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Religion and the lies we know as History: Installment 10, Noah and the chain of events?


                                               Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story
Let’s talk a bit about Noah and the chain of events, the truth, it’s in the Bible somewhat, is extremely interesting. This event was recorded in the Lamech Scrolls.

The tradition says that one fine day Lamech, Noah’s son came home one day to find a boy that had an appearance that had no family resemblance.

He reproached his wife Bat enosh, and claimed that the child was not his. She swore by all that was Holy, that the seed was his and not from a soldier. She swore that it was not the seed of a stranger, or son of Heaven. Boy that son of heaven remark makes me wonder.

 I just don’t understand how we cannot question events such as these. I know it has always made me suspicious. We, who grew up to adhere to the Bible are a little stymied by all of the misinformation and purposeful mysticism. I believe it is time to set the records straight.

This event took place before the flood, and nevertheless Lamech did not believe his wife’s protests. Feeling very upset he went to his father Methuselah for advice. Methuselah listened to his story, reflected, and then went off to consult the wise Enoch. This was causing so much trouble the situation had to be cleared up.

Methuselah described to Enoch how a boy had appeared in his son’s family who looked much more like a son of heaven than a man. His eyes, hair, skin, and whole being were unlike those of the rest of the family.
Enoch listened to Methuselah’s story.

 He then sent him on his way with the extremely worrying news that a great judgment would come upon the earth. He said that mankind and all that is made of flesh would be destroyed because it was sordid and dissolute.

 But the strange boy of whom the family had been suspicious had been chosen as the progenitor. H would be the direct Ancestor, in effect, the father of all living man. He would be the father for those of who would survive the great universal judgment.

Therefore Methuselah should order his son lamech to call the child Noah. Methuselah traveled home and told his son Lamech what was in store for them all.

What could he do but recognize the child as his own and give him the name of Noah. The astonishing thing about this family story is the information that Noah’s parents were told about the coming flood. Even the grandfather was forewarned of the terrible event.

 This was told by the same Enoch who would soon, according to tradition, disappear forever in a fiery chariot.

A lot of the stories we have been talking about are of multiple Gods and fiery chariots. Trust me there’s a lot more. How about the female God who came down from the heavens in a fiery chariot to be the mother of the human race?

 She then had 70 children and then immediately went back to the heavens. They have been about the Gods breeding if you will with humans. Doesn’t this make you think that the Human race is a result of deliberate breeding?

 Whether we like to think about it or not, let us face the reality of what our own historical Scriptures are telling us. Why else would we constantly have recurring fertilization of humans by giants and sons of heaven? These stories are not made up, fabricated, or exaggerated.

They are directly taken out of the bible as exact quotes. Let us start to talk and teach facts not controlled misinformation.

Meanwhile God seems to have exterminated those he did not want. This according to the Bible has occurred many times. Having this in mind, the flood which of course was preconceived, planned, prepared, and quite deliberate, can not be considered divine intervention.

 This was purposeful and deliberate mass annihilation. Particularly since again according to the Bible, Noah knew of the flood several hundred years in advance.

 This only makes one want to be able to test the land under the Antarctic for radio activity. This has to be the reasons for Piri Risi’s map of the Antarctic and the knowledge it was able to divulge.

The purposeful melting of that ice would be enough water to satisfy the story in the Bible and that of Gilgamesh.

The story continues to take shape. Installment 11 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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