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Not who but what is God? Installment 7, Religion and the lies we call History

               Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

Continued from yesterdays  installment 6:   What would you say if there was an ancient calendar found that gave the equinoxes, astronomical seasons, the positions of the moon for every hour, also the movement of the moon, even going so far as to take the rotation of the earth into account.

This calendar exists and was found in the dry mud at Tiahuanaco. This is a city whose ruins are so ancient that when Francisco Pizarro questioned the Incas in 1532 about the ruins they said they were so ancient no one has any memory of seeing them when they weren’t in ruins.

 This is a disquieting find because it gives irrefutable facts and proves that whoever produced, devised, and more importantly to me, used this calendar had a much higher culture than ours.

Another amazing discovery was the great idol. This single block of red sandstone is longer than 24 feet and weighs 20 tons. It was found in the old temple.

 The contradiction here is between the superb quality and precision of hundreds of symbols that cover the idol in contrast to the primitive techniques used in making the building that houses it.

The symbols were given a closely reasoned interpretation in the book, “The Great Idol of Tiahuanaco”, by H. S. Bellamy and P. Allan. They concluded that the symbols record an enormous body of astronomical knowledge and are based, as a matter of fact, on a round earth.

They concluded that the record fits perfectly a theory published 5 years before the idol was even discovered.

This theory postulates that a satellite was captured by the earth. This does not mean that we physically captured a satellite that landed on the earth as you probably realize. But that it was pulled by the earth’s gravitational pull.
 As it was pulled towards the earth it slowed down the earths revolutions. The symbols on the idol exactly record the astronomical phenomena which back up this theory. This, at a time when the satellite was making 425 revolutions around the earth in a year of 288 days.

They were forced to conclude that the idol records the state of the heavens 27,000 years ago. The existence of such a sophisticated body of knowledge 27,000 years ago, demonstrated on both the idol and the calendar should be enough to make even the weak minded query.

There is just too much information here that man supposedly didn’t figure out for thousands more years.

One of the great Archaeological wonders of South America is the monolithic gate of the sun. This too is at Tiahuanaco. It is a giant sculpture standing nearly 10 feet high and 16 ½ feet wide carved out of a single block. The weight of this one block is more than 10 tons. There are 48 square figures in 3 rows flanking a being who represents a flying God.

That is the reason I am mentioning it here. It once again, now at the other end of the earth, tells of a golden spaceship that came from the stars. In it came a woman whose name was Oryana.

 She came to fulfill the task of becoming the great mother of the earth. Oryana had only four fingers that were webbed; she gave birth to 70 children then returned to the stars. To back this up, we do in fact find rock drawings of beings with four fingers.

Let’s talk a bit about another Inca wonder at Sacsahuaman. There were fantastic defense works there. They were only a few feet from present day Cuzco.

There are monolithic blocks weighing more than 100 tons. There are terrace walls more than 1,500 feet long and 54 feet wide. Believe it or not these feats are dwarfed by a quarried, finely worked, 20,000 ton stone block.

On the way back from the fortifications at Sacsahuaman in a crater on a mountainside just a few hundred yards away, the visitor comes across a monstrosity.

It is a single stone block the size of a four story house. It has been exquisitely crafted in the most craftsmen like way. It has steps and ramps and is adorned with holes and spirals. There can be no way the Incas themselves crafted this. We must remember that we are 13000 feet up. There is no way mere men could have accomplished this feat.

To make it even more impossible for the Incas to have worked this, the entire block is standing on its head. Still yet, not 900 yards away from this sight are more rock vitrifications, (melting of stone at high temperatures).

 We are told that this is because of glaciers. Yeh, a glacier melted and went in six different directions over an area of 18,000 square yards, let’s get real. Why is it that these rock vitrifications show up in one form or the other at every single ancient God mystery? Installment 8 tomorrow!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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