Sunday, June 18, 2006

Afghanistan, The 9/11 War, The Forgotten War, The real War on terror will not go away!

While Bush is making an issue of Iraq being tied into the war on terror and how important it is to win there while portraying us as spineless. he continues to play politics and capitalize off of lies!
Meanwhile the real war against so called terrorism is getting Dicier while at the same time bush dices Iraq. Afghanistan is cooking while Iraq is boiling over and Bush is claiming gains.
Bush guaranteed failure in Afghanistan by stupidly attacking Iraq, purposely opening a second front, and because of his created insurgency making that his priority.
With 500 so called Taliban killed in the last month 45 yesterday alone, our so called leaders can not deny there will be a never ending supply of martyrs to repel
the invaders. We watched Russia there and we knew this would be the case. It was absolute idiocy to take resources away from the effort in Afghanistan.

I wish my sons and your sons and daughters who are also fighting in this total success.
I have to wonder though if we have killed 500 in the last month alone, how many are still out there? What happened to the ever increasing effort to keep insurgents out of Afghanistan? We instead of focusing on this now have the same problem in Iraq.
Bush is tying Iraq success to the war on terror! He created this insurgency in Iraq! What happened to the absolute importance of cleaning terrorists out of Afghanistan? This is still just starting and stupid Bush doesn't realize we are winning nothing yet! Like it or not now we must test Iraqi will and get back to fortress Afghanistan before the next crisis occurs and it will!
I must say I just heard John Murtha on Tim Russert and loved what he had to say!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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