Friday, February 16, 2018

Religion and other lies we call History: Installment 4

                                                 Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story
 Continued from yesterdays  installment 3: They’re getting it; they are putting it all together. I hope you have all been thinking, rethinking, and contemplating, this entire discussion. This is all so right on. Believers in Plato did not need barbaric tales of a God. A God, who all of a sudden, would decide to create our world, was not needed.

 They felt no need for someone who would decide to destroy his own creation. They had no need for someone who ignored established rule in order to communicate directly with a specific group of people. This, as we know, did occur with the Jews.

 It makes no sense at all that an all loving, understanding God, would appear to just one people. It makes no sense that he would appear under the conditions that he did. It makes no sense that a loving forgiving God would annihilate whole peoples he did not like. That is, unless there was an underlying reason for these actions, and there was.

I know the answer as do millions of you who have read some enlightened literature on the subject. You will be enlightened, and know the objective truth about, oh, so much.

Intellectual and spiritual thinkers have confronted their ignorance in the understanding of God, Religion, and the universe. They did not have all that I do now, available to me. They did not have the luxury of peace and time to really dwell on these subjects, in an untethered atmosphere.

Any person that taught anything other than church accepted doctrine, was as we know, risking life and limb. I just had another interesting thought in regards to ancient philosophers, thinkers, and life theorists.

They were luckier than us today in the respect that their lives were lived at a time a lot closer to the actual visits of the Gods. They were lucky to be around at the time of the one God, the God of Moses and Abraham.

 This of course, is Yahweh, the one true God worshiped by Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Do you think that the documents that were most probably still around in prestigious libraries influenced their way of thinking?
Do you think they were influenced by the rumors and innuendos that were still floating around?

Philo, who we talked about a little earlier, was a Jewish philosopher. He was around about 350 years before the time Christ was born. He took Plato’s beliefs yet another step further. He imagined that God had devised a master plan of creation.

This master plan of creation corresponded with Plato’s way of thinking. It corresponded with his theory of the realm of the forms. He believed that they in turn would be incarnated into what we know is the physical universe.

Philo described a passionate, joyful, voyage into the unknown. This in turn brought him freedom and creative energy. Like Plato, he saw the soul as an exile that was until death, trapped in the human body, and the physical world.

 Upon death, the soul would ascend to God, its true home. It would leave behind the human senses. He believed this because these are what bind us to the imperfect physical world. Installment 5 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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Ranch Chimp said...

Never seen "religion's" Jim as having a thing to do with God, spirituality or such (both of which I feel are "within" the being/ self) ... but see institutionized/ organized religion's as basically the first type of law system's made to keep the lower classes in line, created by the wealthy/ power- dog's, to make you as more better slave's to their will basically ... promising you that if you put up with their shit and forgive them while your living without a fight, you will get a reward when you die ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... what a promise eh? ... like no one ever came back from the dead to rebute it {: )

Have a good one guy ....