Friday, March 28, 2008

I hope your Legacy hits you in the ass on your way out! The President who destroyed America, Iraq, the middle east, and the future of the world!

Worst of all he has done it all on purpose and I have been trying to alert people since 9/11 that none of this was an accident or ineptitude as many think. This morning I got an E stating Bush will not attack Iran because it would immediately raise the price of oil to $200 per barrel. I am stunned! I just cannot get it through to people that this guy does not let common sense dictate his actions. He does not care about doing the right thing or average Americans, our America, or the world as we know it. He is the decider and in his own words would rather listen to his dog than anyone period! He has been following what I know as the Russian Doctrine of Destruction from the beginning. It was first used by the Russian's to overthrow existing order through war and replace it with the new version of order. Everything that has been allowed to happen in America and around the world has been done on purpose and towards that end and not an accident or due to ineptitude as most think! He will not let the price of oil or anything else sway him off course. Russian Doctrine of destruction
I was going to list his step by step destruction of our America and our once existing societal order. I was going to list his efforts to Destroy what was once though unstable, an acceptable version of middle east order. What he has done to upset world order in order to replace it with his version needs no explanation. Absolutely 100% everything has been done with the goal of instigating the world to war while looking the hapless victim. It is now beyond control and if we are lucky enough to have elections and they are fair whoever is the next President will have to fight them thanks to the foundation for future war Bush has laid in his goal of new world order.

* With that said I decided to focus on the latest as Iraq heads to the total breakdown Bush guaranteed when he attacked Iraq., Bush's imbecilic reassertions that, that is success which in itself should tell you what his goals are, and Senator Hagel's correct assertion that Bush is in fantasy Land!

Success: Today Mr. Maliki, who has been in the southern Iraqi city to oversee the operation, offered cash to militants if they surrender their weapons and moved back a deadline for doing so from the 72-hour limit he set on Wednesday to April 8. Mr. Maliki also said he would skip this weekend's Arab League summit in Syria to stay and deal with Basra. (Attendance at that meeting was dwindling already, since Jordan today joined Saudi Arabia and Egypt in saying its head of state would stay home, apparently out of irritation at Syria's actions in Lebanon and its ties to Shiite Muslim Iran. Those three states are predominantly Sunni, unlike Iraq and Mr. Maliki's Shiite-led governing coalition, though he, too, may not be happy with alleged Syrian and Iranian interference in Iraq.) Just yesterday, Mr. Maliki promised Iraqis in a radio address that he wouldn't "retreat" in the Basra fight against a militia that at least nominally answers to anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al Sadr. But his forces apparently haven't been making progress, even as Mr. Sadr's forces have retaliated in Baghdad.

Thousands of Mr. Sadr's followers marched through the capital yesterday to call for Mr. Maliki's resignation over the Shiite-Shiite fighting in Basra, and Mr. Sadr himself called for a political solution to end the "shedding of Iraqi blood," as the Associated Press reports. What Mr. Sadr didn't do was order the Mahdi Army to stop fighting in Basra, or stop shelling the Green Zone, where Iraq's government and its U.S. patrons have their headquarters.

More success: The State Department ordered all U.S. Embassy personal to stay in reinforced structures or wear body armor and helmets if they go outside as the shelling continued, the AP reports. Two American government workers were killed there this week. Elsewhere, in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad, a prominent government spokesman was kidnapped from his home and three of his guards were killed, though it wasn't clear whether the Mahdi Army or other parties were involved.

The Iraqi Parliament, where Mr. Sadr's backers have at times been allied with Mr. Maliki's, planned to convene an emergency session to find a way to stop the fighting, according to the BBC. But some of the combat has already been taken out of the government's hands. Agence France Presse reports that U.S.-led coalition forces have entered the fray in Basra and are bombing militia positions there. And American armored vehicles yesterday were already battling Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood, with Iraqi army and police units letting them take the lead, the Washington Post says.

The renewed fighting -- with the possibility of ending a Mahdi Army truce just as the U.S. faces growing anger elsewhere in Iraq by armed Sunni groups that helped quell violence since last year but feel they haven't been adequately compensated -- comes at an awkward time for the Bush administration. The combat in Basra threatens to impair the important oil industry there, and Mr. Bush has been counting on restoration of Iraq's oil revenue as a key factor in rebuilding the country, as The Wall Street Journal points out. But even more important is how the fighting has jeopardized the image of a relatively pacified Iraq the White House has painted to extol the accomplishments of the surge strategy and justify future policy on Iraq. Ahead of congressional testimony by the top U.S. military and civilian officials in Iraq, Mr. Bush yesterday was touting the "signs of normalcy" he sees in the country.

"The Iraqi forces are growing in capability," the president said, citing in part the operation in Basra. Mr. Maliki's decision "shows the progress the Iraqi security forces have made during the surge. Iraqi forces planned this operation and they deployed substantial extra forces for it. They're leading the operation. Prime Minister Maliki has traveled to Basra to oversee it firsthand," he added. "This offensive builds on the security gains of the surge, and demonstrates to the Iraqi people that their government is committed to protecting them." They are so capable maliki is trying to buy off the insurgents and Americans are beginning to lead the way again and are in Basra with tanks and fighter aircraft. Success? Iraq not working out as planned
* * *
Russia, the U.S. and NATO: Though President Bush has accepted an invitation from Vladimir Putin to visit the Russian president at the Kremlin following next week's NATO-Russia summit in Bucharest, tension in the alliance is rising over the biggest points of dispute between Washington and Moscow. Mr. Putin and his elected successor, Dmitri Medvedev, oppose U.S. plans to partly base a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as NATO's consideration of membership for former Soviet states Ukraine and Georgia, and they have frequently employed threatening language on the issues. NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer yesterday warned Mr. Putin to avoid what he called another display of "unhelpful rhetoric" toward the West next week, as the Financial Times reports.

Meanwhile, NATO officials tell the International Herald Tribune that members Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are resisting the Bush administration's pressure to expand the alliance toward Russia's border at a time when the West will be making its initial contact with a President Medvedev. And a poll conducted for the IHT and the French television network France 24 finds "sentiment is widespread in NATO's six largest countries that the United States should cooperate with Russia over missile defenses in Eastern Europe," the IHT says.

To us nothing is working as planned but to bush it is total success as he endeavors for new societal, middle east, and world order! I wanted to finish this with Senator Hagel's assertion that Bush must be in Alice's wonderland because he is Republican and dead right. In the interest of shortening this I will supply the link and hope you read it because Hagel's assertions are dead on
** Can we and the world avoid war and stop bush's "Success" in his drive for New Societal, middle east, and World Order?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


TomCat said...

Great minds, Jim. This echoes a couple articles of mine in the last couple days, so I have little to add, except well done and right-on!

jmsjoin said...

Very good! I have written about it so many times and contacted every Politician and MSM possible numerous times to no avail. I won't stop but I just don't get it!

Unknown said...

$200/barrel Oil will be great for Bush/Cheney and all their obscenely wealthy cronies.

jmsjoin said...

Brother I posted that because the Relentless liberal thinks that will stop Bush. He is not governed by common sense. He is the worlds sole Decider and will do what he wants.
I was just on Naj's and it might have been Nunya but someone from the middle east said he will not because we are over extended.
I just don't get it. Everything will blow because people refuse to see what Bush is doing and sense does not figure into the decision process if they haven't noticed yet!

Minnesotablue said...

I read you and Tomcats blog everyday. You are so right on and you both make it easier for folks like me to understand clearly exactly how distructive this man is. Keep on blogging friend and keep us informed.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, as we have seen before and will see again, the bastards want more war.

Ever the administration's eager poster boy for war with Iran, Gen. Petraeus, has been hyping the Iran "threat" for over a year now.

They got caught lying about Iranian EFP's back in February '07 and backed off when they couldn't show proof.

The NY Times first reacted with the old Judith Miller style regurgitation, and then pretended to be more objective after questions were raised by others.

The administration is still doing their damndest to start a war with Iran. The media is still very close to going along with it.

Karen said...

It's scary to think of what the bushies are doing behind the scenes as most of MSM attention is on Barack and Hillary.

jmsjoin said...

I thank you! I will not stop! 9/11 made me start writing the truth because it was obvious we were lied to from the beginning and it is only getting worse.
I turned from books to Blogging as a means of getting to people instantly on the fast growing issues.
I have been perusing your site and others. I am just caught up with trying to get the truth out and make a difference.
After hundreds of letters to every Politician and MSM I found out they do not care about the truth or how we the people in the trenches of society feel.
Before I got into all this I started my kids book about my fantastic Huckleberry Childhood growing up in Salem, Mass. Someday I will get back to it. Award winner for sure. Growing up Tom Sawyer in 1960s Salem, Mass.
tom and I are always in line with each other. He's a good man as is Brother. Thanks again. Take care!

jmsjoin said...

Dave you just walked right into my post of today. I often wonder if it is me being visionary or do we all worry about the same lies?
I am stunned that I can not get people to realize Bush does not care about $200 oil or what anyone thinks.
As he said, he'd rather listen to his dog. He will attack Iran or steal the election so McCain did. This is just starting and oh I better shut up, you know!

jmsjoin said...

I really don't like to talk the truth and reality because it is a lot harsher than most realize. Things are moving so fast as Bush speeds this up as he runs out of time I forget what I wrote when.
I think today yeah i posted the update to the middle east breakdown. They just sped up Fallon's removal. He was not to leave for months but with things headed south and him being in the way he was removed yesterday.
If not sooner watch this ramp up as soon as they find his replacement!

TomCat said...

Thanks MB. That's high praise indeed. Jim's Progressive Patriot Award summarizes my thinking on the quality and dedication of what he does here.

jmsjoin said...

tc Minnesota Blue is a new convert to me in our endeavor for people to learn the unbiased truth and not the truth one or the other hidden agenda want you to believe. thank You!