Monday, February 26, 2018

Religion and the lies we call History: Installment 14

                                               Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story
Following the first 13 Installments: In the Samsaptakabadha they talked of flying and nonflying chariots.

While in the first book of the Mahabharata an intimate history of the unmarried Kunti is told. She not only received a visit from the sun god, but she had a son by him. This son was supposed to be as radiant as the sun itself.

 As she was afraid of falling into disgrace she laid the child in a little basket and put it in the river. Adhirata, a worthy man of the Suta caste, fished basket and child out of the water and brought up the infant.

Yes this is another too familiar story. It is too much like Moses. This aside, we are yet again talking about gods breeding with humans, This time it is different Gods and different humans. 

We must start questioning this duplicity. We must at least somewhere along the line check out all these misconceptions as to where this story came from.

We need to know what our true history really is. It is beholden of us and behooves us to find out the truth about our past.

 We have to do this before its misconceptions continue to allow us to go in the wrong direction and endanger needlessly our future.

In the Mahabharata the author recites his story, full of repulsion. He describes a weapon that can kill all warriors who wore metal on their bodies.

 If the warriors learned about the effect of this weapon in time, they tore off all the metal equipment they were wearing, jumped into a river. They washed themselves and everything they had come into contact with thoroughly.

They did this for good reason as the author explains, because the weapon made the hair and nails fall out. He also recounted that every living thing became pale and weak.

The story continues to take shape, we are getting there. Installment 15 tomorrow!
                                                        Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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Ranch Chimp said...

Damn Jim ... this is really heavy ... I was reading through this stuff like back a week ago too. You may as well write a bible. But that's cool ... I dont have much input on religion though. Hope things are well with y'all, guy.