Monday, June 12, 2006

Bush is Wrong Again: Marriage isn't The Foundation Of Civilization, society Is and We Are Taking It Back!

Democrats like to decry the Republican rubber stamp Congress but for some reason Democrats have been unwilling and unable to do anything about that and wake the country up to action.

I woke up this morning to hear that ass hole Bush say that marriage is the foundation of civilization. He said it is the most fundamental institution of civilization. He has that all wrong like everything else. marriage vows seem worthless so if that is true we are in trouble.
I thought we the people and society were the foundation of civilization. Where does Bush get off throwing that away and putting marriage in there. Thomas Jefferson was right and I agree with him that a strong viable society is a necessary foundation for a strong country not marriage.
Thomas Jefferson believed that once you joined society you would do the right thing for that society. Without a firm society there is no viable country and it is up to us to get that back and we are.
Having that in mind I have to believe and I have continuously said on my Blog, on Kos, and now on Move On and everywhere I can, that if there is to be positive action and we are to get our beloved viable America back it must come from us, from the bottom up because as you know, there is nothing coming from the top down.

Looking at the effect Kos and other Blog communities are beginning to have. I believe the foundation for change is being laid and by us. Now i would like to see it put to action. As Bush has proved, all the talk in the world is worthless unless put to action. It is time to stop talking the talk as Bushco does and start walking the walk as only Al Gore seems capable of doing .

I won't turn this into an Al Gore campaign but I know he is ultimately the only one that can clean up Bush’s overwhelming messes around the world, bring the country together, help our ailing planet instead of worsening its state with an earth shattering world or nuclear war, and try to bring the world together.

I think John Murtha announcing his intentions if we do become the majority is a good thing for us, as he has a good stance on the situation in Iraq. The Democratic party is beginning to listen to the groundswell and with fall elections coming, are increasingly emboldened to act in the interest of us and our America as are some Repugs that want reelection. We will do this and like the war in Iraq and the breakdown of the entire middle east, this taking back of our America is still just getting legs. Hold on and stay involved. We will persevere!

The Hell with that marriage crap, society is our foundation and we are taking it back!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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