Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our next President must undo Bush's legacy of total US and world order breakdown and destruction! Where would you start? Think about it, mindboggling!

This morning I was going through the news and as usual Bush was focused on spying on Americans and funding his wars. Meanwhile the remainder of the news was focused on a myriad of problems around the world and on the Presidential nominees who were as usual belittling each other and saying what one or the other would do if they were elected President. I remembered that a couple of days ago tc did a story about what the Democratic nominees should be asked at the last Debate as to what they would do if elected President! It made me realize that the next President is going to have to do a total rehab. on the US Government, average US citizens, and damn absolutely everything this guy is touched. The job is daunting!

I tried to find a list of promises made by the nominees as to what they would do if elected President and had no luck.
I remembered giving my answer to the 10 questions tc would ask the nominees if he had the chance.

1. I felt all Bush's enablers of his illegality including Cheney, the attorney General's and his entire cabinet should be tried and held accountable for their lies and atrocities but I said Bush will cite Presidential Privilege and give them all blanket lifetime pardons.
2. As for declining health care I think the Pres. should institute a Federally funded program there should be a ceiling but no contribution under $25,000. Mass. is screwing the poor. If they could contribute they'd have it already.
3. As for troops in Iraq, we will have 8 thousand left from the surge when we draw down. 8,000 highly trained troops to train, observe, and advise should be more than enough period!
4. To get big business out of Government the Pres should bar lobbyists for a start and go from there.
5. As stated official policy do not tolerate torture of any kind.
6. stop all extraordinary rendition.
7. Close Guantanamo bay.
8. Close all corporate loopholes for Corporations that contribute to campaigns and I will do that Because I don't need it anymore.
9. I will use force only as a last resort and only with Congressional approval unless to defend US citizens or territory from overt attack. Congress will matter again as I will not be the sole decider.
10. To end poverty I will Reinstitute everything Bush took from them and start from there.

Knowing the list is extensive of the wrongs to average Americans and the world I thought the easier way to attack this was to find a list of Bush's so called accomplishments because those are surely failures to common sensed average Americans and I was stupefied at what they had list as accomplishments wanting to know why "the enemy" liberals can not see it. Beside the fact that every one of his so called accomplishments are now known as lies I was stunned at what they were calling accomplishments. No wonder we are in trouble. People on the right really believe this crap.
One person responded to this so called list of accomplishments with a long list of his real accomplishments. It was the third comment down by citizenjane and I highly recommend reading that because it is extensive but it is only a small part of what Bush has done and it all must be reversed. Remember this is last November. Bush's so called accomplishments

I was remembering that Food stamp use is up almost 40% since Bush, he raised credit card rates that must be dropped, made bankruptcy almost impossible for citizens while creating its necessity often. That must be returned to pre Bush. Health care is increasingly in your hands and prohibitively expensive. I have to stop for a minute because the list is overwhelming and the things the next President must do to return us to some semblance of normalcy so let me quickly discuss issues mentioned this morning first.

*Listening to the idiot Make his demands this morning I realized the next Pres. must listen, be civil, and rescind his abusive powers.

*Stop this facade of a Mexican Border fence and have real Border security. * Real coastal security * Real port Authority * Real airport security and most importantly the thousands and thousands of small rural strips and airports.
*Undo NAFTA *Undo CAFTA, *Kill the Mexico to Canada NAU Highway * Stop the thousands of Facades of concern and action. Close attention will have to be paid to US and Public Attention * Start immediately to rebuild the country's rapidly failing Infrastructure * The next president must listen to advice and rebuild respect here and abroad

* Stop growing anti American sentiment around the world and show we must unite to save the world and the planet *swear off any war mongering and arms race * Fight not increase terrorism * Stop not encourage WMD proliferation * Restore Human Rights * No more spying on Americans * make a real effort at a new energy source * No more stealing private mail and opening it * No more unwarranted housebreaks * It's a hell of a legacy isn't it? * Undoing his entire legacy should be announced as the goal and that person will be elected. Swear to hold his mis-administration accountable! * Sadly I know there are thousands more things that must be restored but much in the middle east and around the world will not be fixed because of what Bush has set in motion. * The next President we must make sure is the best person to have at the helm to deal with the upcoming crises Bush has set the stage for. ** tell me what I have missed, help me out here!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Jolly Roger said...

The first step will be to strip Chimpy of his passport, lest he sneak off to that spread in Paraguay.

an average patriot said...

jolly roger
You're not kidding. After he estoys us and screws up the world he will escape there like the other facists.
It is 2,000 acres over one of the safest, deepest, most protected water sources in the world,
He has many well known wealthy American neighbors. Ted Turner owns 100,000 acres across the line in Argentina.

an average patriot said...

Sorry about that! Guarani Aquifer

Brother Tim said...

We talked about this before. It's 98,840 acres in Chaco, Paraguay near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay), and is in close proximity of the Brazilian Pantanai (wetlands) and the Bolivian Gas Reserves.

an average patriot said...

We did discuss this before and you told me you wrote about it before. This is the first i heard about that amount of acreage. I only heard about 2000 acres when I was on kos. Ted Turner is the only one I knew with that kind of acreage. Really makes you wonder.
What pisses me off is you know we paid for Jena's trip. Besides meaning he's raising another slime underhanded generation you have to wonder what the hell is realy going on. That aqiifer is too large for personal ownwership at least I think.
Knowing what Daddy slime has done to the whole world I believe their is no safe haven. He will be hated more than Hitler himself because of his position and the world scale on which his damage will be ocurring.

Brother Tim said...

Did you look at that 98,840 acre link, and the links that are in it? The Rev Sun Myung Moon (head of the Moonies and personal friend and business partner of the Bush Family) also owns 1.5 million acres in Chaco. Hmmmmmmmmmm

an average patriot said...

I did read the link but I didn't see that about the Moonies. That disturbs me.
Sum Yung Moon owned quite a piece here on the coast in Gloucester. i did not like their methods and they were always panhandling. In the 70s they were the dominant harassers of us military at the airports. Anyway I was going to read more into the subject of Bush's holdings when and if I get situated today and I will check moon out too. Thanks, take care and stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

jolly Roger
by the way, I think this is the first time you have come by and I wanted to thank you for thinking it worth it. Hope to see more of you!

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, the famous false prophet and cult leader Sun Myung Moon has been a loyal right wing propagandist with his Washington Times since Reagan said it was his favorite "news" paper back in 1982. Isn't it interesting to know the fascist wing of the Republican Party are in bed with the Moonie Cult?

But, then again, aren't the Republicans one big cult, anyway?

an average patriot said...

Whoa Dave
I didn't know that about Reagan! It figures. The Moonies were a local pain in the ass here in Massachusetts and in every airport I ever went to while in the military.
The Reverand had quite a mansion here in Gloucester right on the ocean next to stage fort park, I don't remember if he got jail time or not but he lost it because of tax evasion and other underhanded issues. Go figure, a friend of Reagans!

TomCat said...

I've seen those answers before. ;-)

an average patriot said...

Yes you have tc! You could write a report thicker than the report from the 9/11 commission that found no one did anything wrong.