Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Because of McCain we are having 100 years war debate involving Iraq, Bush has ensured a 100 years war of the world's at the very least!

John McCain is fighting back against what he calls distortions of his remarks on Iraq by potential Democratic opponent Barack Obama. The likely Republican presidential nominee responded Monday to Obama’s claims that McCain wants to wage a war in Iraq for 100 years. McCain has said he would be okay with the U.S. maintaining a presence in Iraq for 100 years. McCain says Obama clearly has no understanding of military history in the U.S. and how this country projects its spheres of influence.

“We fought a war with Japan and Germany. Afterwards we maintained a military presence there, which we are doing today. We fought a war in Korea, we maintained a military presence in Korea, which we are doing to this day. The first Gulf War, we threw Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and we have a military presence there to this day,” McCain told reporters aboard his campaign plane. “So he doesn’t either, hasn’t read or understand … the history of this country in warfare, and the way that we secure alliances and secure the peace. That’s through military government to government agreements that call for United States presence and mutual defense. Not only in that country itself, but also in the region. … So in all due respect, it displays a fundamental misunderstanding of history and how we’ve maintained national security, and what we need to do in the future to maintain our security in the face of the transcendent challenge of radical Islamic extremism. And I understand that because he has no experience or background in any of it,” McCain said.

The remarks about spending 100 years in Iraq occurred during a January town hall meeting in New Hampshire in which the Arizona senator said he’d be fine with a long-term U.S. commitment in Iraq. “President Bush has talked about our staying for 50 years, maybe 100. We’ve been in Japan for 60 years, in South Korea for 50 years or so. That would be fine with me as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or killed,” McCain said at the time. debate on 100 years in Iraq

* I hate to tell McCain but he is the one who does not have a clue. Past military History does not matter. This is no Germany! We are not talking about Korea! We are talking about the middle east. 100 years would be a gross under estimate. We are not talking just about Iraq or the middle east! Bush is doing his damnedest to ensure we have a 100 years world war!
In the past talking about President Medvedev Mr Putin was sharply critical of both Nato and Kosovo as he addressed reporters after his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As well as restating Russia's objections to independence for Kosovo, he also hit out at Nato enlargement, suggesting that as it grew, the alliance was seeking to make itself a substitute for the United Nations. "You get the impression that attempts are being made to set up an organization that would substitute for the UN," Mr Putin said, warning that if that happened "the potential for conflict would only increase". no Russian thaw no cooperation

** Despite knowing he is egging Russia towards world war what a coincidence. Today is April Fools Day and the Chief Fool pushes the drive towards world war a lot further! President Bush championed expansion of NATO further into the former Soviet Union on Tuesday and declared that Russia "will not have a veto" over the alliance's decision this week about whether to put Ukraine and Georgia on a path to membership.

Appearing alongside President Viktor Yushchenko, Bush portrayed NATO membership for the two former Soviet republics as part of a new security architecture for Europe and not a threat to Moscow, which has threatened to target missiles against its former territories if they join. Bush rejected Russian suggestions that he soft-pedal the issue in exchange for a deal on missile defense or Afghanistan. "I strongly believe that Ukraine and Georgia should be given MAPs," he said, referring to "membership action plans," a process for NATO candidates. "And there's no tradeoffs. Period. And I told that to President Putin." Recounting a recent telephone conversation, Bush said he told Russia's Vladimir Putin: "You shouldn't fear that, Mr. President. After all, NATO is an organization that is peaceful."

But the issue is highly sensitive for the Kremlin, which over the past decade has watched with increasing irritation as a Western alliance formed to oppose it during the Cold War has reached closer and closer to its borders. Over the past decade, NATO first admitted several Eastern European nations that were once satellites of Moscow and then, six years ago, gave membership to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the three Baltic states that were part of the Soviet Union until its breakup in 1991. Ukraine, in particular, has historically been a much more central part of the Russian sense of empire, which is why both nations consider this a critical moment in their mutual history. Yushchenko, the Western-oriented banker who was elected president after leading the Orange Revolution that toppled a pro-Russian government in late 2004, stressed that Ukraine needs NATO to ensure its final break from Moscow. Knowing Ukraine is central to Russia Bush push's for NATO membership

In a nutshell despite McCain quibbling over our past military exploits in regard to the 100 tears in Iraq statement I have to tell you that that is the very least of our worries on this fragile planet as Bush prepares to worsen it with his 100 years war of the worlds!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


TomCat said...

McConJob needs to consider this.

Lets assume (and I admit it's a big stretch) that Bush and his Reich do not attack Iran. Now lets assume the completely ridiculous that Iraq becomes so pacified that the occupation is akin to that of S. Korea. It won't happen, but that is McConJob's assumption, so just for the sake of argument, let's give it to him.

Other than to grab the oil, the the Reich's purpose in Iraq is to establish military bases from which to dominate the region. The region does not want US domination, and as long as the US attempts to do so, there will be more war.

Therefore, McConJob's assertion that 100 years in Iraq is OK, accepts a guarantee of 100 years of war.

an average patriot said...

It is to hard for me to believe. I find it unbelievable that can even think of having a Germeny or Korea type force in the middle east.
You might as well set up camp in Hell. That's what it is. This is the friggen middle east. They wanted us off their lands so Bush attacks them and now wants to stay there. WTF!

PoliShifter said...

McCain seeks personal glory via war.

His whole life has been about self-serving. He collaborated with the North Vietmanese to ease his treatment. He cheated on his wife and then married his mistress who is a wealthy heiress so he could access the funds necessary to gain traction in politics.

He involved himself with Charles Keating in order to gain political contributions.

He opposed the declassifying of documents related to Vietnam MIA/POW's that families sought.

If he were a true patriot he would have stood up to Bush/Cheney, opposed the invasion of Iraq and Afghansitan, and opposed torture.

Instead all he cared about was his political career so he bowed to Bush/Cheney just to get his chance to run for the Presidency.

That's not patriotic, that's being a sell-out putting one's own career before country.

an average patriot said...

I used to respect McCain but can not any longer. I must admit I never even thought of this.
His whole life has been about self-serving. He collaborated with the North Vietnamese to ease his treatment. He opposed the declassifying of documents related to Vietnam MIA/POW's that families sought.
I didn't know that but now I see why. He is not a Patriot he is a Reich wing war monger out for himself!

Karen said...

What will take 100 years is cleaning up bush's mess!

an average patriot said...

I am afraid that would be a bit optimistic! What he doesn't hide will take many life times if ever because of what he has set in motion for future President's to deal with around the world. It will not be pretty!

PoliShifter said...

Hi Jim,

check out


There's a lot about John McCain we all don't know.

But I come back to a central point and that is if he were a true Patriot he would have opposed Iraq, opposed Bush/Cheney, and opposed torture. He didn't. He put his political career ahead of what is best for America. That speaks volumes.

He used to say Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were agents of intolerance. Then the Republican powers-at-be whipsered in his ear that he would never be able to win without the evangelical suppport so he subesquently kissed up to them.

Again, he put his own interest ahead of truth, justice, and the American Way.

Perhaps the only bigger fraud in politics these days is George W Bush.

Every step of the way McCain has done not what is best for America but what is best for himself.

The pattern is clear. It remains to be seen if the American People will identify it in time.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Polishifter
I have to say until recently and McCain showed his true selfish, lying, war mongering ways I was living a fabricated lie too.
I read that whole thing and everything now makes sense but of course it will be lied about and those who speak the truth will once again be branded unpatriotic and conspiracy theorist successfully I'm afraid and this warmongering underhanded agenda will simply continue.
I did not notice it but has McCain ever taken up the challenge though the right will use the truth against us to continue this destructive lie? Will he ever? I will spread this at every opportunity!

Minnesotablue said...

I sincerely hope that his true POW status comes to light during this election. Also his ties to the Keating scandal, his courting the far right christain conservatives, his nasty divorce, etc. Enough of him cloaking himself as a staight talker, lets get the truth out there!

two crows said...

g'morning, AAP--
I just started the new blog I've been threatening. :)

fwiw -- the current plan, so far, is to focus on the divine, the beauty of the universe and related matters.

I hope you [and your readers] will visit and join in the discussion there:

an average patriot said...

I agree 100% I am afraid though as with th chief idiot that those who speak the truth will again be labeled unpatriotic and conspiracy theorists as the real conspiracy of destroying our America and world order we wanted to pass to our kids and Grandchildren is prosecuted.
Did you know those things or like me did you read polishifters link? Stupid me until Bush I believed people when they spoke though it has never worked in my favor. I have learned to believe but verify!

an average patriot said...

whoa two crows
Haven't seen you here in a while. Glad to hear about your new site! You just hit a nerve as that is the core of me, life, the planet, and the universe! You will see me there and I hope others look in to see what you have to say on the subject. I will check out your link now before I get things going. Always a pleasure, take care!

TomCat said...

From what I understand, he broke under torture. I'm not blaming him. Lots of guys did, and I can't say I wouldn't under the same conditions. But what worries me is the guilt he probably feels about it, and how that guilt, combined with the experience itself, has messed him up. This is probably what lies behind his temper. While I respect his service, he lacks the psychological stability to be responsible for armies, let alone nukes.

an average patriot said...

Hell tom
I used too but no longer respect him. Until I read the link Shifter provided I never knew he broke and I wouldn't be surprised either.
That said he should be confronted on it and what he has allowed North Vietnam to get away with and why. He plays holier than thou and isn't. I hate a friggen liar.
Did you read the link Polishifter provided or did you know that? If you tried to get the truth known you would be called all kinds of a low life and he would probably come out smelling like a rose!