Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama can debunk the fact that things are great in Iraq, bring out the facts of Iraq, Government failure, US paid Sunni, no military victory period!

In light of McCain saying in the past we could be in Iraq for a hundred years and that would be short if military victory was the goal and now saying victory will be soon I wanted to discuss Bush being stuck in Iraq . Speaking during his stop in the United Arab Emirates, Bush warned of dangers coming from Iran. The audience didn't need the warning -- they have their own misgivings about Tehran. But people in the Gulf are less afraid of Iran than of hostilities next door. Any war in the vicinity can be devastating -- Iraq a case in point.

Furthermore, Gulf countries can see that the current US administration cannot handle another military offensive.

So what exactly was Bush hoping to accomplish? Most likely, he wanted to scare Gulf countries into buying more weapons. An arms race in the region, while beneficial to Israel, could turn out to be debilitating to both Iran and Gulf states. Think of a major defense scheme, a wall of defensive rockets based in the Gulf, presumably to protect the region against Iran's ballistic missiles. Hasn't Iran said that it can strike at any country within a distance of 4,000 kilometers? So how about a few gadgets to keep the Iranians at bay? This is what Bush came to this region to say. This is how far he has sunk. Please read the middle east view By Gamal Ali Salami

Knowing from the get go that there would be no success in Iraq or anywhere else because Bush ignored all good advice to the contrary and attacked Iraq so he could help Israel establish a new middle east order and McCain is foolishly lying and saying there will be victory in Iraq soon just so he can get elected I decided to Google it to find out who if anyone was speaking the truth. I was stunned.

Most including Democrats saw improvements! It's hard to have any optimism when it comes to Iraq, but I do think there was some potentially good news from Baghdad this week. It resulted from what appears to be an undemocratic process, but basically three major political groups held their noses and voted for a bill that gave each of them one big prize. I fervently hope that the potential benefits come to fruition, and with these specific elements, I think there may be some cause for optimism.The legislation set a date for provincial elections, created a budget for 2008, and provided limited amnesty for some non-violent prisoners. It was all passed together in a single bundle, and apparently not by voice vote but rather by "consensus," both of which are, to be charitable, extra-constitutional. Still, it's hard to criticize given the results.

Not everybody is happy, of course -- Sadrists, Allawi's party, and the smaller Sunni group are unhappy with elements of the agreement -- but it did get passed, which represents a move forward. Previously, the groups that pushed this agreement through all were willing to sacrifice their own goals so nobody else got what they wanted, so this is progress.I think this would have happened a lot sooner if we had begun to redeploy troops earlier, and certainly it has no great effect on my overall view of the strategic picture, but it's definitely worth keeping an eye on. I decided to give you the link to see what everyone is saying about Real success in Iraq
I absolutely do not see this as being permanent but rather another facade to be used for Republican Political gain mainly for McCain. The Republicans are so giddy over this facade of success Senate Republicans surprised their Democratic counterparts Tuesday by agreeing to hold a full-fledged debate on a Democratic bill that would quickly end the U.S. combat mission in Iraq. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said his members oppose the bill. But he added they welcome the debate because it will "give us a chance to talk about the extraordinary progress that's been made in Iraq over the last six months, not only on the military side but also with civilian reconciliation finally beginning to take hold."

Sponsored by Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisconsin, and supported by the Senate Democratic leadership, the measure would cut off funding for combat operations 120 days after enactment. Democratic leaders had expected GOP senators to block debate on the bill by voting against a procedural amendment. Similar measures have failed repeatedly, and this current version is also not expected to pass. Senate Democratic leaders complained that Republicans agreed to the lengthy debate because they want to stall the next bill scheduled for Senate action: A Democratic-authored measure to help people facing foreclosures because of the mortgage crisis.

"They're scared to death of this housing bill, "said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Illinois. "They don't want to face the vote and they don't want their presidential candidate to face the vote before the Ohio primary." Republicans disputed the charge, arguing they firmly oppose a provision in the housing bill that would let bankruptcy courts restructure mortgages on primary residences and want it removed from the bill. The debate on Iraq could unfold over the next several days and could include a host of related amendments. I heard it will be vetoed because it helps homeowners not Banks
Things are so "successful" in Iraq that Moving to relieve strain on troops, the Army plans to reduce the length of combat tours from 15 months to one year after the troop buildup in Iraq winds down this summer, top officials told Congress on Tuesday. Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff, said he would trim combat tours once the Pentagon fulfilled plans to reduce the number of Army brigades in Iraq by July. This is not success!

Casey reiterated long-standing concerns among Army commanders about the long and repeated tours of duty. "The cumulative effects of the last six-plus years at war have left our Army out of balance, consumed by the current fight and unable to do the things we know we need to do," Casey said. But even as the Army cuts the length of combat tours, other demanding measures will remain in place.

Army Secretary Pete Geren said the Army would probably have to continue its so-called stop-loss policy, which forces soldiers to remain in the Army beyond their enlistment period if their unit is about to deploy to Iraq. About 8,000 soldiers are currently prohibited from leaving under the policy. Geren said that number could drop to 7,000, but would not go much lower before October.* In light of all the conflicting BS I keep reading from all sides I have great faith in Obama's ability to look past the BS, investigate, find the facts, and hold off any house debate until Obama has a chance to debate McCain on the real unbiased facts about Iraq and let the chips fall where they may.

* The surge has not attributed to military success in Iraq, paying the Sunni's has done that, and despite what McCain says there has been no significant Government accomplishments there. I can only hope Obama is smart enough to focus on that when he is running against him in the Presidential elections! McCain has merely changed his tone just to compete in the upcoming Presidential elections! Republican presidential candidate John McCain defended his belief that U.S. troops will need to stay in Iraq for decades Monday but said the unpopular war will soon end "for all intents and purposes."

* McCain said his potential Democratic rivals have distorted his January comment that U.S. forces may need to remain in Iraq for up to 100 years. Speaking at a campaign event in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, he said that referred to a long-term American presence similar to those in South Korea or Kuwait. "My friends, the war will be over soon ... for all intents and purposes, although the insurgency will go on for years and years and years," the Arizona senator said. "But it will be handled by the Iraqis, not by us." McCain, the war will be over soon

I reiterate there will be no success! By the way what intents and purposes are those? Just to get him elected and then say gee I'm sorry! Didn't Bush say this crap before he unfolded his real intention of staying there indefinitely? Attacking Iran and world war were the original intentions and a phony McCain election if we are lucky enough to have them will guarantee that. Tell me what you think about all this crap!
James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Dave Dubya said...

"Success in Iraq" was blown away by the war itself. Just like the war itself was a victory for al-Qaeda and Iran.

We know the real success of the Iraq invasion was in getting Bush another term.

The rest of the story is all about damage control and propaganda.

The Titanic was a "success" in the same way. Some of them survived.

an average patriot said...

You're right on Bud! Iraq was lost before it started. The chief worm denies it but it was a victory for the so called terrorist movement! Nothing will stop this still just beginning war from going full swing.
There will be no damage control! Jim was just saying that in large most troops are ready for this to end and to come home and fight from here. Forget it this is just beginning.
He said if they kill Obama all hell will break loose and if Bush starts on us the military will walk off. Oh man! what are we in for!

Dave Dubya said...

It's good to know some in the military won't back his dictatorship against the people.

At least THEY remember taking the oath to defend the Constituution.

When will the politicians remember?

an average patriot said...

I have a feeling the vast majority of the military will jump ship but like I told Jim there are plenty of private security that will do it.
I know a lot of General Officers said they will walk out too but they will just be accompanying us in those prison camps.
I'm sure there are plenty that would volunteer. I am really blown away that we have come to talking about this.
As I told him, I feel bad for his generation doing this fighting and their kids. If they survive these wars present and future they will inherit the trillions in debt he put off until he is gone and on their shoulders.
I was also amazed they have been expecting Obama to be assassinated if he is elected and then all hell will break loose and the military will be in Anarchy! This is a hell of a success the SOB is so proud of!

Dave Dubya said...

All we need to set things straight is to indict and prosecute the war criminals and Constitutional criminals in the White House. If we do not, we are doomed to suffer the fate of a rogue state. No rules, no justice, and no accountability.

I'm concerned about a Republican coup by bullet as well. They also did that before, and got away with it, before they learned how to steal elections. I used to think we were better than that.

Americans have embraced ignorance and apathy and shall reap the government they deserve.

I hate to suggest the best case might be Obama turning "Clinton" and just be another DINO.

Watch for the Republicans to impeach Obama for wearing a turban, or some such idiocy.

an average patriot said...

You might be ght but I see Bush giving the whole damn bunch life time Presidential pardone and they will all get away wi everything!
You know I absolutely expect Obama to be assassinated. They will not let a unifier especially a black in power. The right will not allow that or the abusive powers Bush has stolen to get in Democrat hands.
Dave I wouldn't put anything past these low life underhanded repug pricks!

Karen said...

Barack is such a breath of fresh air.

an average patriot said...

absolutely he is! I am just very concerned that whoever is behind the power on the right is going to have him assassinated.
My son who is an EOD lifer in the mitlitary and does security nd bomb clearance for dignitaries and the Democratic nominee during elections when I told him what I expected he just laughed and said they discuss it all the time and it will happen.
As I keep saying and you can bet, he too said the shit is going to hit the fan not only with blacks but many of us. That will be Bush's excuse to declare martial law and fight his forever wars! It isn't just us, This son is a hard core lifer and Bush believer but he is getting it.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Whilst most Americans are following the race to the white house, their economy has reached the point where around 49 cents per dollar goes to the military,and their hi-tech weapons suppliers.
Perhaps in response, the price of oil just rose this morning by another $2 to $102 per barrel.
The price of grain and food is inflating on a daily basis.
The American economy is now reaching more similarities with Germany in the 1930s, where patriotism and the military were all that mattered, rising food and fuel prices enraged the citizens , and it was easy to channel that anger toward the Gipsies and the Jewish people, and then into uniform to conquer the world...:(
Fortunately, we are somewhat more educated now, I would expect there are many within the military, who, as you say, will not be prepared to turn on their compatriots.
Who knows, there may even be enough to take control at the whitehouse, and return the troops to home soil.
BTW, Obama looks set to take the race, and is a brave man for even running. The price of oil, rather than "terrorism" might still be the one thing that neither he or Bush can fight against.

an average patriot said...

It's not funny but its interesting you say that. most Americans to all our demise do not have a clue. An interesting fact you hinted at is the simple fact that oil per Barrel since Bush went from $28 per barrel to $102.
You know where it is going, the oil Industry making world record profits and the Defense Industry which is sickeningly being enriched and there is no end in any sight.
The Dem Congress is trying to reign in the oil company's but forget it. They are disgustingly emboldened and all powerful. You can bet they are going to screw us in return. With many wars coming down the pike the Defense Industry will only continue to skyrocket.
FFFing Bush did all this and much worse to the entire world, will get away with it even though in reality he caused it all, and whoever is elected next will get the blame and have to fix it if we are lucky enough to have elections and get "Obama" and keep him alive!
Peace Bud!