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Assassinations and Attempts in U.S. Since 1865

Thinking about what just happened with the shooting of Representative Giffords and the upcoming anniversaries of the assassinations of MLK and JFK I had to look again at the extensive record od assassinations and attempts in our Government: As some of you know, I am increasingly pessimistic about the real history of events involving America since the advent of George W. made me realize nothing is as it seems or as we are told. realizing that we not only do not know the truth as to who assassinated MLK but RFK and JFK. I was compelled to delve into past assassinations.

Assassinations and Attempts in U.S. Since 1865

Lincoln, Abraham (president of U.S: Shot April 14, 1865, in Washington, DC, by John Wilkes Booth; died April 15.

Seward, William H. (secretary of state): Escaped assassination (though injured) April 14, 1865, in Washington, DC, by Lewis Powell (or Paine), accomplice of John Wilkes Booth.

Garfield, James A. (president of U.S.): Shot July 2, 1881, in Washington, DC, by Charles J. Guiteau; died Sept. 19.

McKinley, William (president of U.S.): Shot Sept. 6, 1901, in Buffalo by Leon Czolgosz; died Sept. 14.

Roosevelt, Theodore (ex-president of U.S.): Escaped assassination (though shot) Oct. 14, 1912, in Milwaukee while campaigning for president.

Cermak, Anton J. (mayor of Chicago): Shot Feb. 15, 1933, in Miami by Giuseppe Zangara, who attempted to assassinate Franklin D.
Roosevelt; Cermak died March 6.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (president-elect of U.S.): Escaped assassination unhurt Feb. 15, 1933, in Miami.

Long, Huey P. (U.S. senator from Louisiana): Shot Sept. 8, 1935, in Baton Rouge by Dr. Carl A. Weiss; died Sept. 10.

Truman, Harry S. (president of U.S.): Escaped assassination unhurt Nov. 1, 1950, in Washington, DC, as 2 Puerto Rican nationalists attempted to shoot their way into Blair House.

Kennedy, John F. (president of U.S.): Shot Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas, Tex., allegedly by Lee Harvey Oswald; died same day. Injured was Gov. John B. Connally of Texas. Oswald was shot and killed two days later by Jack Ruby.

Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (black activist): Shot and killed in a New York City auditorium, Feb. 21, 1965; his killer(s) were never positively identified.

King, Martin Luther, Jr. (civil rights leader): Shot April 4, 1968, in Memphis by James Earl Ray; died same day.

Kennedy, Robert F. (U.S. senator from New York): Shot June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan; died June 6.

Wallace, George C. (governor of Alabama): Shot and critically wounded in assassination attempt May 15, 1972, at Laurel, Md., by Arthur Herman Bremer. Wallace paralyzed from waist down.

Ford, Gerald R. (president of U.S.): Escaped assassination attempt Sept. 5, 1975, in Sacramento, Calif., by Lynette Alice (Squeaky) Fromme, who pointed but did not fire .45-caliber pistol. Escaped assassination attempt in San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 22, 1975, by Sara Jane Moore, who fired one shot from a .38-caliber pistol that was deflected.

Jordan, Vernon E., Jr. (civil rights leader): Shot and critically wounded in assassination attempt May 29, 1980, in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Reagan, Ronald (president of U.S.): Shot in left lung in Washington by John W. Hinckley, Jr., on March 30, 1981; three others also wounded. Assassinations and Attempts in U.S. Since 1865

I started wondering if it has become common to at least attempt to assassinate the leader of the other Party if they appear to be too much of a threat to your beliefs. More importantly I am seeing disturbing patterns. we are having civil Rights leader and Activists killed along with FRK and JFK and not only are they inadequately investigated but the truth never known as to who was behind their killings and why.

Although James Earl Ray was convicted of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., there are persistent doubts that he was the assassin, and the family of Dr. King now believes Ray is innocent. They are calling for a new trial for Ray, and investigation into the truth behind the event.

This page is a collection of materials and links that discuss this tragic event, but even if the case is never solved to the satisfaction of everyone, the investigations have served a useful purpose: to reveal deficiencies in our institutions, processes, and officials that require corrective action. Our focus will be on what needs to be done to correct those deficiencies.Researches JFK, RFK, MLK and other assassinations

The truth is never known and I am finding out that RFK's assassination was and still is a major cover up. This is mind-blowing! The extensive cover up

Knowing we never learned the truth behind the assassinations of MLK, RFK, and JFK, and knowing how openly corruptive and underhanded the right is today I am increasingly believing that the powers behind the right are behind the killings and I am willing to bet I'm right. I would like to know what you think about that?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


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