is a trip! Sounded okay except for the giblets. Feeds 20 people what the hell is that? Why would you cook for 4 hours? What the heck was that all about?

Weaseldog said...

I grew up watching Justin Wilson.

He's was quite a character, and a celebrity in Louisiana.

Many of the dishes that come from Louisiana can be fairly complicated. Justin was big on 'Rues', which is a mixture of flour, oils, vinegars and spices, boiled down to a sauce. This is used as a base for a lot of Cajun cooking.

Making the rue tends to be the most time consuming part.

A lot of stews and such require long cooking times to mix the flavors. I think you knew that.

As to twenty people... He cooked for whomever was there. He fed the audience that came to watch his show.

And foods with long cooking times, are harder to screw up on a wood stove. you have more time to correct mistakes, adjust the stove temperature, etc...

an average patriot said...

Oh okay! If it was me I would just mix everything quickly cook it a bit for the meat and spices and eat it. I didn't know we were on a wood stove. Thanks for advising new2 mom I wouldn't have thought of addressing as much as you did or Mexico. I hope things are not that drastic. I would use a sheet of plastic to gather dew. Rainwater, and my neighbors pool, soil to filter, who knows if we are talking nuclear fallout.
I just saw today that the problem in Alaska blew in from China and Russia. Oh man!

an average patriot said...

I forgot to mention in this post the fact that Bush is storing as much oil as he can even at these prices. It would be justified to believe he is doing it for his oil buddies but I believe it is in preparation for the upcoming attack and gumming up our oil supply!

Weaseldog said...

Justin wasn't using a wood stove for the show.

But all of the old timers I once knew, that cooked like him, knew their way around one.

My grandfather preferred a wood stove. I think he just enjoyed having something to cuss at.

I think Justin just carried over habits he learned as a child.

Weaseldog said...

The government is buying that oil from his friends and family. So their is a profit motive involved too.

Once the supermarket shelves start turning up empty, that oil will be needed by the military to keep domestic peace.

It seems though that every PNAC plan I read, has serious strategic problems in them. the idea that the US Military can be used as a domestic police force, has some problems. We can look to Iraq as an example. Recently the Iraqi army forgot to show up for an important battle in which they were to slaughter a lot of Iraqis. They ended up over sleeping, so the battle had to be called off.

Our own military will also become resistant to orders that will harm innocent Americans.

an average patriot said...

I enjoy cooking on a wood stove and the food myself though modern conveniences are preferable right now. Speaking of wood we have smoked our own bacon in the past too now that is tasty!

Weaseldog said...

My only personal experience with wood stoves came from getting them going, on cold winter mornings.

You've making my mouth water. I haven't had a real smoked ham, or smoked bacon in a long time.

an average patriot said...

All those plans are flawed as you know! It is not so much our military will let themselves be used on us it is the private security forces that concern me. My son in Iraq just called but I was out running errands and missed him.
One of his brothers who is a lifer and will be in Iraq next week tells me many lifers have had enough and they will rebel if Bush tries to use them on us because we have discussed that in the past.
The Iraqi military is a farce along with an Iraqi Democracy! Anyway I hear calls to open the reserves to reduce fuel prices but along with the ploy of lifting gas taxes temporarily I think it is just Political and to get elected. since this mis-Administration was allowed to happen nothing has been done right or for average Americans.

an average patriot said...

I'm getting hungry myself and thinking about getting the grill going soon. I haven't done it in years but I can butcher a pig if I had to but to smoke would have to build an outhouse looking smokehouse. We had a 50 gallon drum fixed with a little door with a pipe running to the smokehouse. I don't have the equipment for it today!