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We wonder why some wantonly destroy our planet, now I remember why

The Guaraní Aquifer is a truly fabulous underground water system

6 Years ago we had a particularly bad climate report and it got me on to the subject of fresh water which amongst many things has become a pet peeve. Of late the question has been posed often as to why would oil, energy, and other corporations destroy the planet and ruin our fresh water supply when they too depended on it. Then I remembered why.

Climate Report's are increasingly dire but after discussing it with you, the poor getting hit and the rich fleeing to South America which has been the case for years made perfect sense!

We discussed the growing apocalyptic climate situation. During the course of discussion I learned an awful lot that really makes sense now that I see the dire predictions and how they will affect the worlds poor, ours included. political semantics aside just look at this and what I learned from you.

The world faces increased hunger and water shortages in the poorest countries and even in the richest, massive floods and avalanches in Asia, natural and man made catastrope's around the world, and species extinction unless nations adapt to climate change and halt its progress "you know it never will" according to a report approved by an international conference on global warming. I hate to say it but I do not see a 100% turn around changing anything in time but we still must do it.!

The poorest of the poor in the world -- and this includes poor people in prosperous societies -- are going to be the worst hit," Pachauri said. "People who are poor are least able to adapt to climate change.The report said up to 30 percent of species face an increased risk of vanishing if global temperatures rise 3.6 degrees above the average in the 1980s and 1990s.

Areas in drought will become even more dry, adding to the risks of hunger and disease, it said. The world will face heightened threats of flooding, severe storms and the erosion of coastlines.This is a glimpse into an apocalyptic future the Greenpeace environmental group said of the final report. "You and I know it is here already"

Man's livable habitat will shrink starkly, said Stephen Schneider, a Stanford scientist who was one of the authors. "Don't be poor in a hot country, don't live in hurricane alley, watch out about being on the coasts or in the Arctic, and it's a bad idea to be on high mountains with glaciers melting."

We discussed yesterday the fact that a worsened return to the Dust bowl in America is forecast. We already are experiencing more severe storms with human and economic loss, and cultural and social disruptions.We are also already experiencing more hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, heat waves and wildfires. Knowing this is already happening it makes sense now what I learned from some of you but in a minute please!

We also learned and this only makes sense, that Africa will be hardest hit. By 2020, up to 250 million people are likely to be exposed to water shortages. In some countries, food production could fall by half, it said. Knowing the cries around the world already to increase aid and help to the starving people of Africa this is telling and Dire news indeed. We also know that Parts of Asia are threatened with massive flooding and avalanches from melting Himalayan glaciers. Europe and Australia will be greatly affected from even moderate increases in sea temperatures and changing temperatures as we already see.

That does make me remember that when I was in College a Woman who was a survivalist wanted me to go with her to Nova Scotia because it was believed even then that, that would be one of the only areas spared. Now that brings me to what some people brought to my attention and to put 2 and 2 together.

I have heard here half jokingly that Bush had purchased 3,000 acres in Paraguay and after he screwed up America he was going to flee to Paraguay.
Then someone educated me as to what sits under Bush's little Paraguayan Paradise. the Guarani Aquifer!

After learning this I found out The Guaraní Aquifer System (SAG) is one of the world´s most important fresh groundwater reservoirs, due to its extension (1,200,000 km2) and its volume (40,000 km3). The SAG is shared by four countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (South America), which use this resource for various purposes with different exploitation levels. GUARANI AQUIFER SYSTEM

After I found this all out I was told that Ted Turner recently bought 37.000 hectares (1 Hectare = 2.471 Acres)from Argentina and they have sold a ton of their land to the rich who were buying up land in water. Hearing the news from the report and that it would affect the poor and our water and food supplies the most it all dawned on me.

The rich are destroying the world for their profit and while the rest of us are doomed to try and survive in the mess they created for their financial gain they will flee to relatively safe areas with protected underground water sources and they will be protected to start over again. I find it very disturbing! Please think about this and let me know what you think.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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