Monday, June 19, 2006

Reality: Really At A Loss With The Bushco Rove's Iraq Disinformation! What to Do!

John Murtha was pretty much right on in his Iraq recommendations. His response to Rove's ridiculous assertions that Dems are cut and run and a danger to the war in terror were very good.
He slammed Rove's for sitting in Washington on his backside and passing judgement on the situation in Iraq.
He was right but then we get the response from the RNC and it was asinine. It is this disinformation campaign that I posted on yesterday. We have got to defeat it somehow
Their willingness to make a joke out of the real facts and reality and to spit out worthless supposed accomplishments negates any good advice and sense we hear from the likes of John Murtha.

We are winning nothing in Iraq as many of you know. We discussed how it would get worse with the death of Zarqawi and it is. I did a post in the past titled one morticians view of Bush's success. Very sobering! This is Iraqi reality not what Bushco is letting out!
We are seeing an increase in the death and destruction not only in Iraq but in Afghanistan. This is still getting started and will spread throughout the middle east. Just a small example of Bush's success.
It will not stop there and will snowball primarily because Rove's and Bushco as corruptive and lying as they have proven to be are still believed by many and they are doing their damnedest to stay on their path of what they call a new world and societal order.

I reiterate! We must find a way to neutralize the Rove's led disinformation campaign with the more than willing rabid following of the likes of Coulter if we are to have reality and truth mean anything!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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