Friday, June 30, 2006

Israel, Palestine. Syria, Iraq, now Egypt! Bush's New World Order Is Spreading In The Middle East!

Our earlier call for a total middle east breakdown is getting closer!
Israel rounded up members of the Hamas-led Palestinian government Thursday, arresting Cabinet ministers and parliament members as a crisis over the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier deepened.
The Palestine Liberation Organization said 84 people had been arrested, including seven Cabinet officials and 21 members of the Palestinian parliament.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat denounced the arrest of the Palestinian government officials.
“Kidnapping Palestinian lawmakers and holding the Palestinian government hostage will neither strengthen Israel’s hand in bargaining [for soldier’s release] nor bring any good to anyone in the region,” he said.

Israeli officials said the Palestinians were under arrest as suspected terrorists.

Meanwhile, Palestinian militants blew a hole in the fence along the Gaza border with Egypt, Palestinian sources said, and Palestinians were rushing to get through.

Security forces reportedly were trying to reseal the border. All border crossings were sealed Monday by Israel.

In light of the fact that I did this post in March saying Hamas would never leave Israel alone and would do their share to ensure a total breakdown of the Middle East. Please look at this link and think about the recent events in and around Gaza!…

Palestinian militants tunneled into Israel and attacked a military post near Israel’s border with Egypt and Gaza,

Israeli troops immediately entered southern Gaza in the hours after the attack in an attempt to find the soldier and destroy the tunnel. After destroying the tunnel, the soldiers moved out and massed along the edge of Gaza.


Wednesday evening, Israeli jets buzzed the home of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Ladekye, outside Damascus. Israeli television reported that the president was at home at the time.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres complained that Syria allowed the exiled Hamas political leader Khalid Meshaal — operating out of Damascus — to order the kidnapping of the Israeli corporal.

The flyover was seen as an attempt to bring pressure on al-Assad to rein in Meshaal.

Syrian state television called the Israeli flyover “an unacceptable, hostile and provocative act.” Syria said its anti-aircraft batteries fired on the Israeli warplanes and chased them away.…

This is Fridays contribution to the breakdown of Bush's new worl order!
Anger flared across the Middle East over Israel's assault, and many Arabs criticized their governments for not aiding the Palestinians. The Egyptian government's top rival, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, urged Egyptians to gather at pro-Palestinian demonstrations Friday, the Muslim Sabbath. please read the link!

This is todays horror in Iraq. A massive car bomb kills 62 and wounds more than 114 in todays increasing carnage there.

* The middle east breakdown that many of us saw as a result if Bush attacked Iraq is well on its way. This new world order of Bush’s is a great success huh! It will soon get worse! Please give me your thoughts!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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