Friday, February 15, 2008

Condoleeza Rice the two-for Republican (VP nominee) spoiler we can't let happen!

last night I was thinking of posting Jerome's story on the Possible Republican answer to Obama and Hillary. After hearing a right on analysis of Romney who looked and sounded like an undertaker at a meeting of Angels Anonymous endores McCain who was even less comfortable and cordial I had to by pass my research for a moment and Post What the Relentless Liberal said about the Republican two-for This is a very real and likely scenario. Jerome never ceases to amaze me.

Race and Gender MatterBy Jerome Grossman:
The Democrats have a number of core constituencies: women, organized labor, African-Americans, liberals and Hispanics. Ideally, to satisfy all power centers in the party, a Democratic president would like to have five vice-presidents to represent the interests of each group but the Constitution is in the way so they are usually placed in the president's cabinet.

In the talent pool for the current campaign, the Democrats have produced two superior candidates, an African-American and a woman, both trying to break the historic monopoly enjoyed by white men. Their rise to leadership seems to signal a change in American attitudes toward women and people of color. Have we transcended race and gender in America? Is that why the Democrats have brought twice as many voters to the polls as the GOP and raised far more money?The Republicans will have a problem remaining competitive whether the Democrats nominate Obama or Clinton. They already have a 71-year-old white man, who looks the part, at the top of the ticket. The American fetish with youth and especially with the celebrity culture requires a stunningly original choice to confuse the opposition as well as the voters.

If a woman and a black are capturing all those primary votes in every state and raising so many millions of dollars, the GOP can get into the act by presenting to the nation a candidate for vice- president who is a twofer, both a woman and an African-American - Condoleezza Rice. As Secretary of State, the former national security adviser, professor and concert pianist has the experience and savoir faire to attract the celebrity conscious U.S. public. Her link with unpopular President Bush is a negative she already shares with John McCain. She would bring an unusual combination of youth and experience to the GOP ticket and could become a star if she told us what went wrong with U.S. foreign policy and how she would repair it. And from an insider’s perspective, it might be sensational and irresistible.

Jerome, Jerome, Jerome, you never cease to amaze me! I was just listening to the so called experts discussing who they thought the VP Nominee should be. I don't remember who their choice was for McCain's VP because I saw your thought at the same time and you took my attention. Race and Gender does matter but it is tolerated at that level in the Republican party only if it serves their interest. What you just suggested would serve their interest and is a very scary scenario. That would work for them and man is that a scary thought.

I never gave her any thought because she gained my ire and I see the Ire of all progressives I Blog with when she lied through her teeth during that facade they called the 9/11 commission hearings. She had me seething as did the whole charade because of the obvious lying and cover ups that laughingly found nobody did anything wrong. She is a gifted and proven loyal liar and as I think you know, that is a job requirement to be close to GW. I remember her saying she would never accept the Presidential nomination but I never heard the VP mentioned.

I can see her accepting that and a McCain Rice ticket would indeed be formidable but there are enough people that do not want to be in Iraq for 100 years or want anymore of the lying and war mongering that ticket would guarantee. I believe she would help with party loyalists but would sink McCain where it matters most and that is with independents. I don't know if McCain can win period as many see the modern Republican party for what it is and realize we can not survive another four years. I as you know am very concerned at what underhanded tactic they are going to pull in order to keep their corruptive power.
James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

I wouldn't make book on that, Jim. McCon's already got one foot in the grave; that would be the final nail in his coffin. That shoe-shopping dolt needs to retire with her 'husband'.

an average patriot said...

I agree with you as you may have read in my summary. However I can see whoever is behind the right wanting Rice and mcCain and Rice would go for it. It would be a death knoll I believe unless the election is rigged again!
I also agree Billary should get the hell out of the way but there is no way they will or that they care what is best for the party.
Obama is a sure win and Black superDelegates from the South pledged to Hillary are now jumping to Obama because of Bill.
I am happy to see that and hope many others join because I do not want this to turn into Black against white as I feared from the beginning.

Human said...

He might pick Condi. I hope he does. It would be a big mistake. She does not represent any type of change and that is what so many want. The Democratic Voters are turning out 2 to 1 in the primaries. If Sen. Obama wins the Primary, the Republicans can pick Condi or Colin. They'll just get crushed by the Obama Steam Roller.

an average patriot said...

Glad to hear from you! To me that is the problem with her. She is a tried and true lying scum and like McCain represents the war mongering status quo many hard line right wingers want.
Like you I think we will defeat whoever. I am just very concerned as to how this is going to be taken out of our hands this time because if the rights agenda is in danger, it will be! There is no way the awesome dictatorial powers Bush has amassed can be allowed in Dem hands.

Human said...

Thanks it's nice to be appreciated.

I think their Ace was supposed to be Hillary. She is one of the main Racketeers. The Clintons and the adoration of my Liberal friends for them were one of the main reasons why I left the party. I also didn't and still don't see much difference between the 2 parties.

Sen. Obama is bringing me back in. That, and my 1st pick Rep. Ron Paul dropped out. It's more a anti Hillary vote. If it was any other of the Dems who were running, save Biden(BOOO) I would stay out of it, until Nov. I have until late March to jump back in ifin the Obama Campaign needs my vote. He only needs 2000 sigs to get on the ballot. The Pennsylvania Primary ain't until April. I've been voting for pert near 30 ears and never had a winner before. Kinda feels like I don't want to Jinx him :)

Peace. It's possible. Maybe with Obama?

an average patriot said...

Hillary is a NeoCon in Democratic disguise. A vote for her is a vote for mcCain. Obama will get the job done and be our next President barring assassination or a myriad of other underhanded tactcs. I was disturbed to hearv Top Clinton Adviser Says Superdelegates Will Decide Election, Obama's Victories 'Irrelevant'