Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iraq Blowing, economy failing, Bush & McCain are going down However there is no joy in Mudville as we're attached at the hip to the life long failure!

Bush's House of Cards is Crumbling! While we are watching the insurgents throughout Iraq destroying any semblance of success. After 3 days Iraq fighting rages

Bush was just now on the air bragging about how great everything was going in Iraq as it is exploding, Oil fields blown up, Green zone under attack for 3rd day in a row, Al Maliki's security plan spokesman just kidnapped. I am so sick of this lying crap. In light of what is going on and what the Pentagon said yesterday I can no longer see even the brainless idiot attacking Ira. It would be down right suicide for America.
Without getting into details yesterday I discussed what is happening as we speak in Iraq thanks to Bush! We have the Sunni issue but you have also conflicting factions of Shiite one pro American one pro Iranian that is the biggest problem as any idiot should have known in the first place. I told you, total middle east collapse then the world compliments of Bush. Here is part of what I wrote yesterday!

It was only a matter of time before the future of Iraq, the middle east, and Americans was stolen by Republicans I began to expect by having the election stolen once again in a growing number of ways for McCain so the right wing war mongering new order agenda could continue. I now believe that After giving $20 billion to the Saudi's much of which will be funneled to Al Qaeda and thousands of weapons we supplied now stolen and supplying both sides with the credit of the recent increase in attacks and violence going to Iran for supplying to the Shiite, more specifically Al Sadr, weapons and training.

I decided to look into the origin of Al Sadr's Mahdi Army and discuss today's most recent events in this Iraqi middle east Sunni against Shiite Breakdown! Bush's inevitable attack on Iran is getting closer! First I have to admit that I for one was very surprised to find that the Shiite Mahdi Army was a creation of Bush's as is the Sunni Iraq Al Qaeda. To supporters, the militia is the military muscle of Iraq's urban Shia Muslims, fighting to protect Najaf and other Shia parts of the country. Its membership rose from just a few thousand after the US-led invasion to some 60,000, according to a December 2006 report by the Iraqi Survey Group. It was created in the summer of 2003, prompted by radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr, who preached in his sermons the need for a new force.

Young men were recruited at offices near mosques to defend the Shia Muslim faith and their country in defiance of the US-led coalition's arms controls. In August 2007, Moqtada Sadr announced the militia had declared a ceasefire, under which it pledged not to attack rival armed groups or American forces in Iraq. The cleric extended the truce in February 2008 but it came under strain amid claims US and Iraqi forces were detaining militia members. US and Iraqi forces said they were only targeting renegade Mehdi Army factions they accused of flouting the ceasefire.
Taking its name from the Mehdi - a messianic figure in the Shia tradition - the Mehdi Army is fiercely loyal to its religious founder. Since Iraq's elections and the creation of its own, Shia-dominated government, Moqtada Sadr's movement has continued to take on new members. The US accuses Iran, Shia Iraqis' spiritual ally, of training, supplying and financing Mehdi Army fighters. Iraq's Mehdi Army

This is unbelievably complicated!The Maliki government appears to be moving against Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army in Basra, Baghdad and perhaps elsewhere. Heavy fighting is reported by the New York Times, which also reports: The operation, which senior Iraqi officials had been signaling for weeks, is considered so important by the Iraqi government that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, who went to Basra on Monday, intended to personally direct the fighting, several Iraqi officials said. Which I'm sure will come as a great comfort to the U.S. military and all Iraqis.
And now, the question: How will the U.S. media portray this? As the Iraqi Army cleaning up a renegade militia in Basra? Probably. But the Iraqi Army in Basra is mostly composed of another renegade militia--the Badr Corps, an organization founded by Iran and answerable to ISCI--the Shi'ite faction led by the Hakim family, Sadr's great rival. There are no heroes here. The Sadr movement is populist, nationalist, anti-Iranian, in favor of a strong central government...but it's also anti-American and oriented toward a stricter Islamic state than the current Maliki government is. The Hakim family's movement is both pro-American and pro-Iranian. It is federalist, rather than nationalist, in favor of a weak central government with a strong Shi'istan in the south (which would be heavily influenced by Iran)

Intelligence sources have told me in the past that we don't know nearly enough about the southern Shi'ite factions--we've been fighting and wooing Sunnis in the north for the past five years--and that U.S. involvement in the Basra fight would be a disastrous idea. Let's hope that General Petraeus makes the right decision, stays out of it in Basra and keeps a low U.S. profile in the Shi'ite neighborhoods--almost exclusively Sadr-controlled--in Baghdad. Today in Iraq

You know as well as I do that Bush and Petraeus are going to do the wrong thing and this will get much worse as Iraq's breakdown goes full swing. At that point Bush will attack Iran getting his original goal of a total middle east breakdown going full swing so he can emplace his new middle east order or so he thinks. that will leave Iraq to its demise. It will breakdown to a total civil war as originally expected before the chief idiot ignored that fact. It will be Sunni against Shiite throughout the entire middles east with Israel and us in the middle until Russia, China, and the rest of the world get involved and this dissolves into Bush's new world order WW3 which will be Bush's Forever War!

* Thanks to Bush our economy is tanking. That alone should sink Bush and McCain but due to his lies it is not. As we speak the insurgents are doing what Democrats couldn't. They are in the process of bringing Bush's House of Cards Down!

*The Chief idiot has been a failure his entire life! What I call an over confident underachiever! The powers behind the right, the Purveyors of this new societal, middle east, and world order, needed someone of Bush's caliber, a lack of sense, integrity, and insight, to blindly cheer this so called new order agenda through! Along blundered the perfect stooge! So they elected Bush the worlds biggest loser to achieve the worlds largest conspiracy, the destruction of the American Empire and any semblance of world order! It is almost complete!

** The economy and the so called insurgents in Iraq are doing what the Democrats couldn't. They are nullifying McCain and bringing down Bush even though he is lying and fails to see the truth and the writing on the wall! I see see just those two events bringing an end to the nightmare of Bush unless he pulls some underhanded tactic to keep his nightmare on track! With everything in Bush's House of Cards failing as expected, and after the Pentagon telling him yesterday the military could do nothing more as well as the "successful" collapse of Iraq as the insurgents battle each other,blow up Iraq's infrastructure, and fight down the Iraq Government and America, I have to wonder what act of desperation will the idiot pull next to stay in power and keep this night mare moving forward?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Unknown said...

"I have to wonder what act of desperation will the idiot pull next to stay in power and keep this night mare moving forward?"

Perish the thought.

jmsjoin said...

What do you mean Brother? He will stop at nothing? I thought that as you know but recent events show that if he persists we including him will undoubtedly go down!

PoliShifter said...

Just more proof the surge is working as planned and that Petraeus is a genius.

Don't forget Jim the goal is to stay in Iraq as long as possible and squeeze every last remaining tax dollar from the treasury.

Bush/Cheney/McCain don't want a stable Iraq...doesn't fit their business model for enriching their friends...

jmsjoin said...

I was just in your site, AAAFFFGGGHHH!
I know, I also know we are in Iraq until the excuse is found to attack Iran but after what the Generals at the Pentagon said about us being tapped I have to wonder what the idiot is going to underhandedly do next? Iran no longer is a feasible and even the idiot has to see that. WTF?

Karen said...

Iraq = 'til death do you part.

jmsjoin said...

This is only going to end one way and it is just starting. Total breakdown was a given before this even started and the idiot was saying even today after watching Iraq erupt for 4 days that things are going fine.
That should tell you what success is to him. Wait until he attacks Iran and the entire middle east is engulfed then the world. Total success for the idiot!

Dave Dubya said...

US occupied Iraq has become the perfect circus of lunacy for fear mongering war profiteers and every villain in between.

The allies (Badr Brigades) of our "enemy" (Iran)are the enemies of our allies (Sunnis) who were our enemies until we began to buy them off. (Right!) The enemies (Mehdi Militia) of pro-Iran Shia and the former Sunni insurgents are defining the surge's "success" by imposong a cease-fire,until we aggravate them into conflict again. And we are their enemies and their enemies' friends.

Yet, they all hate us because we destroyed their country and "liberated" mass insanity.

Couldn't be more simple. We fight them over there so we don't have to fight them in our citites.

As Chehey says, it's clearly been a "remarkable success".

jmsjoin said...

When you see we created all this it kills me to hear the frigged up argument that we have to fight them there. We created the Iraqi Al Qaeda and both factions of the Shiite fighters.
We are powerless unless the goal is to get dragged in until the excuse to attack Iran can be found. Otherwise we should sit back and protect civilians while they kill each other.
Bush will not be able to declare victory until he embroils the entire middle east Sunni against Shiite. Bush is frigged, he keeps saying this is working!

Larry said...

Guilty as charged Jim:

Americans Are Guilty

Michael S. Rozeff

We are guilty of a very great and ongoing evil.

Led by rulers blind to justice and deaf to history, arrogant and self-righteous, anxious for fame, indifferent to violence and willfully ignorant, a selfish and malleable American people, aroused by fear and steeped in obedience, sent their uniformed and armed sons and daughters into a strange and ancient land to conquer and root out its political leaders, defeat its forces, and remake that distant and foreign nation in its own image. Unfamiliar names like Mosul and Fallujah, crossed and re-crossed by the peoples of ancient civilizations for thousands of years before Americans birthed a nation and empire, became bloody headlines of mass destruction, death, desolation, and disruption.

Five years later, the shame of a nation, the invasion of a foreign Muslim land with massive injury and death brought to its people by this supposedly Christian nation, still multiplies its evil and continues the campaign of interference, domination, and suffering begun decades ago. History will record no shining victory here, but a long-running episode in which a mighty empire, like its brutal predecessors, wasted its blood and treasure in injustice, futility, and ineptitude.

We are guilty of a very great and ongoing evil. When will we not only end this very great evil but also extinguish its sources? Do we ask if we will repeat these deeds next year or five years from now? Do we even wonder what other strange and unfamiliar places and peoples we will invade or re-invade? Do we wonder what themes and stories we will then conjure up as justifications so that we may sleep the peaceful sleep of the innocent?

We have arranged our comfortable and painless lives so that, out of our sight and without being whipped and brutalized, we effortlessly pay for a massive machinery of blood operated by an immense political power that we have inherited, built up, maintained, blessed, and anointed. That machinery and what it does and is doing is who we are. That machinery embodies our evil, and it is a very great evil.

It is an evil waiting to be undone and overcome. Will we be the people to undo and overcome it? Maybe not. Time is short. Our disintegration runs on and on, unstoppably, on an unending track. Our leaders persuade us that we are racing to the top. We are racing to the bottom. The contempt for human life exhibited by us and our leaders rises. It shows no sign of diminishing.

Our rulers manipulate us into the worship of power and the machinery of war. We pay for our own destruction. Our war department and those of other nations are already building terrifying robot machinery that will develop itself under the programmed instruction of its masters. The bloodthirsty tyrants among us, left unchecked, will raise warfare to ever higher levels. What will they do but employ such a phalanx of robots domestically against us or those targeted as enemies of the people? Who will escape being a target? Oppression and domination are the life-blood of tyrants.

Empire abroad and oppression at home, in all its forms, are brothers under the skin, mutually reinforcing. We have empire abroad because we have domestic oppression, and we will have domestic oppression as long as we have empire abroad.

The quadrennial spectacles of presidential politics change faces. They do not change the organizations of power and blood that run America. Will we change them? Possibly, but maybe not. A democracy is a hydra. How does one change it? Where is the tyrant? He is everywhere. He is inside us. We must cut down the tyrant inside each of us.

We are not radical enough. We are too self-satisfied. We are not rebellious enough. We are bound up in invisible wires. We are indoctrinated. We fear too much, and in that fear is our slavery.

Whence cometh change? The spirit of peace hovers over and around all of us. The air carries its unaccustomed words to our ears. We hear them not, or ignore them. The light carries its messages to our eyes. We read them not, or ignore them. These are very great evils.

We have kneeled so long before our national altar that we can no longer arise and topple it. It is an idol with a huge mouth that symbolizes devouring. We worship and devour ourselves. We bow before this idol, which is a dehumanized and depersonified vision and version of ourselves. This is a very great evil.

Minnesotablue said...

What I find so scarey is this will go on for years. Probably McCain will get elected due to all the in fighting in the democratic party and if by a long shot a Democrat gets in, he will have to try to clean up the mess and I don't know if that is possible for years to come. So sad.

jmsjoin said...

Guilty as charged and yes we do wonder our Apathy and Bush is going to unleash next but this is true and we must do something now!
We are guilty of a very great and ongoing evil. When will we not only end this very great evil but also extinguish its sources? Do we ask if we will repeat these deeds next year or five years from now?
Do we even wonder what other strange and unfamiliar places and peoples we will invade or re-invade? Do we wonder what themes and stories we will then conjure up as justifications so that we may sleep the peaceful sleep of the innocent?

jmsjoin said...

Hi Minnesota Blue!
I am afraid you are right about McCain but I am hoping the reality that the US, Iraq, the middle east, and the world is failing rapidly because of Bush, will defeat McCain as it should despite the Dem babies fighting.
I am going to write about it again today but I have to wonder amidst obvious failure of everything what underhanded tactic is Bush going to pull to stay in power and override the people this time?

G.Gar said...

Hi Jim,

Long time no see, pal.

Thanks to Bush, Iraq which according to the U.N developmental report issued in 1989 was approaching western European standards in terms of women rights, technological maturity, religous freedom, access to education and health care is now ruled by Iranised medieval turbaned factions seeking an Iraq state " A la Terrorist Khomeiny" Leaving alone the Al-Queda turds of course. Those terrorists could have never set a foot on Iraqi soil during Saddam's time.

Can you imagine an 8000 years old Arab civilsation being brought down by savages coming from Iran.

jmsjoin said...

son of a gun! Where have you been? For some reason I have not been able to access you. You make me laugh! I blame it all on Bush. he purposely set it all in motion and it will not be controlled in the middle east or around the world.
Funny but I am finishing up on the update to this! Take care!