Friday, April 25, 2008

The worsening American and Global Food, Water, and fuel crisis will grow exponentially this fall when Bush attacks Iran and Syria!

U.N.: Soaring food prices 'global crisis' U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for immediate action to quell rising food costs. Ban said the U.N. and all members of the international community are very concerned, and immediate action is needed. He spoke to reporters at U.N. offices in Austria, where he was meeting with the nation's top leaders for talks on how the United Nations and European Union can forge closer ties. "This steeply rising price of food - it has developed into a real global crisis," Ban said, adding that the World Food Program has made an urgent appeal for additional $755 million. "The United Nations is very much concerned, as all other members of the international community," Ban said. "We must take immediate action in a concerted way all throughout the international community." Ban urged leaders of the international community to sit down together on an "urgent basis" to discuss how to improve economic distribution systems and the production of agricultural products. Growing Global crisis

I know Bush just okayed another $200 million to the world food program but I hate to tell you is is worthless and though this is just a small prt of the whole dire picture developing for our future like everything else it is just beginning and everything period will get a lot worse. I refer you to yesterdays video but anyway the US at least average Americans are not exempt as we are finding out As paychecks shrink, consumers cut back on most non-essentials, polls say. Monique Blake won't be shopping for new clothes. William Acosta got rid of his cell phone. Paula Rockwell put off buying a home. In ways both large and small, Americans are doing without. Squeezed by lofty prices for gasoline, food and other products, worried about their jobs and rattled by talk of a recession, people are hunkering down.

Each person's decision to give up something and trim spending can collectively carry crucial implications for the economy.

Personal spending accounts for the single-biggest chunk of gross domestic product, which measures national economic activity. Because of that, people's behavior is important in determining whether the country will survive the economic turmoil or fall victim to it. Sixty percent of the public say they are now less comfortable about making a a big-ticket financial commitment, such as buying a home or a car, than they were just six months ago, underscoring their more circumspect behavior, according to the RBC Cash poll conducted by Ipsos, an international polling firm, in early April. A year ago, 48% said they were less comfortable about making a major purchase. "I'm feeling more cautious about buying a house. We were thinking about that, but we'll be waiting a little bit longer than we otherwise would have," says Rockwell, 53, a homemaker in Baltimore, Md. She described the current economic climate as being fraught with insecurity. "A larger number of people are really hurting and even people fairly well off are feeling insecure," she says.

BIG research, a firm that tracks consumer behavior, said 53.6% of people they polled focused more on what they needed, rather than what they wanted, during their shopping trips over the last six months. "It's more about cutting back rather than cutting out. Like taking your family to Pizza Hut versus Applebee's," says Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at NPD Group, a consumer and retail research firm. Moms' new battle: The food price bulge, Clothing stores, furniture and home furnishing retailers, electronics and appliance stores, building materials and garden supply places, and health and beauty shops were among the merchants who saw their sales drop in March, according to a recent government report on retail sales around the country. Americans tightening their belts

I hate to tell you but the entire just developing crisis is going to get a hell of a lot worse as soon as Bush finds the excuse to attack Syria and Iran. I have to laugh! The IAEA wants to know why Bush waited so long to say anything about Syria's supposed Nuclear program: The head of the U.N. nuclear monitoring agency on Friday criticized the U.S. for not giving his organization intelligence information sooner on what Washington says was a nuclear reactor in Syria being built secretly by North Korea. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei also chastised Israel for bombing the site seven months ago, in a statement whose strong language reflected anger at being kept out of the picture for so long. The White House broke its silence about the issue on Thursday, just hours after top U.S. legislators — members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee — were briefed on the alleged reactor. U.S. intelligence officials said evidence included dozens of photographs taken from ground level as well as footage of the interior of the building taken by spy satellites after the Israeli strike.

The IAEA's mission includes trying to keep nuclear proliferation in check, and it depends on member states for information in trying to carry out that task. The agency is investigating allegations that Iran tried to make nuclear weapons, and it is using not only its own research but intelligence provided by the U.S. and other members of the 35-nation IAEA board. "The director general deplores the fact that this information was not provided to the agency in a timely manner, in accordance with the agency's responsibilities under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to enable it to verify its veracity and establish the facts," said an IAEA statement, issued a day after ElBaradei was briefed. Additionally, "the director general views the unilateral use of force by Israel as undermining the due process of verification that is at the heart of the nonproliferation regime," it said. No kidding! US criticized for holding back intel

It serves Bush's purpose to say something now as he is racing to find an excuse to attack Syria and Iran this fall. Criticism or Iran's interference is stepping up as Petraeus prepares to take over enabling all of this to get under way! The U.S. military says it has found caches of newly made Iranian weapons in Iraq, leading senior officials to conclude Tehran is continuing to funnel armaments into Iraq despite its pledges to the contrary, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Officials in Washington and Baghdad said the purported Iranian mortars, rockets and explosives had date stamps indicating they were manufactured in the past two months. The U.S. plans to publicize the weapons caches in coming days. A pair of senior commanders said a presentation was tentatively planned for Monday, the paper reported. "You can see the manufacturing dates right on the armaments themselves," one senior commander in Baghdad said. "These are very clearly weapons that were made in the last month or so." Discovery Shows Iran Still Sending Arms to Iraq

* I haven't had a chance to check on it yet but I was just informed that a Military contractor's ship just fired on an Iranian boat. The excuse for war will be found and soon. It is my belief we will do so from the Gulf including Pakistan if necessary. As soon as it happens the food and fuel situation around the entire world will worsen exponentially and the United States is no exception. just be prepared this is just beginning. Last night I figured out what to do for my little area of Massachusetts. We will be all right as we have everything we need right in the immediate area. I can organize and get a system set up. There is a new role to be played in small town America with State Colleges, Golf courses, and local Government. Growing food and taking care if each other. We will be okay!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


PoliShifter said...

I have to laugh because now the talking point is there is no food crisis but that all the hype is causing shortages, not because there is a food shortage but because people are hoarding.

Time will tell...

an average patriot said...

You have to be kidding me? I heard some of that but you know it's a crock. The UN just asked for another 750 million on top of bush's 200 million last week. No amount of money will stop this and wait until Bush attacks Syria and Iran.

Naj said...

Have I invited you to take action before?

an average patriot said...

Hi naj
Nice to see you. I have been seeing you over Brothers but I decided I better not bother you for now. I will go see what you say and see what I can do. Thanks!

D.K. Raed said...

maybe it's just me, but I don't trust "shortages" that crop up so quickly. Like gas back in the 70's. I think this is the result of decades of looking the other way so it just SEEMS to be an overnight event. But I've also been wondering if food riots dominating the news isn't part of diversion tactic? You know, while we're lookin' here, they're doin' something evil elsewhere. But I agree, growing your own food, converting golf courses to community gardens, those are always good ideas. All bets are off if we blunderf*ck our way into iran.

Larry said...

What a better way to control the masses than to starve them, install Martial Law and then filter food only to those who sell their souls.

Brother Tim said...

Some will be OK, but many will perish.

an average patriot said...

Of course you are right but you know, it could be a diversionary tactic as you can not trust anything today. Until something affects the US it is not important and not urgent. We will see what happens! Absolutely 100% everything will get a hell of a lot worse as this id all just starting despite Partisan rhetoric. Nothing will turn all of this around but it will have to play out!

an average patriot said...

You know you are entirely right Food and gas Rations to those who cooperate. interesting but not funny because you know as well as Brother and I how bad this is all going to get!

an average patriot said...

You probably saw what I just said to Larry and agree but the masses will be thinned out which is most of us average Americans and the military and Government will be able to get together and start over somewhere? on a smaller scale but then you know man...

Dave Dubya said...

We notice that the Murdoch owned WSJ and unnamed military and government "officials" report the Iranian weapons.

Remember last year when they tried to pull this stunt they backed down when pressed for real evidence.

And just like last time, they promise a "presentation" that never seems to happen.

Pure warmongering. Besides, I wonder how many weapons made in the US are used against us. They don't want us to think about that.

Dave Dubya said...

Tehran denies it's navy was fired upon.

So maybe there were just some pot shots at a fishing boat.

Either way, the Cheney/Bush Empire of Evil is provoking war.

TomCat said...

I think the shortage is authentic. Global climate change has affected growing seasons and harvest yields. The IMF and World Bank have manipulated third world countries into growing luxury crops for export rather the food for local consumption. And the machinations of the Moronic Machiavellian have the global economy in a spin.

an average patriot said...

You're entirely right and that just sort of died down. Iran said it never happened this time and like you said, they said it could have been a foriegn fishing boat and it very well could have been ro someone trying to blackmarket.
I read again this morning that they are going to prove the weapons are new and Iranian. It sucks not trusting your own people but that means we have to wait for the dates to be stamped. The excuse will be found to attack as it was with Iraq as soon as they find a lie someone will believe!

an average patriot said...

I believe in many respects you are right tc! I just heard this morning that when all is said and done in my mind it is becaise of the housing bebacle and skyrocketing oil prices.
This morning they were saying the speculatore were moving from finance and the housing market to food commodities thus skyrocketing those prices too.
It stinks but you know there are 2 economies and those monkees are screwing ours. There was talk this morning of limiting the speculation and gains but as in the fuel market that will never happen and will only make things worse. This is really terrible!

Utah Savage said...

I live on &20 a month. That does not include the hundred something that the gov gives to the gov for my medicare A B and D. I own a house, but can't afford repairs and taxes. Thank god, no mortgage. But food was a challenge six months ago. I wept one day when I realized I could no longer afford a lemon. And I am lucky. I am living on disability, and have a roof over my head. I'm no longer caring for my mother (who had vascular dementia and died the slowest and most horrible death of anyone I've known). I have this grand Imac, a dog snoring on his bed in a corner, and Miles Davis, Sketches of Spain playing.

I tell you all of this because we are real, our struggles are real. This fear is real. I feel it on a cellular level.

an average patriot said...

I just saw you at two crows or somewhere. I'm glad you commented here. I am not sure what &20 a month is but it doesn't sound like much. You want to say that with your house and health insurance covered you are alright but that's not true. House insurance, taxes, and upkeep can be overwhelming by themselves on a fixed income let alone food.
I would invite you here but I don't think my fiance would appreciate it. Our house and care are paid for and we will be okay as long as the military keeps functioning as a Government entity. I thought you lived in Utah but maybe England. Anyway while we watch here people suffering while the denied second economy continues to flourish what you see occurring in Chicago I have been trying to warn people about for 35 years and it is just beginning. You are alright. It is the middle class that has real concerns and they are still not smart enough to see it yet. You know what make due and sacrifice is all about so you will be okay just relax and keep your chin up. Please stay in touch!

TomCat said...

Consider this folly, Jim. Art present over 40% of the US corn harvest (expanded from previous years by shifting land to corn that was formerly in other food crops) goes to ethanol production. Ethanol production provides less than 5% of our fuel. Even if we shifted 100% into corn for ethanol, we would get at most 13% of our fuel needs.

an average patriot said...

I know what they are saying about crops being used for ethanol but that makes no sense. Seems to me like I'd rather eat than drive.
Yesterday i read that the speculators screwed up the finance, housing, and fuel markets, so they moved over to food commodities. it sucks as you watch the 2 economies and it is just denied. Sickening!