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Religion and the lies we call History: Installment 13

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                                                Chapter 4&5 of Life today the Real Story

The religious legends of the pre Inca peoples say that the stars were inhabited. They say the gods came down to them from the constellation Pleiades.

Constantly our ancient peoples, Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptian, Eskimo's, through their recollections and inscriptions, present the same story that gods came from the stars. They then went back to them
.They say that they traveled through the heavens in fiery ships. They say that they possessed terrifying weapons. They also promised immortality to individual men
Finding out that Piri Reis had maps of North and South America along with Antarctica the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea was at first very curious.

 You have to come to the obvious conclusion that he did not know what he possessed. If he did they could have drastically changed the course of history.

 Thankfully, he did not know what to do with the information. So, just why did the Gods take aerial photos of these countries?

Now after finding out that the American Indians, the Eskimo’s of Alaska, and various peoples of South America and the Middle East have all according to recorded article’s received visits from the stars. They received these visits from Gods in wondrous flying machines.

They arrived bearing terrible weapon. It puts the entire subject into perspective. It would really be good to see some actual knowledge gained from all this. This all has to be looked at by someone the general public can believe and have faith in.
The ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata tells of weapons so terrible and powerful they killed the unborn in their mother’s womb.

The Ramayana, an epic poem of ancient India is regarded as sacred text by Hindus. Once again we are told of flying machines that navigated at great heights with the aid of quicksilver and a great propulsive wind.

In the Samsaptakabadha they talked of flying and nonflying chariots. While in the first book of the Mahabharata an intimate history of the unmarried Kunti is told. She not only received a visit from the sun god, but she had a son by him.

This son was supposed to be as radiant as the sun itself. As she was afraid of falling into disgrace she laid the child in a little basket and put it in the river. Adhirata, a worthy man of the Suta caste, fished basket and child out of the water and brought up the infant.

The story continues to take shape, we are getting there. Installment 14 tomorrow!                                                                               Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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