Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Were the Gaza Deaths committed by Hamas A Setup to excuse further violence to Israel?

First I have to say Bush Just finished his most recent speech of lies. That inept, clueless, lying, crap!
In light of the fact that I did this post in March saying Hamas would never leave Israel alone and would do their share to ensure a total breakdown of the Middle East. Please look at this link and think about the recent events in and around Gaza!

Hamas's armed wing vowed Friday to end a fragile 16-month truce with Israel, hours after Palestinians said Israel killed 10 people in the Gaza Strip, including
a family with three children who were having a picnic on a crowded beach.

Hamas militants took an aggressive line, saying, The Israeli massacres represent a direct opening battle, and that means the earthquake in the Zionist cities will resume and the herds of occupiers have no choice but to prepare the coffins or the departing luggage.

The Israel Defense Forces report, to be presented to the Israeli defense minister and Israeli chief of staff Tuesday, will cite several factors that led to the conclusion that the explosion was caused by a mine planted on the beach by Palestinian militants, the sources said.
An Israeli commando unit used the beach to enter Gaza for a mission in recent weeks, prompting the militants to place the mines, the sources said.

Intelligence information gathered by Israeli investigators showed that Hamas quickly removed the remaining mines from the beach after the blast, the sources said.

Investigators were able to locate where five of the six shells fired from the gunboat Friday landed and none of them were near the beach, the sources said. The sixth shell -- the first to be fired -- could not have killed the family because it was fired further north and too early, the sources said.

Adding to the conclusion that it was not an Israeli shell that killed the family was an examination of photographs of the crater on the beach. The sources said experts found it was the type of crater caused by a planted explosive, not by an artillery shell landing from above.

Finally, shrapnel removed from three of the injured by doctors at Israeli hospitals was not the from an artillery shell, the sources said. Please read the whole story! Quite Enlightening!

In light of the fact that Hamas now justifies renewed suicide bombings and mutual rockets being fired from both sides again you have to think of the possibility that Israel might be right, regardless of your beliefs because they are arming Abbas in the struggle between them and Hamas Islamist's.This is a big gamble by Israel!

Do you think Hamas did this purposely to further the Islamist's cause?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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