Tuesday, February 19, 2008

After numerous discussions on Bush's fascist ambitions I decided to post today's updates in Bush's quest to control us and the world!

After numerous discussions on Bush's fascist ambitions and yesterday's comments I decided to post today's updates in Bush's quest to control us and the world! We must wake up the country!

In regard to Bush's Kosovo intervention: Serbia's foreign minister urged members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation to condemn Kosovo's declaration of independence and vowed Tuesday that the nascent nation would remain a part of Serbia."We call on this body to condemn the unilateral and illegal declaration of independence by the authorities in Pristina from the Republic of Serbia by reaffirming the OSCE's basic principles and values," Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said. Jeremic also appeared to lash out at countries who choose to recognize Kosovo.

"History will judge those who have chosen to trample the bedrock of the international system, and on the principles upon which security and cooperation in Europe have been established," he said. By declaring independence unilaterally, Kosovo contravened international agreements, including the U.N. Charter, Jeremic said. "If this violation of the very nature of the international system is not wrong, then nothing is wrong," he said, acknowledging that some countries had chosen to ignore "this universal truth."

He had said Monday that Serbia would seek to block Kosovo from gaining diplomatic recognition and membership to international organizations, including the OSCE. Since the organization operates by consensus, it takes just one country to block such a move. "As such, we must act on the courage of our convictions, condemn the unilateral declaration of independence by the Kosovo Albanians and make sure that Kosovo is not granted a seat at the OSCE table," Jeremic said. We cannot give them sovereignty. ... For us, Kosovo is the crucible of our identity, it is the essential link between our past and our future," he said.

Kosovo's declaration of independence on Sunday came after two years of fruitless talks between Serbian and ethnic Albanian leaders. "The Republic of Serbia did not consent, has not consented, will not consent. For Kosovo and Metohija shall remain part of Serbia forever," Jeremic told the OSCE. Speaking to reporters later, Jeremic added that any kind of compensation offer for the loss of Kosovo was nothing but an "extremely indecent proposal." "There's absolutely no way that Serbia would be prepared to exchange Kosovo for anything," including EU membership, Jeremic said. Serbia considers Kosovo its historic and religious heartland. While it is willing to agree to wide autonomy for Kosovo, it refuses to give it up entirely. Jeremic warned that countries or organizations that recognize Kosovo would have to face the consequences. Serbia in no uncertain terms condemns Kosovo Independence

Bush doesn't care if China, Russia and others warn of disrupting Global order. That is his goal! Superpower Divide Over Kosovo Widens
Meanwhile Bush again smugly and purposely looks for world war and ignores Russia's warnings of destroying world order
At the same time President Pervez Musharraf’s leading opponents urged him to resign today as they jockeyed for position in a new coalition government after winning parliamentary elections that dramatically altered Pakistan’s political landscape (write Jeremy Page in Lahore and Zahid Hussain in Islamabad). But the former General, who seized power in a coup in 1999, refused to quit despite unofficial election results showing that the Pakistan Muslim League (Q), his political support base, had lost all but 38 of its 118 seats in parliament. Musharraf will bring down his country too
Thanks to Bush purposely destroying world order so he can emplace his version it will continue unabated. Now that Fidel has stepped down Chavez who is supporting Cuba better really start worrying because his death would kill to birds with one stone or so Bush thinks. It would in fact bring total chaos to two more areas as Bush is now going to actively instigate Cuba towards Democracy
He is looking for another success in his failed world Democratization program as he creates total disorder so he can take total control of us to fight and emplace his new world (dis)order.

Towards this end The American civil liberties Union has asked the nation's highest court to make clear that Bush does not have the power under the U.S. Constitution to engage in intelligence surveillance within the United States that Congress has expressly prohibited. And since they are in Bush's pocket The Supreme court won't review Bush domestic spying case

Bush will not quit as he has the entire world in turmoil and it is just beginning. He will soon have more than enough cause to Declare martial order to control us and fight his future wars! We must come together if we are to save our country. Towards that end I want you to read below the fold what is coming up to educate the people as to what Bush is getting ready to do and you can put in your two cents.
James Joiner
Gardner Ma
Martial Law, Concentration Camps, and Fascism: Are These Real Concerns To Americans?

Within the next two to three weeks, Justanothercoverup will be expanding the category “# S 1959, Endgame, Martial Law, DHS, NSA, Fascism” by adding articles from all over the Internet that present varying thoughts on these subjects as well as the best way to survive a declaration of Martial Law. We also plan to offer specific materials, available from this site, that will be a compilation of facts and hypothesis from the leading authorities who have had the courage to speak-up on this issue.

There have always been those who are complacent and “believe it could never happen to us,” but a close reading and analysis of Bush’s recent administrative and executive orders seem to speak otherwise, and for those attempting to survive, it will be our mission to provide the best the Internet has to offer in suggestions, methods, and the actual probabilities of what such an action would entail and how it would manifest itself upon the population. We are taking these steps because we have identified a remarkable trend in the composition of visitors that regularly peruse this site.

In the last three (3) months, approximately 80% of our visitors have been looking into Senate Bill S 1959, the Senate’s Sister Bill HR1955, which was passed in the House of Representatives and now is in committee, supposedly awaiting Senate (sic) confirmation. Americans appear to be extremely concerned with this odious Bill, the prospect(s) for Martial Law, Concentration Camps that are rapidly being built and maintained in the continental United States, and the general militarization of corporate and local law enforcement agencies.

If we couple those facts with NSA turning their spy satellites on US citizens, the situation appears to becoming worse, not better, and millions of Americans are reading-up on the subject and attempting to gauge the severity of the threat if one actually exists - and unfortunately, Martial Law could easily present itself without warning and at any time, today, next year, or never.The “Webalizer” program, which is an internal counter program provided by BlueHost indicates that since December of 2007, Justanothercoverup has received 1,723,608 hits which resulted in 245,460 page views conducted by 106,455 visitors.

The “AwStats” counter program, also provided by BlueHost indicates that during the same time period, JAC received 1,499,436 Hits which resulted in 212,345 page views by 87,842 visitors. Finally, the StatCounter Program, which is from England, collects a lot of valuable information on where the hits originated from as well as which article the subscriber is reading and how long they visited the site, but doesn’t indicate total number of hits, and the statistics is does count are only those who enter the site with their cookies turned-on;

These are the Statcounter statistics for the same time-period: 88,682 Visitors who read 66,675 pages.If we take the Statcounter figures, which are the lowest of all, that equates to an average of 29,560 average visitors per month for December, January, and I also counted February - which isn’t even over yet! In consideration that many of these articles have been posted on high-traffic sites throughout the Internet, it stands clear that this is a subject that America is interested in and demands information to prove or disprove its existence.

The preponderance of the evidence, including contracts awarded to KBR by FEMA indicate that internment camps are being built, however the exact details of DHS’s “EndGame” remain unclear, and as we approach a Presidential election, it is this author’s opinion that these allegations and facts should be a part of the debate process. If S 1959 isn’t made to be a campaign issue, especially in consideration that many aspects of this program are already being implemented LINK, “we the people” are selling ourselves short and electing an individual that could potentially enslave the country just as the Bush administration can now do with the singular stroke of the pen!

This is a matter that affects every American in existence yet despite its seriousness and the general interest of the public, there is still a mainstream news media blackout on the issue which was courageously broken on February the 4th, 2008 by the San Francisco Chronicle when they published the story, “Rule by fear or rule by law?”. Many of us had hoped this “crack in the dam” of the MSM might lead to a flood of news coverage and commentary on S 1959 and the prospects of Martial Law, however, as usual, our cowardly and ineffective MSM stood mute in cowardice as the San Francisco Chronicle gave them a lead-in to a story that the bulk of Americans want to hear - IN GREAT DETAIL!

I’m sure the SF Chronicle has noted the huge amount of traffic they have received in regard this subject, something the rest of the MSM should take into consideration!There is no question or doubt that this is a subject that is arousing the interest of countless millions of Americans. If there wasn’t a press blackout on the issue, maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal, however, when our own government won’t address the concerns of millions of curious citizens - it then becomes a matter of interest to all who care about the secretive nature in which our government is currently operating under, and has for the past seven years.

President Bush and Congress are not passing these measures because they don’t have anything better to do, and to insult us by stating this program is designed to cope with “illegal immigrants” is a slap in the face of any American that has more than an ounce of intelligence! If illegal immigrants were the issue, the southern border would have been secured long ago and the President wouldn’t be attempting to expand the guest-worker program and further allow America’s farm wages to be driven even lower by foreign labor. LINKWe have invested in written as well as electronic materials, and after analyzing and perusing all that’s available we hope to offer a meaningful plan of action if martial law becomes a reality and what you can do to insure your family’s survival in times that will fall well within the meaning of chaos and anarchy. Please keep in mind that a declaration of martial law would likely strip stores bare in a matter of hours and would severely disrupt the service sector, a guarantee that food will not reach the grocer’s shelves for a very long time.

President Bush’s Executive Orders have granted the military permission to seize all of your food and water, so it won’t be as easy as stocking-up food, but having the wherewithal to hide it where it can’t be easily found. The situation we face is complicated and could be the result of political instability, a terrorist attack, or a severe natural disaster, all of which Bush has cataloged as “reasons” to declare martial law. Any author that would like to write on this subject is invited to contact Justanothercoverup and your contribution will be considered, and if it’s appropriate, published with any desired author credits.

These materials are meant to be provided as a public service, and while it’s understandable some of those referenced materials may be proprietary in nature, they will only be selected for inclusion on this site if they are priced in a manner where it’s relatively easy for anyone to afford. Our survival as a people when faced with fascism or a theocratic version thereof cannot be measured in dollars and cents, and like it or not, it is the poor and lower middle-class who shall suffer the worst, so any reference materials contained herein will have to be relatively inexpensive.

William Cormier


Larry said...

The truth of the "surge" Jim:

Paying Insurgents Not to Fight

By Paul Craig Roberts

It is impossible to keep up with all the Bush regime’s lies. There are simply too many. Among the recent crop, one of the biggest is that the “surge” is working.

Launched last year, the "surge" was the extra 20,000-30,000 U.S. troops sent to Iraq. These few extra troops, Americans were told, would finally supply the necessary forces to pacify Iraq.

This claim never made any sense. The extra troops didn't raise the total number of U.S. soldiers to more than one-third the number every expert has said is necessary in order to successfully occupy Iraq.

The real purpose of the "surge" was to hide another deception. The Bush regime is paying Sunni insurgents $800,000 a day not to attack U.S. forces. That's right, 80,000 members of an "Awakening group," the "Sons of Iraq," a newly formed "U.S.-allied security force" consisting of Sunni insurgents, are being paid $10 a day each not to attack U.S. troops. Allegedly, the Sons of Iraq are now at work fighting al-Qaeda.

This is a much cheaper way to fight a war. We can only wonder why Bush didn't figure it out sooner.

The "surge" was also timed to take account of the near completion of neighborhood cleansing. Most of the violence in Iraq during the past five years has resulted from Sunnis and Shi'ites driving each other out of mixed neighborhoods. Had the two groups been capable of uniting against the U.S. troops, the U.S. would have been driven out of Iraq long ago. Instead, the Iraqis slaughtered each other and fought the Americans in their spare time.

In other words, the "surge" has had nothing to do with any decline in violence.

With the Sunni insurgents now on Uncle Sam's payroll, with neighborhoods segregated, and with Sadr's militia standing down, it is unclear who is still responsible for ongoing violence other than U.S. troops themselves. Somebody must still be fighting, however, because the U.S. is still conducting air strikes and is still unable to tell friend from foe.

On Feb. 16, the Los Angeles Times reported that a U.S. air strike managed to kill nine Iraqi civilians and three Sons of Iraq.

The Sunnis are abandoning their posts in protest, demanding an end to "errant" U.S. air strikes. Obviously, the Sunnis see an opportunity to increase their daily pay for not attacking Americans. Soon they will have consultants advising them how much they can demand in bribes before it pays the Americans to begin fighting the war under the old terms. If Sunnis are smart, they will split the gains. Currently, the Sunnis are getting shafted. They are only collecting $800,000 of the $275,000,000 it costs the U.S. to fight the war for one day. That's only about three-tenths of one percent, too much of a one-sided deal for the Americans.

If the Sunnis negotiate their cut to between one-quarter and one-half of the daily cost to the U.S. of the war, the Sunnis won’t need to share in the oil revenues, thus helping the three factions to get back together as a country. Even 20 percent of the daily cost of the war would be a good deal for the Sunnis. A long-term contract in this range would be expensive for Uncle Sam, but a great deal cheaper than John McCain’s commitment to a 100-year Iraqi war.

If Bush's war turns out to be as big a boon for the Sunnis as it has for Tony Blair, we might have a modern-day version of The Mouse That Roared – a movie about an impoverished country that attacked the U.S. in order to be defeated and receive foreign aid – only this time the money comes as a payoff for not fighting the occupiers.

As the world now knows, Blair's "dodgy dossier" about the threat allegedly posed by Iraq was a contrivance that allowed Blair to put British troops at the service of Bush's aggression in the Middle East. Now that Blair is out of his prime minister job, he has been rewarded with millions of dollars in sinecures from financial firms such as JP Morgan and millions more in speaking engagements. As part of the payoff, the Bush Republicans have even put Mrs. Blair on the lucrative lecture circuit.

Ask yourself, do you really think Blair knows enough high finance to be of any value as an adviser to JP Morgan, or enough about climate change to advise Zurich Financial on the subject? Do you really believe that after hearing all the vacuous speeches Blair has delivered in those many years in office anyone now wants to pay him huge fees to hear him give a speech? Even when it was free, people were sick of it.

Blair is simply collecting his payoff for selling out his country and sending British troops to die for American hegemony.

The Sunnis seem inclined to do the same thing if Bush will pay them enough.

Is the next phase of the Iraq war going to be a U.S.-Sunni alliance against the Shi'ites?

Larry said...

Homeland Born and Bred

By Manuel Valenzuela

Sojourn into the outer recesses of a nation bordering on madness, into a land deeply disturbed and emotionally bewildered, a world of anti-intellectualism and anti-rationalism, of fanaticism and fundamentalism, entering a case study into fantasyland and escapism, taking a pilgrimage into realms both of purposeful ignorance and blindness, , of electing lifelong incompetents based on wanting to have a beer with them, walking through the dark valley of indifference, climbing the monolithic mountain of hubris, finally reaching the hallowed halls of smoke and mirrors, a place where only the blind lead the blind and where the deafening roars of death and destruction are easily suppressed in delusion and denial. Journey, if you will, into a nation that lost its moral compass inside the dungeons of fear and hatred.

Enter what fascists call the Homeland, what patriots used to call the United States of America, now named, simply, and appropriately, Amerika, a place where corporations enjoy more rights and protections than the People, where corporations – through their products and policies – help kill hundreds of thousands of human beings every year in the name of profit over people, making them mass murderers on a scale reserved only for humanity’s worst; a land controlled by the military-energy-industrial complex, with war the engine for unimaginable profits; a nation now without a Constitution, nor a moral standing; a country that has developed a thirst for human blood and an appetite for destruction; a land of Manifest Destiny leaving death, suffering and destruction in its wake; a sadist entity that develops and refines its crimes against humanity it inflicts upon the people of the world by first practicing them on its own citizenry.

It is inside the bowels of the Homeland that the malignant cancer that afflicts the country can be seen. The inner tumor inflicting constant pain can be seen through the eyes of a people so psychologically damaged by the never-before seen pressures on the human mind caused by capitalism run amok— conditioned to live to work and not work to live, thinking that work will set them free – that no nation on Earth has more citizens taking anti-depression and mind-numbing drugs in order to bandage an otherwise perpetually open gash. It can be seen through a people so internally despondent that only escapism through hours of fantasy-television watching or ceaseless consumption of materialistic goods, a modern version of bread and circus, can alleviate the stress and the pressures and the fatigue and the frustration and the anger developed in the pursuit of empty promises, of fictional dreams, in a world of the unreal.

Crisscross the land of the free and the home of the brave to see those who serve and protect abuse the people they serve. Tour Taser Nation, a land where authorities routinely inflict electroshock torture on the People, pulling the trigger first, asking questions later, as always enjoying inflicting pain and suffering on both innocent and guilty. Students, suspects, the infirm, the handicapped, pregnant women, motorists, the elderly, those asking questions, those protecting their rights and yes, now even children, all can be electroshocked into submission in a legalized form of torture that seems to grow by the day.

Taser Nation has become Torture Nation, zapping one unsuspecting citizen at a time, conditioning the population towards the new normal of police brutality and state-sanctioned intimidation. Welcome to the Land of the Brownshirts, a place where respect for human rights and loving your neighbor as yourself is now frowned upon, a place where bullying, intimidation, harassment and a budding police state are the new normal.

Take an excursion into the vast hinterlands of the Empire’s prison system, a network of concentration camps holding over two million human beings, most imprisoned for petty drug violations, most black or Latino or working class white, many suffering serious mental health problems, many trapped in a vicious circle of indigence, unemployment, incarceration and oppression at the hands of the state. Ostensibly designed to rehabilitate, these jails do the opposite, exacerbating mental anguish, frustration and anger, easing the transformation of human beings into rotting manifestations of lives lost and altered. It is here where Guantanamo and Bagram and Abu Ghraib find their genesis.

These prisons, these cages of solitude and loneliness and madness and survival and violence, are where American society discards itself of the unwanted, the undesirable, those not comporting to the mores of Puritanical code. America’s vast prison system is where those fated from birth to the lower echelons of society’s caste system end up, those millions tattooed with the shackles of American society’s perpetual enslavement, destined to forever live in ghettos, inner city reservations and Bantustans, devoid of opportunity and a future, forced to dwell upon the realities of metaphysical imprisonment, desperate to survive either by illegality or escapism, oppressed and subjugated by authorities, marginalized by society, discriminated against by the state.

It is here, in these rotting machinations of rusted iron, metal bars and decrepit institutionalization, of fetid squalor and sadistic reality, where America’s brigade of automatons makes its problems disappear, creating an entire state and privatized prison-industrial complex dependent on crime, guilt, sentencing and prisoners. It is inside these penal institutions that America’s sadists and authoritarian personalities work, brutalizing and torturing inmates, oppressing and exploiting individuals, fomenting racism and hatred.

It is here where America trains her torturers and her malevolent warriors, her “bad apples” and her fascist enablers, exporting lessons learned abroad, infecting the innocent of occupied lands with the cruel and inhuman punishment that is as American as apple pie. It is here, in these creations of human hell, that crimes against humanity are perfected. It is inside the gates of hell that experimentation becomes indoctrination and where brutality becomes legalized torture.

Rise of a New Crusade

Enter the periphery of the Empire, where fear and hatred together form silent acquiescence to myriad crimes against humanity, where indifference and unconcern leads to war crimes going unpunished, where ignorance of the outside world leads to ignorance of forgotten occupations, where ballots cast help ease into power corruption and criminality and mass murder, where the two headed hydra of the Corporatist Party colludes to condemn millions in Muslim lands to premature death and wretched suffering, where critical thinking is shunned and backwardness embraced, and where progressive, humanist ideals find castration by the knives owned by those living inside the bubble of primitive and extinct days long since passed.

Traverse a nation conditioned to hate the Arab and Muslim world – a land of a billion strong – with its corresponding depravity of jingoism and xenophobia boiling beneath the surface, ready at a moment’s notice, or upon the happenstance of new Pearl Harbor events, to explode in searing anger, for a populace injected with the venom of fear and ignorance easily unleashes its wrath on the chosen dark-skinned scapegoats of the undeveloped world. Programmed fear and molded hatred born of inside jobs and false flag events have unlocked the flames of bigotry from the inner demons of the Empire, creating sub-human scapegoats whose only crime is inhabiting lands the vampire of hegemony needs in order to satiate its ceaseless craving for power and control. Thus, in the lands where black blood flows and the devil’s excrement spills you will find the Empire’s dripping, black stained fangs.

Enter, if you will, the land of Christian soldiers and born-again leaders, a terrain belonging to the army of Jesus and to the vengeful, disastrous deity of Old Testament belief, marching off to victory with a cross in one-hand and an M-16 in the other; a nation of bible camps, bible conventions, bible thumpers and Bible Belts; of mega-churches, mega- proselytizers and mega-hypocrisy; of fanaticism and fundamentalism; of illogical – and damaging – belief in the myth of creationism and the delusions of abstinence; of agents of intolerance, thirst for conversions and theocratic fantasy; of protection and respect of life only if life is that of a zygote, not an actual human being caught in war, terminal disease or endemic suffering; a place where belief in myth and fable and of the never seen is given prominence over reality and reason and modernity’s treatises; of blind faith trumping sound science; of a nation self-professing and monopolizing blessings by humankind’s archaic and historically grossly incompetent divinity; of extremist theism, evangelical psychosis and reactionary emotion; and of evangelical sheep being led to pasture by wolves dressed in shepherd’s clothing.

Indeed, enter the eye of the Middle East storm, the creator of hatred and blowback, the father and mother of the fictional war on terror, the epicenter of the crusade of surge and siege, the fulcrum of Christian extremism, the home of the American Taliban, the disseminator of the self-fulfilling prophesy of a so-called clash of civilizations. From the Cathedrals of Consumerism to the Enormous Edifices of Evangelism, from the Hubris of Imperialism to the Arrogance of Righteousness, it is the Empire itself, holding debauched neoliberal capitalism in one hand, the mutated, distorted principles of the Cross on the other, that has birthed this latest of Crusades into the lands of ancient history.

For it is America, through military might and the power of its weapons, though financial intimidation and market colonialism, that has proclaimed itself heir to the throne of Western imperialism, arrogantly declaring itself the next in line, of humankind’s great historical powers, to reach the apex of Empire. And so, as the maker of mankind’s new reality, as the molder of human destiny, the Pax Americana, through its legions of neoliberal capitalists, religious extremists, corporatist stooges and delusional neocons, has created a collision all its own making, a vicious cycle of hatred born and vengeance sought, of cause and effect, of boomeranging blowback, of making an enemy where none existed, of declaring war on an entire region of the planet.

Thus the fictional war on terror builds the momentum for it to invariably become real, for one billion Muslims – the vast majority peaceful and moderate – to see, and firmly believe, that a Crusade of Surge and Siege has thus been thrust upon them by Christian and uber-capitalist Amerika. By this method the fictional war on terror feeds itself, growing from an invention of fascist Amerika in search of enemies into a mature manifestation of anger and hatred, a true, and artificially engendered clash of civilizations gorging on the boiling animosity of East versus West.

Through momentum that has been building since September 2001, the architects of creative chaos, the designers of bogeymen, the fathers of shock capitalism, and the makers of artificial fear have coalesced into an amalgam of malevolence, planting the seed they hope will sprout a perpetual battle between Muslim and Christian, America and Middle Easterners. In the desert landscape of Muslim lands they have found an oasis from which to plant and grow a modern day crusade, not to reclaim the Holy Land, but to simply claim the vast fields of the Devil’s Excrement; not to rain freedom and democracy on uncivilized people, but to firmly plant permanence in strategic lands; not to bring Christianity to barbarians, but to violently force neoliberal capitalism down the throats of the Muslim world. Such is the method to the madness of the Crusade of Surge and Siege.

First they came for the Muslims…

Navigate from coast to coast, witnessing the persecution of Arab and Muslim groups, most set up by the same government that later concocts charges and smears against them in the usually unsuccessful attempt at maintaining the illusion of insecurity within the greater population. The state propagandists realize that in order to maintain the chimera of an enemy, that in order for the idea of terror to coagulate in the minds of the people, the illusion must be maintained that indeed an enemy exists. It must be made to look as though the enemy lives among us, that it is domestic as well as foreign, that it is planning to attack our way of life. This, of course, also creates the fantasy that the state is our protector, and that in order to protect us, we must sacrifice even more rights and freedoms for security.

The use of scapegoats, in this case the use of naïve, oftentimes incompetent, illiterate, indigent and sometimes even mentally deficient groups of Arab or Muslim men, usually with no political power and no financial resources, is part of a formula of fear designed inside the rubble of the Twin Towers that has been used to terrorize the American people into submitting to a fascist, despotic state. With every persecution of Arab and Muslim groups, charged with planning terrorist activity, usually with little or no proof, usually later found innocent by a court of law, the state further cements the fiction of fear and the illusion of perpetual insecurity in the citizenry. Propaganda makes bogeymen of scapegoats and scapegoats make obedient cowards of us all.

Of course every new persecution is met by a thunderous manifestation of corporate media coverage, bombarding the airwaves with the fictions and illusions of the charade that is the war on terror. There are enemies in our midst, we are told, dreaded bogeymen intent on killing us, trying to shoot up a mall, or blow up a building, or murder our children. Yet, as usually happens, when the alleged plot is discovered for the lie that it is, when the state is forced to drop charges, when a court of law throws out the case, when the innocent’s voice is validated and the condemned are once again free, there is not one camera or reporter or journalist ready or willing to bombard us with the truth. The blitzkrieg of guilt is suddenly replaced with the utter silence of innocence.

The damage, however, has already been done, for in the eyes of tens of millions the parade of fictions and the presumption of guilt that has so readily been beamed by the corporate media have already established the fear and insecurity that America is under siege by the barbarian horde and its evil religion. The illusion has thus been established, the excuse to erode yet more liberties has been successful, and the scapegoat has again been made the object of growing hatred. The people have again been manipulated, conditioned to hate the very idea of a Muslim or an Arab. The enemy has again been vilified, dehumanized and ostracized, the very term “Muslim” becoming denigrated, its practitioners and believers made to wear an invisible crescent moon on their breasts, becoming in many eyes unwelcome pariahs in the land of immigrants and the home of freedom.

Every new so-called uncovered plot, every new so-called uncovered threat, every new depiction of evil incarnate is, of course, used by the Ministry of Truth to validate the belief that the state is protecting us, that our sacrifice of freedoms and rights, that our submission to a police state has been of great service, that it is indeed working and must therefore continue, no matter how intrusive it becomes, no matter how much it destroys the Constitution and no matter how large Big Brother continues to grow. In the end, the formula of illusion, of imaginary enemies, of chosen scapegoats, works to create a harmonious narrative of terror abroad and terror at home, of a war on terror that must be perpetual and ceaseless, of a state working diligently to secure our freedom, our way of life, the American way.

The formula creates a submissive, compliant and acquiescent citizenry, one that does not blink at the mass murder of millions in the Middle East, at innumerable war crimes, at the use of torture and the creation of gulags. The scapegoating of Arab and Muslims by the state and the corporatist media has succeeded in fomenting a xenophobic hatred and anger against those people emanating from and residing in the Middle East. The mission has been accomplished, for the masses, thinking that the shredding of the Constitution has not affected them because they are not terrorists and have done nothing wrong, have voluntarily eviscerated their own rights and freedoms, for eventually, the crimes and horrors and human rights violations and erosion of liberties committed against the scapegoat class inevitably is imputed onto the majority. In a proto-fascist nation such as America, it is only a matter of time.

First the state comes for the chosen scapegoats, using them as the key to unlocking the rights and freedoms of the masses. The scapegoat is the excuse, the mirage to eviscerate the Constitution in the shadows, with the masses blinded to reality, and creating a new normal of fascism and tyranny. Thinking they are safe from the claws of the state, the masses eagerly give up more power and freedom and liberty in the belief that only the enemy is being targeted. Eventually, before the blink of a collective eye, the masses themselves are being eavesdropped, spied on, surveilled upon, interrogated, harassed, controlled, tortured and disappeared. Eventually, it is their rights and freedoms and liberties that no longer exist.

Told today’s eavesdropping and illegal wiretapping by the state is to spy on the few Muslim terrorists, and that immunity for state and corporations is needed for our vital security, we later learn that all Americans have been illegally spied on, that Big Brother is watching and listening and monitoring us all and that we have no recourse to halt or file suit or seek accountability against the same companies doing the spying. Thus yesterday’s malfeasance and criminality become the present’s new normal, and the closer we approach the precipice of despotism.

The formula works every time authoritarian entities are determined to destroy the fabric of a free and democratic people. It is written in humankind’s history books, yet it remains ignored and unlearned by those who refuse to know the history of man. It is in our history that our tendencies are deciphered. It is in our past that our patterns can be anticipated. In the end, compliant Americans become good Americans, freedom is replaced by tyranny, rights and liberties are usurped by a police and surveillance state and a constitutional past becomes a new normal of authoritarianism and corporatism.

This is what happens when the majority ignores the plight of a scapegoated minority that is powerless to fight the claws of a despotic state. This is what happens when the first signs of smoke over the horizon are seen and ignored, only later realizing, much too late to escape its wrath, that a raging inferno enveloping everything in its path has arrived. First they come for Muslims, then they come for us all.

an average patriot said...

The surge has succeeded in nothing. it has only served to leave an increased amount of troops there until they are needed elsewhere in the middle east.
I have written about the Sunni's being on our payroll more than a few times. We pay them $300 per day to fight for us. They are the reason for the success up to now.
Supposedly by Al Qaeda but their lives are being threatened and they are being killed. So we'll see how long it lasts!
I am sick of Bush's lies and McCain wants another 100 years in the lie we call Iraq!

an average patriot said...

Homeland Born and Bred paints a pretty bad image of America. Some of it sounds a bit much so I won't pass it on to Danny and Jerome but sadly a lot of it is right on.
This mess around the world and here is still just developing and will continue to pick up speed and rapidly get worse. You know, I wrote a few times about Bush's Christian army a couple years back and many at kos said I was soft but it is a fact.
You know for a fact that we are the real enemy and so called terrorists are the excuse used for whoever is behind Bush to persue their new world order. We and the world will soon be forced to take them on!

Karen said...

Hopefully President Obama can clean this mess up, but it's not going to be easy.

an average patriot said...

I believe he can. I have to run out to the VA right now ut later I want to discuss how Faux news and everyone else is trying to bring him down but they wll fail. I just pray he does not get assassinated. Think of the repercussions!

Anok said...

Hey Jim, How the hell are ya? I feel like I've been gone for months LOL.

OK, so, I'm of two minds on Kosovo. I've been reading and reading about it, Serbia, and our involvement in their politics and wars, and I'm having a tough time coming to any solid conclusion. I actually think that supporting Kosovo's independence, even though Serbia is threatening us, and it is straining US Russian relations....might be a good thing. It's that need for independence that I can't ignore....but the jury is still out on my final position.

As for Cuba, Castro's brother, who has taken the reigns hates the US more than Castro did in his hey day. I have serious doubts that he will have anything to do with democratizing Cuba at the urge of the US. In fact, I'd be surprised if he didn't start even harsher action against the US. We need to watch Cuba closely, because this change of power could really change the dynamics of world order.

Chavez has loosened his threat to stop oil shipments to the US, but he is seriously fighting back the Exxon's attempt to destabilize the nationalization of their oil projects.

Wow, there is so much going on.

an average patriot said...

Hey Anok
I am doing great! I just got back from a long trip to the VA and am getting a late start. I have to laugh about Kosovo! To me it is just one more place Bush is screwing up in he endeavor for new world order. Russia, Serbia, China, Spain, etc have said it will destroy world order which is Bush's goal.
This morning Palestine mentioned a declaration of independence and a Kosovo style force might be the best thing for him. This crap is just beginning and chaos and war will spread around the world. Hold on Dear!
Don't give up on me I don't know about today but hopefully tomorrow and can start getting around again. Have to try to get in a story about gang banging Obama now. Chow!

Anok said...

Did you just say....what I thought you said...?! I can't wait to read that LMAO.

So your thoughts are that Bush is only supporting Kosovo's independence to poke to the Big Bear? It makes sense.....bu at the same time I actually....almost....believe that there is some altruistic reason behind it.


an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! That was pretty funny huh, gang banging Obama? I didn't use that for a title but it is a fact.
He is being Gang Banged in the sense that I know it growing up in the streets. I hasve been hearing it all day and it really stinks!
Anyway, yes Bush is FFFing with them the Chinese and the entire world. He has to have more war and soon and he will! I am going to try and look around a bit now. I hope to be at your place! Adios for now!