Friday, June 02, 2006

My Return letter to Senator Kennedy and Congress on Immigration And their Irresponsibility!

Dear Senator Kennedy
You are dead wrong in your entire immigration and Border control desires. I hope to see failure of yours, Senator McCains, and the Presidents plans. You are all playing little kids childish games again. You most all make believe you can stop playing biased childish games, make believe you are Adult Americans, and start putting the average legal American first while we still have a country to put worry about.
This supposed concern is just one more facade of concern and it is sickening. Dems. have done nothing to stop President Bush's corruptive ineptitude. He has dropped the living status of the lower classes dramatically while increasing that of the affluent and you or our other leaders have not succeeded in doing anything
to prevent this.
You have allowed the President to create more debt at 1.5 million than all the Presidents from 1789 until him, combined.
To top it off for me as a lifelong resident of Massachusetts is the fact that you were dead against the wind farm off your precious Nantucket supposedly because the turbines were a hazard to birds. Now that the proposed turbines have been suggested to be placed on the other side of the island, the Buzzard Bay or poorer side, all of a sudden you, Senator Kerry's, and Governor Romney are okay with it and I haven't heard anything about the birds.
I have always been proud of my Senator representation but under this President Partisanship and corruptive mispolicies have hit never before seen lows. We as a people are disgusted at this point.
You are allowing the President to follow a terrible doctrine I know as the Russian Doctrine of Destruction and is only used to replace existing order with ones new order. Disorder must be created before it can be replaced with the new order. With time running out in Bush's tenure it will all end in total disorder. Please look at the doctrine he is following having in mind all he has done.

Now let me get back to you misproposals on the Border! One, it is not a complex issue. You are all purposely complicating it. There are 12 million illegal immigrants here but If you check you will find they are not all working and paying taxes. We must stop the childish games you are all playing with the illegal immigrants and Border insecurity.

The answer is in all actuality very simple! take control first. Secure the borders, and deport all of them. Then do it right for all involved! Very simple and despite the senseless arguments to the contrary, this would work and be best for all of us. If they then want to come work and we need them so be it. Let them come through the front door not sneak in through the cellar window. They can then get that temporary work visa and apply for citizenship.

One last thing! We do need a realistic, comprehensive solution to this and many overwhelming problems and it has become increasingly evident to us. If any of you want reelection it is time for us to hold you accountable and make you earn your position and pay like the rest of us do.We must get the Republicans out and replace them with viable Democratic contenders and that may not include you! The games must stop we have had enough!

James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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eProf2 said...

Good fences make good politics. But, that's all. I live in the borderlands area between Mexico and the US. First of all, this whole thing has been going on for twenty years and all of a sudden it's an issue -- yes, a political wedge issue for Rep's to look tough. Second, the entire economy of Arizona, California, NM, and Texas would collapse completely if we sent all undocumented workers back to where they came from -- many come from China and India, as well as the rest of Latin America. Third, there have been lots of studies showing that the money government spends for education and medical needs is more than repaid both back to government and through the private sector. Don't economists use the seven to one formula for the turnover of a dollar? And, fourth, what do you really want to do with all the divided families; that is, those families whose parents or grandparents came without documents and had children in the US. Split them up and send just the undocumented back? How far back do you go? Back when Mexico owned this part of the country and the border was open?

When you live in the borderlands you know there are decent, caring, hard working people who are overwhelmingly interested in supporting themselves and their families. You realize how the fusion of cultures is occuring.

And, by the way, my family would be split up as we are a rainbow family of many ethnic and racial backgrounds, some of whom arrived under some unusual circumstances.

It's not simple, Jim. The complexities are as tangled as any mosiac you can imagine -- more than 40 million or more mosiacs.

jmsjoin said...

Hi eprof
Touche, Kudos! Point well taken.
Good fences do make good neighbors. Likewise, good locks keep people honest! I must say, I like your thought, feelings, compassion, and ability to talk things out intelligently.
you are right, It has been going on for years. Remembering the border issues during the civil war days with renegades of every stripe rinning both ways across the border it has been going on for years. We can assume since the countries founding and will never stop.
I am not sure about the economies if border States collapsing if there wasn't any undocumented workers
I think States would just have to adjust accordingly, adapt their economies, make due and over come.
As for many illegals coming from India, China, and many South american countries. That brings me to the most important issue of illegal imm igration and we never hear it period.
First, knowing there are mant intellectuals and others coming from India, China, and other Natioins, it would be nice of someone up there though about and mentioned this and pointed out that this is not a Mixican or Southern Border Issue.
That aside, the big issue is the reintroduction of once eradicated diseases from many South American countries. (not the least is dengue fever, pubonic plague, tuberculosis, and worse).
I was just going to link you to a post I did on this illustrtating the study and horrendous financial and medical costs and constraints but I can't migrate off this page unless I close.
When all is said and done you are right, it is not a simple solution. I just know as you pointed outthat the politicians are not trying to do the right thing for the illegal families, average American, or America. Once again they are trying to take care of their own selfish interests.
One last thought!First I just want to say that as a decendant of immigrants myself and a legal citizen I have in the past been refused medical treatment for both me and my family. By law it must be given to illegals though?
My final thought is that i do not want to divide any family. To me the only answer is to ignore all these senseless biased arguments and regain control of our societal system.
Many that are here now illegaly are already seperated so sending them back to do things right would only serve to reunite their families. Those that have their families here can take them with them and start over coming through the front door not sneaking in through the cellar window.
Lastly I just want to suggest that Mexico has the most of any Nation to lose.Money coming from illegal immigrants being sent to Mexico is their #1 industry.With Mexico facing anarchy as we may be, the issuesof Border control and legalization are eztremely important to them.

jmsjoin said...

Hi eprof
One more thing! A couple of my brothers and their families live in arizona and have for years.
One of my brothers is the Director of the Mohave Country school system and lives in Kingman.