Sunday, February 17, 2008

With Bush's backing Kosovo declares its independence, Serbia vows to fight it, Russia backs them but tries one last Plea to NATO! Bush won't be denied

I wanted to talk about the growing violence in Pakistan as tomorrow is their election. I wanted to discuss the chief idiot from Africa telling Congress they better give him what he wants. I wanted to discuss The growing violence in Lebanon where it becomes increasingly real that Iran and Syria will act against Israel in retaliation for the recent killing of Mughniyeh. I wanted to discuss the Obama Hillary contest and the fact that a top Hillary aide said the Super Delegates will decide the race and for Hillary. That in particular annoyed me and I found it very troubling. Worse, I wanted to discuss the 80 people killed in Afghanistan yesterday and it blew me away that in researching that I found out Tora Bora was first dug by the CIA so the Mujahedeen could fight the Russian's.

I had to ignore the entire mess to discuss a very strategic mess still developing thanks to Bush, the EU, and NATO because it went beyond control today and it will be part of this growing all out world war three and all sides will see to it. That is Kosovo! Kosovo has formally declared its independence from Serbia and become the world's newest state in a move opposed by Serbia and Russia but backed by many western governments. Lawmakers in the legislature of the former Serbian province approved the declaration of independence at an extraordinary session Sunday afternoon. It was read out in Albanian, Serbian and English by prime minister Hashim Thaci before the approval of state symbols including Kosovar's new national flag and anthem. Thaci said that Kosovo was an "independent and democratic" state, adding: "From this day onwards, Kosovo is proud, independent and free."

President George Bush said Sunday that Kosovo's status must be resolved before the Balkans can become stable and that the United States supports the Ahtisaari plan which calls for a form of supervised independence. Forget about it! This will be a very vital front on the still developing world war! The European Union decided Saturday to launch a mission of about 2,000 police and judicial officers to replace the United Nations mission that has been controlling the province since the end of the war with Serbia in 1999. To hell you say! we will end up here permanently too and we'll be fighting Serbia and Russia!
Kosovo has been under U.N. supervision and patrolled by a NATO-led peacekeeping force since the end of the three-month war, in which NATO warplanes pounded Serbia to roll back a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" of the province's Albanian population under former then-President Slobodan Milosevic. The disputed province is dear to the Serbs, Orthodox Christians who regard it as Serbian territory. But it is equally coveted by Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, Muslims who have a 90 percent majority, and two years of talks on its final status ended in failure last December. "Its status must be resolved in order for the Balkans to be stable," President Bush told reporters during a news conference in Tanzania Sunday. It will never be stabilized like everything else Bush has done around the world and we will be fighting there to forever unless we go home and fight from there.

Bush said the Ahtisaari plan -- named after former Finnish President Marti Ahtisaari -- is the best option. The proposal would give Kosovo limited statehood under international supervision. President Bush added that "it's in Serbia's interest to be aligned with Europe and the Serbian people can know that they have a friend in America." "We are heartened by the fact that the Kosovo government has clearly proclaimed its willingness and its desire to support Serbian rights in Kosovo," Bush said. He is a friggen idiot!

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has promised his country will refrain from using force against Kosovo after independence, though he has warned that Serbia will take punitive diplomatic, political, and economic measures against the province. Russia, Serbia's historic ally has remained opposed to Kosovo's independence. Russia, which has fought two wars against separatist rebels in its southwestern republic of Chechnya, has said that U.S. and European support for Kosovo's independence could lead to an "uncontrollable crisis" in the Balkans. You can be guaranteed of that! Kosovo declares Independence
Russia tries one last plea! Russia on Sunday urged the United Nations to annul Kosovo's declaration of independence and said it could cause an escalation in ethnic violence in the region.

"We expect the U.N. mission and NATO-led forces in Kosovo to take immediate action to carry out their mandate ... including the annulling of the decisions of Pristina's self-governing organs and the taking of tough administrative measures against them," the foreign ministry said in a statement. "The decisions by the Kosovo leadership create the risk of an escalation of tension and inter-ethnic violence in the province and of new conflict in the Balkans," it said.
A spokeswoman for the Russian U.N. mission said Moscow had called for Security Council consultations on the Kosovo independence declaration made earlier in the day. Other diplomats said consultations would take place at 1800 GMT. Belgrade branded Kosovo a "false state". The United States and most members of the European Union are expected to grant recognition soon. Russia has backed its ally Serbia in opposing independence for Kosovo. Before Sunday, it warned recognizing Kosovo independence would create a dangerous legal precedent, opening a "Pandora's Box" of separatist tension across Europe. You can count on it and Bush is banking on it in his drive to control us and follow his new (dis)order Forever War!

"Those who are considering supporting separatism should understand what dangerous consequences their actions threaten to have for world order, international stability and the authority of the U.N. Security Council's decisions that took decades to build," said the foreign ministry statement. "Russia fully supports the reaction of the Serbian leadership to the events in Kosovo and its justified demands to restore the territorial integrity of the country. Russia urges annullment
I have to laugh! Bush understands it he is instigating it! There is more than a little truth to Russia's concerns over the MDS and our sanctioning of Serbian and other former USSR Nation's and them thinking they are the real target of interest. I was just looking at the map and not only is Iran and Pakistan surrounded but with AFRICOM, the EU, our bases in the Stan's, Russia is surrounded too. Bush just won't friggen quit until he gets this nightmare scenario going full swing. As I keep saying, I really hope the chief idiot knows something we do not and HAARP is a lot more than theory!


Naj said...


It's really wonderful that you are not distracted by the soap opera of OBaraklintons and that you are keeping an eye of what other havoc the little monkey and his imperialist bosses are raising behind the scene.

an average patriot said...

Obama will do his job. I have to keep track of Bush' sped up mess as he is running out of time. He now has Iran and Russia surrounded.
I was just shut down when I was finishing my comment to you so I will just ask you, do you remember the internnet loss last week that affected Iran but not Israel and Iraq? That was no coincidence. It was a final test.
Remember whoever owns space (satllites) owns the future. Ever hear of HAARP? Please google it. This is ineresting and very true. Take care and stay in touch.

landsker said...
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landsker said...

Hi Jim,
(Post rewritten).
The issue of Kosovo has perhaps been balanced with the opening yesterday of the new Iranian oil Bourse, on the curiously named island of Kish.
The oil trade is slowly slipping away from links to the dollar.
I doubt that the Europeans and Russians will start shooting.
The Russians supply so much oil and gas to we europeans, that they could bring Europe down in a few days, by merely turning a tap.
Russia also supplies us with uranium, iron ore, diamonds, gold, and even timber.
In return, they get German cars and engineering, Italian clothes, and French wines, plus there is a growing influx of wealthy Russians now living in London, Paris, Madrid etc, so I doubt we will go to war, if we do, it would be over in less than a week!

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
I didn't think of Kosovo and Iran being tied together! You're probably right. To me it is just another instigation by Bush in his quest for world war so he can have his way.
He will not be denied. He now has Russia and Iran surrounded. He will have his war. Russia like most of the world does not want war but Bush will give them no other choice as you can see and all the while the chief idiot plays the victim.