Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Doesn't happen in A Democracy Says Bush: So What Have We Become?

As I’m writing this across the local Boston news comes the fact that four people were shot and wounded in Brockton. Just coming in was the fact that in Peabody there was three killed in a murder suicide.
I was going to say that the news this morning was that someone in Roxbury impaled a miniature Doberman up on a fence killing him.

I woke up this morning to the news that Mayor Menino turned down Romneys offer to put the State police on the streets to patrol because of increasing violence. He turned the offer down but this is another bad sign of our increasing societal breakdown. I just heard Menino changed his mind due to a public outcry and he will accept help from the State Police!

In New Orleans we have National Guard troops patrolling the streets of New Orleans.
So, far in 2006, with 54 murders, the City of New Orleans has less than half the murder rate of last year. However, it is on the steady increase and the dreams of some that post-Katrina New Orleans would be practically crime free have been dashed.
The recent killings of five people in central city awakened everyone in the area about the seriousness of this problem. It was followed by the calling of 300 National Guard troops and 60 State Police officers. The hope and prayer of the community is that the National Guard will be able to relieve the NOPD to concentrate on high crime areas.
Crime is increasing in all parts of New Orleans, including formerly peaceful neighborhoods like Algiers. However, it is not just confined to New Orleans, it is returning to the entire area. It is up in Jefferson and St. Tammany Parish, where the Mayor of Madisonville was brutally beaten yesterday outside of his restaurant.

Then today we also hear that 7 would be terrorists were arrested in Florida with 5 of them being home grown Americans. They wanted to kill as many American “devils” as possible and wanted to take down Chicago’s Sears tower. apparently they had not been able to get any of the explosives and other things they needed before apprehended.

We have all heard many times, Bush say things like this do not happen in freedom loving Democracies. This doesn’t happen in peace loving societies.
I must preface my next question with the fact that I began calling for a societal and country wide breakdown in 1970. I just did not expect to have it ramped up by our own president here and around the world.
Now, knowing that Bush says these things do not happen in Democracies. Just what have we become anyway?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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