Saturday, December 16, 2017

World wide Civil war, the worlds future

Afghanistan more than duplicates Nam as it is Vietnam on steroids in every single respect.

We lied and created the fiasco in Nam as we have in Afghanistan. We created North and South Vietnam not the Vietnamese.

Once again this time in Afghanistan we are propping up another puppet regime. We could have gotten right out of Afghanistan as we succeeded on our originally declared mission long ago.

We seem to have nothing left in America but this corruptive war economy and are keeping the wars going for illicit gains.

I do not like what we see. We are determined to join Afghanistan's graveyard of Nations but we better get the hell out of there because I have said it for years and you can see it now but these wars are barely beginning.

I call it Bush's forever war but in reality it is Cheney, Rummy, and Rove who fostered it for those powers really behind the right.This breakdown is barely beginning and we have dirty hands.

There are no surprises here. Have you ever read "we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan"? "a clean break" ? Remember the divvying up of Africa in the Berlin conference ? everything that is happening right now in North Africa and the Middle East is our fault.

Those people are peeved at us too as we shored up and turned our heads on those destructive dictatorships as long as they did our bidding.

The chicken has come home to roost. 3 of my sons are career military and they know this is barely beginning.

I keep telling them to relax you are an it for the long haul. This is their future and I don't like it but they are reserved towards it.

Civil war keeps being mentioned in regard to Libya. I hate to say it but that seems to cover most countries in the Middle East and many in Africa including Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and every country ever involved with us. What a coincidence that Libya like North Korea were deemed worth working with when in 2008 Bush recovered full diplomatic relations with Gaddafi.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

In looking at the Middle East it makes me wonder exactly how the repositioning will take place. Again I believe it's about the money. Will there be a break up of the holdings of Gaddafi and the other dictators in the region? Will the assets go to the people or will another group of dictators take power? We saw what happened in Lebanon.
As I've said before follow the money and you'll find the power.

Demeur said...

Quick update: Interpol has issued an alert for Gaddafi and 15 members of his family and staff to prevent them from traveling or moving assets.

Nice to know that Interpol is on top of this.

an average patriot said...

You know it's all about the money thus of course the oil.
Both sides feel we will side with whoever has the oil fields that is why heretofore the battles are there.

an average patriot said...

That is cool Demeur thanks! Gaddafi and his sons will go nowhere I'm sure but that is good to hear in regards to the rest of the family.

You know, I heard the UK and the US each froze about $30 billion and the Swiss froze accounts but you have to think that is a pittance and mega Billions are hidden!

Eric said...

Could you add some data and fix grammar and punctuation errors?

an average patriot said...

Hi Eric

Grammar and punctuation are a concern but are secondary to getting the unheard truth out to the average citizens who never hear it and in a way they can understand.

That is why I include pertinent and important links for those who need more explanation and are interested in it.

I take it you went right by them. They are important as they are a small part of what we have done to set up this dire future.

If you need more explanation let me know. I have written over 2,000 stories, the majority on this subject in one degree or the other so you can do A search right here. Take care!