Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poll says we are the enemy: Last years Concerns Become this Years Reality!

A recent 15 Nation Poll found The presence of U.S. troops in Iraq is seen as a greater danger to Mideast stability than Iran, according to a poll of European and Muslim countries.
As Bush Ignores the desires of the world community this is very telling! Please glance at it!
Then we have this occurring!
One of China's pet foreign-policy ventures, an alliance of largely authoritarian-led countries in Asia, is flying higher, and Iran is trying to catch the updraft.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's interests include joint military exercises, energy cooperation, enhanced trade and extensive intelligence sharing on
restive groups deemed a threat to the rule of authoritarian leaders
Iran's leader will be a guest of honor Thursday as President Hu Jintao of China opens a daylong summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is made up of China, Russia and four Central Asian nations. Iran and other countries want membership in the 5-year-old alliance, a sign that China says underscores the group's expanding clout.
An informal focus on Iran at the summit is likely to solidify an impression that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization carries an anti-U.S. tinge.
China denies that the alliance seeks to become a military bloc or target any country, saying its aim is to enhance strategic cooperation and fight the "three evils" of terrorism, separatism and extremism.

This is very foreboding! We talked about this last year. This is "NOT" just a nicety to make Iran feel loved!

In his outsourcing of his perverted version of democracy and fundamentalism under his Rove's taught 3D politics, (deceptive, deceitful, divisive, politics), his new world order will all end in total disorder.His Doctrine can be found here!

These statements are becoming more true every day!
Iraq is in civil war and will fail. From there the entire middle east will be embroiled. Eventually the entire world with Russia and China and Iran against us, will be involved.
President Bush has ensured all this and more because he thinks he is doing God's work in the middle east and around the world in his attempt to create a new world order.

Bush has snubbed the World and made us enemy number one not terrorism!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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