Monday, December 04, 2017

Gulf PTSD: Pray for Those Suffering from Gulf of Mexico Syndrome , Will BP Pay for the Spill's Toll on Mental Health? No way!

Gulf oil syndrome

More than eight out of 10 respondents reported worrying about their family, friends and community's survival to the complications caused by the environmental disaster. 46 percent said it prevented them from getting a good night’s sleep • 43 percent said it prevented from being able to focus on their usual job or work • 40 percent felt sick to their stomach "some of the time" or ‘almost constantly’ • 38 percent experienced headaches or migraines ‘some of the time’ or "almost constantly" • 34 percent experienced aches and pains ‘some of the time’ or "almost constantly" Gulf residents report anxiety, sleeplessness – Paging Dr. Gupta ...

The toxic formula growing in the Gulf of Mexico is no different than spraying Agent Orange in Viet Nam. All it takes is a strong wind or a hurricane and those of us living along the Gulf Coast are finished. If the toxins don't suffocate us, we will suffer from contaminated potable water. Reality dictates a long term toxicity of air, water and land. Everyone had might as well start preparing by reading all you can find on the internet about Gulf War Syndrome. We're all about to experience it. Gulf of Mexico Illness = Gulf War Illness

children are coming down with respiratory problems from toxic gases, another aspect of the Gulf of Mexico Syndrome is the very real stress and anxiety from knowing you are living in poison and have no way of surviving. While the devastating ecological impacts of BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are obvious, the less visible but also long-lasting psychological, community and personal impacts could be worse, according to social scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists.
“People are becoming more and more hopeless and feeling helpless,” Dr. Arwen Podesta, a psychiatrist at Tulane University in New Orleans told Truthout. “They are feeling frantic and overwhelmed. This is worse than [Hurricane] Katrina. There is already more post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more problems with domestic violence, threats of suicide and alcohol and drugs.” They say they do not know how many years they will be dealing with this but I hate to say it but I want to say "till death do us part" The Indypendent » Gulf Residents Likely Face Decades of ...

Over one-third of parents reported that their children had experienced either physical symptoms or mental health distress as a consequence of the oil spill. One in five households has seen their income decrease as a result of the oil spill, and eight percent have lost jobs. Only five percent of coastal residents reported having received any cash or gift cards from BP, although over fifteen percent believe they may be eligible for compensation from BP for health consequences of the spill.Over one-quarter of coastal residents think they may have to move from the area because of the oil spill. Kenneth Feinberg, who is administering the BP claims process, has said mental health claims will not be covered.Will BP Pay for the Spill's Toll on Mental Health?

Those poor people are screwed and they know it. This is horrible! As we have been saying for months the gulf is dead for fishing they might as well destroy the rest of the earth looking for their frigging oil. At this point it is human life there itself I am concerned about, You know that shit is evaporating and will come down with the rain on crops and in drinking supplies. I wish they would stop their lying! The guy in the tape is right those people's lives do not matter they are just eaters, the little people!

This will be the worst in the world because of where it is, set aside the dispersant added in. This already is the nightmare scenario they are not talking about. You really have to question what it is they are trying to correct with this so called corexit they poured in the gulf to kill everything? Us the eaters who do not matter? The little people, oh the small people!

We are so screwed as we know. We do not matter and instead of doing the right thing for the people and the gulf they are going to lie until once again the awful truth becomes undeniable and they will just act surprised. WTF?

The people in the Gulf might as well keep drilling for oil because their fishing is going to be dead for generations if we are around that long. This is of epic and Biblical proportions. This is life changing, this is planetary changing. Oil swallow, Jean Michal Cousteau, all the special clean up methods aside will be worthless as Billions of gallons of oil and 2 million gallons of deadly dispersant make the trip around the Gulf stream and not only destroy the gulf but diluted or not alter the entire food chain around much of the world.

Their lives are altered forever and they know it! I feel sorry for the likes of my son whose health is sacrificed in wars but him and all our military in the gulf where we have a heavy multi branch presence will be kept there and their long term health mental and physical will be sacrificed. The people who live there along with military families should look at moving elsewhere.

BP supposedly has already paid out 6 Billion of the 20 Billion they have promised. You know that is a pittance. They have already spent a quarter of it and this has barely begun and will be necessary for decades on end. We also know half the claims remain unpaid and millions of Gulf Coast residents are looking to BP to pay for mental health, stress, and depression costs. I am very concerned that BP is going to skip on us as costs mount! You can bet they are working on it. They will form new corporations and shift assets around to screw the people of the Gulf, all taxpayers, and America, file bankruptcy then they will do this again the inept asses they are. WTF?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

A little background on our laws and regulations. The EPA sets our federal laws but the states can have laws and their own state epa. State laws can be more stringent than federal law but can not be less than federal law. The problem is that every time a republican got into office the EPA had it's budget cut especially with Bush. Basically meaning that a company really had to screw up to get caught breaking the law (usually somebody died).
As for the people of the Gulf they have two choices. They can either try and tough it out or move. But at this point either choice would be extremely difficult. There's not much work there with fishing and tourism on the rocks and I'm sure it would be very hard to sell your house with the market and mortgages being hard to get. The president can paint all the happy faces on the Gulf he wants but it will take years for that area to come back. We're experiencing a similar situation here in the northwest. Even with Boeing doing well so many occupations like construction and transportation have hit rock bottom. I'd love to move myself but it's nearly impossible to sell a home here. My neighbor has been trying to sell his place for 2 years now even after lowering the price 5 times.
But the real kick in the teeth for the residents down there is that Bush changed the bankruptcy laws for individuals. Now when they loose their homes they'll still be on the hook for outstanding debts. So they'll have to assume they'll get nothing from BP and try to make the best of it.
As Red Green would say "we're all in this together".

an average patriot said...

Yeah it drives me shit house, Bush FFF'd the entire country and then flew off with his head high proud of his destruction. I will always be peeved there are still those defending the scum and wanting a return to his destruction. If they get in we are screwed and that's a fact!

Weaseldog said...

I went through the bankruptcy process before the law changed. Even then, the courts were forcing people to pay 100%. You had to be a real hardship case to get less. Worse than you might think.

At that time the system was setup up so that only 15% of the people who started bankruptcy could complete it. Meaning that 85% of the people failed at making payments at some time, and their debts were reinstated and the credit agencies notified.

I managed to complete my bankruptcy. I paid out 100%. There were times though when I thought it wouldn't work out. And the court and my attorney lied to me more times than I could count. My attorney often told me that he submitted paperwork he never submitted, and he often gave me instructions that were in violation of what the court wanted. Figures and payment plans, I received from my attorney often differed significantly from what I received from the court.

All the law did was formalize what the courts and the attendant legal appendages had already made their SOP.

Bankruptcy is still good for one thing. It forces creditors to negotiate. In our current system, at any time a credit card company can unilaterally without warning change the balance you owe to any figure they want. When you get into hard times, they'll often double or triple your balance and demand immediate payment in full. then they'll start adding interest every month. the plan is to never let you pay it off and to make you pay them forever.

Bankruptcy gives a person a way out of debt slavery.

an average patriot said...

It pisses me off you can't declare bankruptcy but businesses can file chapter 11.

I hate liars I mean lawyers, pay them enough and they will lie for you. Our illegal system is a farce. If the gloves don't fit you must acquit. FFF you!

Any idiot knows if you wet leather gloves especially with blood they shrink and even if they didn't and the glove still fit you can form your hand so it wouldn't. That was a farce letting him get away with murder.

Hey hows the weasel farm going?

Weaseldog said...

The Weasel Farm is in survival mode for now. Daily temps are in the 100s. Keeping the perennials alive is the main goal for now.

Well that and picking okra every day. That stuff thrives in this heat.

Come September I'll be planting fall crops.

This year I got my first Concorde Grapes. They were delicious. My hops and passion vines are taking over.

So far so good.

Demeur said...

Good background on the bankruptcy thing Weasel. I guess we should all just incorporate. If corporations can be considered people why not people as corporations?

an average patriot said...

That's right I forgot about that heat. Dallas had 18 days over a hundred. Good luck with that. Do you still have a pond? I planted 2 types of seedless grapes this year but it will be a while. Concorde and Canadice. Can't wait to hear about your passion vines!

an average patriot said...

Demeur personally along with big banks I do not consider corporations people. Blood suckers is more like it and they are getting worse!

Anonymous said...

所有的資產,在不被諒解時,都成了負債............................. ....................................

Tim said...

You know This Administration acts like Things are all peachy. In fact I don't think this is the end at all of the Oil catastrophe, I think it's just the beginning. The amount of Methane Gas in that water is crazy. The Plankton is being destroyed and as such will destroy the eco system.
Their hurrying to put this behind them in a deal with England. No proof but a gut feeling. Them poor people of the gulf will suffer for Generations. I wrote Obama and told him what I think of him and his Administration on this and a few other issues. There goes any future trips to the White House.

Demeur said...

Yeah Tim I was going to write the prez and let him know he was about to take a swim in a superfund site but figured he wouldn't listen anyway.

Weaseldog said...

Once I got my Passion Vines going, they've been taking over. They are native to the area, so I suppose that helps. I've been mowing new shoots that are coming out in the yard.

They've produced some fruit, but the kinds that grow here aren't the same that they make HI-C from. They are tasty, but few.

Weaseldog said...

From the reports we keep seeing on BP still spraying dispersants, I'm not sure they plugged the leak or all of the leaks.

Will they still be spraying dispersants next year?

an average patriot said...

Tim you know I agree! Obama is a disappointment, he doesn't have a clue either that or he has to act stupid. The gulf is fff'd and this so called war on terror is barely beginning.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I was blown away when I saw him in the water with his daughter. That's a frigging deadly chemical bath. My son won't let his kids near that water.

an average patriot said...

wease believe it or not they are native here too but the size of grapes. I keep meaning to get some but have not as of yet.

an average patriot said...

They found all that missing oil and dispersant. Of course BP and the Gov't is denying it. It's a real still developing bummer and catastrophe. I think I'm posting on it in a couple of days.

an average patriot said...

Wease I am looking at what you said again and I for one am still suspect that they cracked the sea floor. Those videos we posted a few times don't lie. We will never know the truth here either.

Trisha Springstead said...

It keeps getting worse, Vibrio
all kinds of Crazy diseases.