Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bush raises false fears and artificial Confrontations then leaves for Africa, I wondered why? Stupid me I should have known!

First I just want to say, Presidents day and Bush leaves the country because he isn't one and doesn't want to hear about the successes of past Presidents while his has to us been a total failure while he calls it a success! After watching the childish Republican antics when they walked out of the House to a set up press conference and listening to Bush Fear monger if Democrats didn't cave in to him again the chief idiot went to Africa to supposedly highlight his great successes there as President!

Successes? where? I looked at the first country he went to and I never even heard of it. Benin? Anyway I hear that Africans love him and when I found out that under Bush finding went from $1 Billion to $6 Billion. My first question is where the hell did it go? No wonder they like Bush! President Bush arrived in the West African nation of Benin Saturday morning, the first stop in a five-nation trip to Africa which also will include stops in Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Liberia. 5 out of 53 countries, buy was he selective!

President Bush said he chose Benin to start his six-day Africa tour because its leaders were determined to fight corruption and were careful to make sure U.S. aid dollars were properly spent. "This is such a good lessen, one of the reasons I've come here, sir, is that leaders around the world have got to understand that the United States wants to partner with leaders and their people, but we're not going to do so with people who steal money, pure and simple." nope you have to be a corruptive American to steal from Bush or he gets pissed.

I was going to talk about what Bush calls successes with his pledged $300 Million but after reading about him bragging that many nets have been bought to protect people from mosquitoes carrying malaria. I wondered mosquito nets? Where are the experts? where is the medicine? Where are the Doctors? Somebody has to make sure this money is spent right not misspent and stolen but oh yeah Bush doesn't like over sight to keep people honest. I read President Boni asking for help with the countries main industry cotton. Taking it out of the stone age and finding a market it can compete in, isn't that help? With insufficient water and electricity they are powerless. Bush doesn't want to help them. He merely wants to create the facade of concern again. This idiot stupefies me. The problems in the tiny little African nation Bush is focusing on are so overwhelming I gave up. I ask you to please read it asThis is just overwhelming

Why is Bush really there besides hiding once again from the dire reality he has created in America? Why face it when he can highlight a few islands he calls success in the African Continent he wants greater influence over because of oil, other resources, and his desired AFRICOM. Russia and China also want those reserves and oil and are stepping up there interests and the Islamists are ripping apart the entire Continent. Analysts say the president’s visit to Africa includes several stops that emphasize the United States’ strategic interests. One is Rwanda. J. Peter Pham is the director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University in Virginia. He notes that in 2007, the US government gave Rwanda more than 160 million dollars in development aid and seven million in military aid.

Pham says Kigali may also participate in AFRICOM, the new US Africa Command of the US Department of Defense. AFRICOM leaders say it will help 53 countries build regional security and crisis support capacity. "Rwanda is a major contributor to UN peacekeeping efforts in Africa," says Pham. "It took the lead in Darfur…. [It was] one of the first countries to put boots on the ground with the Africa Union mission and now the UN African Union hybrid mission. What AFRICOM will bring to a country like Rwanda…is helping train the trainers…helping build up Rwanda’s capacity to contribute to African security. " "In the case of Rwanda, they are very interested [in AFRICOM] . They've done a hell of a job haven't they? Success in Darfur? Unbelievable? This was also so overwhelming I was flustered and gave up reading about it. So please read these friggen successes
President Bush’s trip to Africa is an easy one and somewhat disappointing because the president is going to less controversial countries. “He picked some countries where there is no controversy and where he avoids all the critical issues of Africa. The countries that he needs to talk about are not the ones he’s visiting. He needs to talk about Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad and Congo, but he’s not visiting any of those countries. He can even talk about Nigeria. But he’s going to Benin possibly because it would provide him an opportunity to talk about some of the democratic progress that Benin has made,” he said. Although Tanzania chairs the African Union, President Bush should have gone to troubled neighboring Kenya. Bush avoids controversial countries

Highlight supposed successes, strategic interests, avoidance as usual the real problems. Just why is he there? Well I didn't even think of this but... In a humid rehearsal studio, Liberia's pop queen is practicing her newest single — a song called "Thank you" to be released for President Bush's visit here next week. Her head tilted back, Juli Endee pulls the microphone close and belts out, "Thank you, George Bush." "Thank you for democracy," she croons over the electric guitar, shaking her hips wrapped in yellow cloth. "Thank you for the rule of law," she sings. "Thank you for debt relief." Bush is scheduled to head to Africa on Friday for a visit that will bring him to one of the few parts of the globe where people still have a favorable view of America. A recent Pew poll of 47 nations found that America's popularity is exceptionally high in Africa, where some hold the U.S. in higher regard than Americans do themselves.

America's popularity verges on exuberance in this nation founded in 1847 by freed U.S. slaves. "If you were to take a survey, you would find that there is not one Liberian that doesn't love George Bush," effuses pop star Endee, whose songs calling for peace were among the most played during Liberia's civil war. The Bush administration has made Africa the centerpiece of its aid strategy. Twelve of the 15 countries receiving funding from the five-year, $15 billion President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief are in Africa. Nine African countries are among the 16 drawing grants from Bush's Millennium Challenge Corporation, which provides support to nations that have reached benchmarks from stemming corruption to investing in immunizations. Since Bush took office, U.S. development aid to Africa has tripled, funding for HIV programs have vaulted from under $1 billion to over $6 billion per year and garment exports from Africa to America, fueled by special trade deals, increased sevenfold, according to U.S. statistics.

* "His Africa policy has taken us by surprise. None of us expected this," said Tom Kamara, editor-in-chief of the New Democrat, a leading Liberian daily. Bush's focus on the continent, analysts said, stems from the realization that it's no longer just a case of Africa needing America, but of America needing Africa. Today, a fifth of U.S. oil imports come from a single African nation — Nigeria. By the end of the decade, one in five new barrels of oil entering the global market are projected to come from Africa, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. The continent's vast, ungoverned spaces have been recognized as one of the new frontiers in the war on terror, with al-Qaida claiming responsibility for attacks in northern Africa and a radical Islamic group with alleged links to the terror organization waging a bloody insurgency in Somalia.

More than 1,200 U.S troops are stationed in Djibouti, which hosts the base for an anti-terrorism task force in the Horn of Africa. Last year, the Defense Department announced the creation of a unified U.S. military command for the continent. "Of course there is a strong element of self-interest in all this," said Peter Pham, director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs at James Madison University in Virginia. The U.S. approach to aid is no longer just about charity, but about helping emerging democracies evolve and secure their borders to prevent them becoming breeding grounds for terror, Pham said. Bush's Africa itinerary — his second trip to the continent since 2003 — offers examples of countries whose progress toward democracy and economic stability has been rewarded by U.S. aid. Bush buying an Image of failure with our Billions
** I thought hiding from reality here in the US and his failed Democratization were his main goals until I heard this and never even thought of this! President Bush's advisers hope his trip to Africa this month will soften opposition to the administration among African-Americans—and possibly help the eventual Republican presidential nominee and other GOP candidates to make inroads into the black vote this fall. "The president really cares about Africa," says a senior White House official, and Bush hopes to make that clear by underscoring his commitment to spending millions of dollars to fight AIDS, HIV, malaria, and other diseases as part of his ongoing programs to help African nations. The hope among GOP strategists is that, at minimum, African-American voters at home won't be motivated to cast ballots against Republican candidates this fall when they see that Bush and, by implication, his party have Africa's best interests at heart. Black voters in the United States have given little support to Bush throughout his presidency and have gone heavily Democratic. Bush plans to spend a week in Africa starting February 15 visiting Benin, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and Liberia. Bush motivated by potential Black votes for 2008

** I am stupefied! As he hides from his failures in the US he goes to Africa to visit supposed friends and avoid the real problems there while giving another facade of concern and why I wondered? Votes for McCain, I can't friggen believe it!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


betmo said...

you said the magic word- oil. not to mention that i read recently that mercenary groups like blackwater are recruiting in africa.

there are still people to exploit and resources to plunder in africa.

the people don't understand. it is up to us to police our own- and to that end we have failed miserably.

an average patriot said...

Wow did you give me something to think about. I will delve into those links so thanks. oil, Africom, other resources, he doesn't give a damn about those people.
I was wondering why the facade of concrn until I hit the last part and that was that he wanted the black vote for McCain. I am so sick of this crap of I'll do something but what can you do for me? What can I get out of it?
I am probably the last idiot in the world who does things because it is the right thing to do. Take care and stay in touch!

Brother Tim said...

What an overloaded crock of BS. The only ones the Crawford Caligula cares about are his already obscenely wealthy cronies.

Why is he interested in Africa? Because the Chinese are already putting down roots there to secure oil reserves for themselves. Not long ago China secured a 10 year commitment from Angola to provide 200,000 barrels/day at $60/barrel in exchange for development investments. It is part of a thing called Private Oil. It plans on circumventing conventional marketplaces such as the NYMEX, effectively taking massive amounts of oil off the open market. Couple that with the second largest reserves, Iran, now refusing (Dec '07) to accept petro-dollars, only dealing in petro-euros and yen, and you have a recipe for disaster in store for the Greenback. The Iranian Oil Bourse should be up and running at full speed by the end of the month. Things are gonna get ugly. This is the main reason I believe Bush attacking Iran is inevitable.

And China is not going it alone. Russia, India, Pakistan (our friend?), Japan, Venezuela, and a host of lesser nations is already getting into the game.

I warned people two years ago that the world would start banding together to bring us to our knees. It's much like the schoolyard bully, sooner or later the victims unite and beat the living crap outta him. Our day will come, and it's a helluva lot sooner than most people would dream possible.

Fasten your seatbelt, Jim, we're in for one helluva ride.

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! There is something wrong with the fact that someone of your cloth gets what is going on, why, and what is going to happen, and most don't have a clue or care. They are going to take us all down with them.
Sadly it is even worse than you portray. It has to happen soon and it will. That internet outage that affected Iran and not Israel and Iraq was not caused by boat anchors as you know. It was a prelude of things to come. Bush is now set to move with just the excuse to attack left.
We will be facing all you said plus the 135 non aligned Nations. Israel, Bush, and Britain, against the world and the idiot is not concerned. HAARP is my guess but the chief idiot better know something we don't or we are screwed.
If we have the ability to at will shut down the rest of the worlds defense as I suspect, that wouls answer a lot of questions.

staceybmonk said...
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staceybmonk said...

Having spent time in Tanzania and across Africa recently, it’s my hope that US aid programs there are even a fraction as effective as the voices of the children whose song about HIV/AIDS I captured in the video at Their incredible school was founded in Arusha by Mama Lucy Kamptoni, a local woman who used the income from her poultry business as the school’s start-up capital.

Grassroots efforts by passionate local leaders like her seem to be the most effective for creating sustainable positive change across the globe. The question is how do these capable individuals get access to the resources they need without sacrificing their independence and autonomy? Check out for one potential model that just might work . . .

an average patriot said...

Thanks for the link. I look forward to watching it. First I just want to say I can only hope there is a major educational effort in conjunction with the drugs. I have never been to Africa but due to the civilization principles and differences (if you will) over there, it is at best a very daunting task. Thanks for the links. I'm on my way!

Naj said...

He loves it so much he SYSTEMATICALLY failed to stop genocide! Whenever neocons show humanitarian interest in any part of teh worls one mus be SERIOUSLY scared!

an average patriot said...

stay that was beautiful and touching. I am going to check out the other link you gave me now.

an average patriot said...

You surprised me! You are right and I forgot all about it. He's interested in AFRICOM, oi and other natural resources, out doing the Russian's and Chinese, and getting the black vote for McCain and taking it from Obama! I hate the two faced, lying, underhanded crap!

an average patriot said...

That'll work as long as there is a large educated, disciplined, monitored support structure.

Brother Tim said...

I tried posting this earlier, but for some reason it wouldn't go through.

I have to laugh too. Apparently there is something wrong with my theology (according to the pseudo-christians). Denominationally speaking, I fit in everywhere, and fit in nowhere.

I can be delivering a fiery sermon, and all the deacons and elders are shouting all kinds of 'Amens' and Hallelujahs', but privily they are in each other's ear saying, "This guy has got to go". I've found myself in hot water on more than one occasion. But I don't mind, as my preaching comes from the Holy Ghost.

Just as God told Ezekiel, "I make thee a watchman unto the House of my People", when I see danger looming on the horizon, I sound the warning. Whether they heed it or not is none of my concern. The Lord has commissioned me to blow the trumpet, and by doing MY job, their blood shall not be on my head.

Take a minute, and check out what a group of Evangelicals inflicted on me last year. Also read through the comments, especially the ones left by Naj.

an average patriot said...

You're honest and speak the truth as you want justice in your favor or not. that makes you closer to God than most are capable of regardless of Religion. Most have to learn. Some just are, naturally.
I finally figured out why most do not understand me when I was researching Thomas Jefferson for my first book and he said if someone does not have your Principles save your breath because you're wasting your time. My sons just think I'm some kind of a nut! I am going to check out your link now!

an average patriot said...

I just checked that out and read what naj had to say. I have to say those were not Christians! They like Bush only use the Religion to justify their actions and for their gain. What anyone else says or does, does not matter.
You do the right thing and you are next to God. How others view it is inconsequential. For some strange reason, I feel qualified to educate he Pope and I don't know why.
Very few people are innately tied to God and this universe. Those that are not can not understand the actions or words of one that is!