Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The World thinks anyone is better than Bush. I beg to differ! Our elections are vital to the entire world just look at one day of Global Research!

After Super Tuesday and the results being called substantial for McCain and divide for Democrats with Obama winning 13 of the States to Hillary's 8 and Hillary still taking 100 more Delegates, I am increasingly concerned for the future. You know I am concerned with the Delegate system and the fact that it is designed to take the election out of our hands. Yesterday I was at Naj's and It was voiced that after the nightmare of Bush it did not matter who the next president was as long as Bush was gone.

Well! A vote for Hillary is a vote for McCain and a vote for McCain is a vote for a continuation of bush's destructive policies! The feeling was that Bush has interfered in the middle east and set them on each other but that he has done more harm to the American people. I can't argue with that. However the feeling was that the middle east will mend itself as it always has, when Bush is out of the picture. Those that follow me know I do not expect this fall to be the end of Bush but a continuation of him as the dictator and the beginning of the end for us and the world as we know it. I have hopes like you but they are marginalized hopes!

That said, I decided to check out Global Research to see what insight they had on the situation. WOW, what a wake up. If the world thinks this is just another election and anyone is better than Bush I suggest they look at the sobering front page of Global Research and see the depth of Bush's lies and destruction of the United States, the middle east, and the entire world. It is very important that an in depth investigation be done as to Bush and his clandestine purposeful destruction and critical to the US and the entire world that we do not elect someone this fall that is going to continue the underhanded policies of George Bush.

I ask that you just look at a few of the subjects covered in one day and delve into them if you want to learn more. You will realize how critical these elections are to the entire world and that we get it right! Look at the news and feature articles it is mind blowing!
The Breakup of Yugoslavia and the Secession of Kosovo!

No Attack on Mosul! The occupation has escalated its air bombing campaigns by 400 per cent in the past year An Emergency Statement of Intellectuals and Activists!

9/11 widows call for new investigation after revelations of White House, commission ties!

It's torture; it's illegal: The policies that led to the torture emanated from Dick Cheney's office!

The Strangulation of Gaza !

Bush's $3 trillion dollar Budget!

Greenback's days in Iran numbered!

Gladio – Death Plan For Democracy This is a stunning story

Obama's False Hope: Why I will not Vote for Obama

George W. Bush's Resumé: This individual seeks an executive position. He will be available in January 2009...

I was stunned reading those stories and a lot more and worse then reading the Resume of Bush looking for a job in 2009. please read some of the underhanded policies he has been conducting here and around the world especially the middle east. global Research

Yes these are important elections and despite what my middle east friends think. Bush has done irreparable damage to us and them too, undermining their countries while to their face calling them friends. I am still not convinced that Bush is going to need that Resume in 2009.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Thanks for the tip to the great resource at Global Research. I'm collecting data for the radio show this friday. I am realizing I need a 3 hour a day show for a month to just get started on all this.

an average patriot said...

I send Global Research work occasionaly. They are pretty good. I just wish someone could make a difference and quick, we are rapidly running out of time.
Did you delve into some of those links? Unbelievable!
I know what you mean saying you would need 3 hours a day for a month. That would probably just be enough to get the attitude flowing.
When I met and talked to the relenless liberal for an hour I couldn't shut up. I told him it would take hours a day in personal meetings for months and months. You will do fine! I envy you and I will be tuned in!

TomCat said...

Jim, Global Research is a very interesting source, but be careful to confirm what you read there from some reliable source before using it. In the years before I moved to Blogger, I learned that the hard way more than once, and crow has never been my favorite flavor.

an average patriot said...

I've eaten it myself and don't like it. I verify everything habitually. In the past I have sent information to them and once on request. thanks!

Naj said...


Between McCain and Hillary, I trust McCain more! Yes he is a republican; yes he says a lot of anti-Iran shit, but he is not dirty!

Obama ... he is a nice concept. But a concept is what he is.

Here's what is beginning to worry me:
The focus has been "shifted" from war in Iraq to economy! when people are worried about economy (and not war) then people are likely to fall in an easy trap: that the older and the more experienced ones are mor apt to deliver. This combined with nostalgia for billy-willy glory is likely to get votes for hilly!

This is bad!

to shift focus from war to economy is BAD for America because as history has shown, Americans have been complicit in making their economies better with war. It didn't work this time! No! 1) because of Bush's utter incompetence. 2) because the world today is not the world in 1992 (in 1992 you and I will have never had a dialogue) and Russia, China and India were not burgeoning capitalists. In old days, Europe was not a union either.

The chaos we are witnessing now is mostly because the policymakers have been playing the old game in an ever changing world. This volatility is not unique to the US. It is felt more in the US because it is such a big teddy bear!

America is perhaps a bully, but it is not a really mean bully, it's a bully with a good heart, it's a bully because it doesn't have good upbringing.

Anyways, America is getting the bigger hit, because it is the easier target. But, this chaos is felt everywhere, in Holland, in Belgium, in France, in Iran, in Pakistan, in Turkey, in the UK ... it's just a period of our history, the history of our civilization.

We can't witness it passively, and we can't really counter it without patience, and without a major philosophical transmogrification.

an average patriot said...

You're entirely right! You know, for years now I have tried to get people to realize America has only stayed afloat right now because we are a war economy. Most disagree but it is true. It has always been that way. I an no longer sure those behind us have good intentions. That is just a facade and enriching themselves is their only goal.
It is no secret that the Defense Industry is the big winner in this Forever war. McCain will see to it that it continues. He is not our or your friend. He is an enemy of peace. He wants us in the middle east for 100 years and that means attacking Iran, blowing the entire middle east, and WW3 for finacial gain and US control of the world.
This mess will not be quelled and is just beginning. I am afraid that at this point it does not matter who is elected next. They will have to react to the forces Bush has set in motion around the world.