Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Religion and other lies we call History, Installment 2

Religion, the big lie

                                              Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story
Continued from yesterdays  installment 1: Quickly, in the Jewish Religion followers read and follow their Holy book called the Torah. These Holy Scriptures tell the Jews how to follow their Religion.

They also teach them how to adhere to Gods principals. This is to enable them to be as near and like him as they can. The Scriptures include the Old Testament which is also among the Scriptures read and followed by Christians.

This includes the 10 Commandments that were handed down to Moses by God on the mount. The 10 Commandments are also followed by Christians. They are followed as a symbolic way of living in the presence of God. It is a fact that Christ was a Jew.

 This knowledge and the belief in and sharing of many beliefs that make at least me think that the reason we align ourselves so closely with Israel is that we too believe that they are the chosen ones. As a result we hope to be saved along with them.

 I, like many of you, take exception to constantly being referred to as a Christian Nation. Yes, we were founded on Christian principals but we are a Nation of all Religions.

 We are a Religious melting pot as we are a cultural melting pot. We were founded by whites but we don’t refer to ourselves as a white Nation. Personally, I like to refer to myself as a homogenized American since I have many nationalities.
As I mentioned earlier, I have been thinking about life, God, the Universe, the planet, and our place in all this as human beings for years. Believe it or not, I was about 8 years old when I first remember going to church, and then Sunday school. I personally, have to know, thinking you know only gets you in trouble. So, at this time, I started thinking about life, and God, etc.

All my life, I have been told that I think too much. How on Gods green earth does one stop thinking anyway. I was told by the very people who raised me, that I was too righteous for my own good. I was told that people didn’t like me because I was too direct.

 The very fact that I told the truth whether it was in my favor or not, bothered many people. I was also labeled as a martyr and I was brutally honest. Now, after 50 years, everything has come full circle in the thought process. This is my time. Tomorrow installment 3

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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