Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Iran & Bush continue Mutual Facades of Concern & Cooperation!

Condi has supposedly scored a coup in announcing that the U.S. would speak to Iran if Iran would suspend Uranium enrichment.
Bush has only succeeded in appearing to be diplomatic and attempting to get his way peacefully. I'm sorry but we have learned the hard way that Bush does nothing peacefully. Facades of concern are his political wall and Iran has learned that lesson well from someone!
We hear Iran reacted positively Tuesday to a package of incentives -- including a previously undisclosed offer of U.S. nuclear help -- aimed at enticing it to stop uranium enrichment. The American offer to provide technology for Iran's civilian nuclear program is another facade. It is not a sign of major concessions from Washington.
Tehran is under intense international pressure to accept the deal, which the U.S., Europe and Iran's allies Russia and China hope will lead to a breakthrough return to negotiations.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, said the proposals had "positive steps" but said talks were needed to clear up ambiguities. Iran promised to seriously study the proposals but gave no timeframe for a response. A continuation of Iran's facade of concern & cooperation!

Let me remind you of a few facts! These are victories for Iran Only!

Iran has in the past made it quite clear that having nuclear technology and enriching Uranium was a right they would under no condition relinquish. We in turn continue to have the stance that they must stop enrichment before we will talk with them.
In light of those little facts and the fact that we know Iran has built and is building with the help of a couple supposed allies, more, deeper, better protected and hidden, nuclear facilities.
What on earth makes us think we can monitor them and keep them honest if that is the idea?
No way! They will buy more time as many of you know. They will get what they want. In the end they appear to be cooperating while continuing whatever their plans are?
Bush gets to say he is trying everything he can diplomatically before he attacks Iran as he has planned all along.
Absolutely nothing gained for us who only want peace!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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