Saturday, June 10, 2006

The right is wrong and The Left is Right: We must get that Understood before it is Too Late!

Whatever happened to doing the right thing for the country? Whatever happened to putting the country first? Whet ever happened to doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing?
Whatever happened to the belief that once you became a member of society you would automatically do what is right for that society? What ever happened to the shining house on the hill? That was Thomas Jefferson's America.
Understandably we were founded during and heavily influenced by the enlightenment. We were supposed to be a country, a land, where God could come down to and feel at ease and right at home.
There is supposed to be a religious resurgence going on right now. However, as Bush and the Islamist's both prove it is perverted to justify ones selfish needes
and desires.
This country was established for everyone. Somebody in power must put aside the selfish, based, childish games, and get back to the foundation of America and what it stands for.

This supposed Religious right, these people, they are all screwed up and can't stop
playing childish games! There is no right or wrong religion as Fox's Gibson and others think.. Like everything in life, whatever works for you, that is right for you. We have to stop playing games!
What is right for them and their selfish agenda is not important. What is right for the country and all of our people is all that should matter in this very tenuous time!
Somebody in a position to do something about this mess has got to realize how critical the countries situation is and have the brains to put the country first.

We are still looking for our shining light!
Just who is that? I say it is Al Gore?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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