Thursday, June 01, 2006

With Increased Influence Of Military And Government: The Obvious Dire Plan!


With the real threat of a Bird Flu Pandemic! We are hearing that 50 million people could be killed around the world and we would only have enough drugs & equipment to take care of 5% of the worlds population. who will get taken care of?

With Bush's increasing use, care, and empowerment of our Military over us?

With everyone possessing nuclear weapons threatening to use them preemptively!

With the Bush initiated new world order seemingly resulting in middle east and world breakdown. We are seemingly headed WW3 (if not already started) and the real threat of nuclear war, Think about the facts as you all experience them! Look at the whole picture!

With Natural disasters worsening year after year and according to experts no letup in this for the next 15 or 20 years.

There is a plan for the future and you the average citizen are not in it! The public is not being protected! Why? I'll tell youI

First, you probably know the military is protected. You are increasingly being told and are aware that you are on your own if there is trouble and you are.

Knowing there will not be enough medicine and equipment to care for 5% of the worlds population. We are and you must in order to ensure life for your country in the future, putting Government and the military first.

When disaster strikes you protect the Government to keep things running. You also have the well equipped for survival military, prepare to fight another day. Government and military together will have everything need to start over if need be.

However, no one of the world thinks of where? The earth is too fragile at this stage of its life cycle to sustain this and still have the necessary life sustaining systems.
No one seems to understand this! However, you better understand this! If you haven't gotten the message yet, to today's government you do not matter!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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