Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lack of Communication, Just one Example: This Is The Biggest Hurdle in the So Called War On Terror!

My response to a Muslim Critic: You are right that Bush attacked Iraq because he said God told him to. He also believed God told him To straighten out the middle east.
I don't know who the hell he was talking to but it wasn't God and he is not doing Gods work.
Your'e right Jesus would never sanction war but neither would Muhammad sanction killing fellow Muslims.
True Christians do not support Bush's perverted form of christianity and the outsourcing of it and his perverted form of democracy around the world.
Neither do true Believers of Islam support the perverted form of Islam the Islamists are portraying in their own land and asround the world.
One reminder! All us Christians are not Republicans.

Some of us are practicing, God loving, Religious tolerant christians and democrats.
Bush has hijacked christianity and our America as he likes to accuse the so called Islamists of doing to Islam.
Unbridled Religiosity is the most dangerous weapon in the world and sadly enough we have it on both sides of the war equation.
Worse is that we have perverted unbridled religiosity in control of what is thought of as the most powerful military in the world.
We need some one with a little feeling for the fragility of our planet and world to step forward, be the better man, and step back from what they are getting ready to cause.
Sadly again, you cannot expect that from Bush or the Islamist so we are in trouble! At least until we get a democrat in office who will put "we the people", our America, and humanity ahead of selfish interest.
We must all get along to move forward succesfully through the 21st century and we must get the world as a whole to realize this.

This was the asinine totally wrong letter that made me comment on the truth. Without communication we have nothing and are in serious trouble!
This was from my post yesterday on kos!
Repent y Republican sinner ,the end is not near
Lots of you people have to realize ,this war in Iraq was religious significant to Christian,lots of Christian thought this war in Iraq ,would usher in the second coming of Christ to lots of Christian in America ,
I have a question for a lots of Christian that thought this,If Jesus said "He who picketh up the sword ,Shall perish by sword,"would this unto itself ,say Jesus never sanction war,and people beating their" Swords into Plowshares"
Why have lots of you Christian become so bloodthirsty for war,Do you think it times for you Christian , Too flee the evil desires of Republicanism,and pursue righteousness,a view by someone you see as godless

** A parting reminder from me:Without communication we have nothing!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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